(Summary: Bakura finds out that someone has stolen his cookies, and the only way to find out who is to break into song…)

(Disclaimer: I don't own Yugioh or the Cookie Jar Song…)

(Warnings: Language, Yaoi, and Usage of a Barney Song, extremely lame!)

(Note: OMG! I just got the creepiest idea for a story. Oo; So I'm going to write it…)

The Cookie Jar Song

Bakura looked into his tin of cookies and counted them silently. Ah, he still had a good number left, ten to be precise. He reached out to get one when something suddenly clicked in his mind, before he had sixteen, "SOMEONE STOLE THE COOKIES FROM MY COOKIE JAR!"

Bakura stormed into the living room where everyone sat slightly bewildered, "Which one of you bastards stole my cookies?"

"IT WAS HIM!" Ryou, Malik, and Marik frantically pointed at each other to avoid the wrath of Bakura.

Glaring Bakura turned around to come up with a devious plan; he smirked and then turned back to the three. "HA!" He exclaimed, "NOBODY CAN LIE WHEN WE BREAK INTO SONG!"

"NO!" The three screamed but Bakura had already begun to sing.

"Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?" There was silence in the room as a response to Bakura's slightly rough singing. Then suddenly, as if forced to by some magic Ryou and Malik replied in slightly sweeter sounding voices.

"Marik stole the cookies from the cookie jar!"

Marik frowned at them, and replied in song, like the others and in a slightly innocent voice, "Who me?" His voice was distorted as always making his 'innocence' sound utterly creepy.

"Yes you!" The three shot back!

"It couldn't be!" Marik replied.

"Then who?" Bakura snapped.

Marik and Ryou turned their eyes to Malik, "Malik stole the cookies from the cookie jar!"

"Who me?" Malik asked offended.

"Yes you!"

"It couldn't be!" Malik said indignantly.

"Then… you!" Bakura pointed an accusing finger to Ryou who shrunk under the accusing glare.

"Ryou stole the cookies from the cookie jar!" The three slowly advanced on Ryou who scrambled over the back of the couch.

He peeked over the back slightly, "Who me?"

"YES YOU!" Ryou disappeared again.

A whisper drafted up through the air, "It was me."

The song suddenly ended as the three leapt over the couch and pounced on Ryou, "Since you stole the cookies from my cookie jar then you'll have to pay the ultimate price of me stealing something from you!"

The three began to paw at Ryou through his clothes while Ryou squirmed beneath them.

"Can we help?" The two Egyptians asked.

"Of course!" Ryou paled, he'd be having one rough night… and all for a bunch of cookies; but he supposed it couldn't be that bad. He might even… enjoy it.


The End

I'm very disturbed that I actually wrote this… Oo; Flame all you want… it is creepy and stupid! –hangs head in shame-