In So Many Ways

30 Kisses -- Zane/Chazz

Warnings: shounen-ai

Disclaimer: Yugioh GX, Zane, Chazz and any other random characters that show up aren't mine. I'm just playing with them.

A/N: Yes it's a long note for the first chapter. After this, you only have to deal with the 'per chapter' stuff. For those interested, I've dubbed this pairing 'royalshipping.' If someone else beat me to it on what this pairing shall be " 'shipped" as, I'd love to know. As for why royalshipping: Zane is referred to as king of the school or of Obelisk blue, and Chazz (especially in the beginning) strikes me as acting like a spoiled little prince. Anyway please read.

Title: Alternate Meanings

Theme: #30 -- Kiss

Warnings: Does Chazz and sugar require a warning?


"What are you eating?"

Startled, Chazz looked up and glanced around. Seeing no one, he sighed and leaned his head back against the chair, looking towards the sky. Blue eyes locked with grey. No wonder Chazz hadn't seen him.

"Hershey's kisses."

Zane quirked an eyebrow. He'd never seen Chazz eat chocolate before. The younger boy unwrapped another candy, the crinkling wrapper the only sound from either. Unfortunately for Zane, Chazz had come up with an interesting idea in the few moments' silence. It wasn't something he'd normally do, but...

"Want one?"

Zane blinked at the proffered treat, the sudden question surprising him a bit.

"All right. Thank you."

"You're welcome."

The silence reinstated itself. A while longer passed, and Chazz decided he'd waited long enough.

"Would you like another?"

A few minutes passed with no reply. Obviously, Zane had zoned out on him. Chazz sighed impatiently.


"Hmm? Sorry, what did you say?"

Chazz smiled slightly.

"I asked if you would like another kiss."

Now, maybe if Zane hadn't been spaced out just a minute ago, and maybe if he'd been paying a little more attention, possible implications of what Chazz had said might have sunk in. If that had happened, maybe Zane wouldn't have been quite so surprised at what happened next.

Then again, maybe not.


The last thing Zane had expected was for Chazz to drag him down by the collar of his blazer and kiss him soundly. But that was what Chazz did.

"Well?" Chazz smiled.

Zane's mind reeled in disbelief a moment, before he shook his head.

"I think," he began.

"I think I liked the second one much better than the first. Maybe I could have another?"

He smiled himself.

Chazz nodded.

"Of course."