Title: Penguin?

Theme: # 13 -- excessive chain

Warnings: I had no idea how to interpret this theme, so this is what you get. Also, if you want to understand the title, read the A/N snippet at the bottom of the ficcie.


#13 - excessive chain

To some, being presented with a love to last a lifetime can be quite daunting. In fact, there are those that want no such thing. Of course, there are also those that could want nothing more...

Late one afternoon, one day in early spring, the sunshine found a pair of teens hidden away from their friends.

Fournately for the older teen, he was about to find out his companion was one of those who didn't feel chained down by lifelong love at all, let alone to the point once could call it excessively.

Fact: Chazz Princeton wanted such a love.

Problem: one Zane Truesdale was not yet aware of this.


Blue eyes nervously watched the younger teen, perched on a branch just above his head. He wanted to be alone with the other, but at the same time, he wished they'd be found.

"Hey, Chazz?" Zane finally started uncertainly.

"Hmm? Yeah Zane?"

"I..." he trailed off.

"Something wrong? Zane?"

"Huh? No, no. Nothing's wrong."

He took a deep breath, steadying himself. Well, trying to anyway.

"You, uh... you know, dragons... mate for life."

Zane smacked himself mentally. That was not what he'd wanted to say. But, Chazz seemed to be seriously contemplating the fact, so he said nothing further.

After a few moments of quiet, Chazz climbed down from the tree so he was looking up at the elder.



"Would... would you- be my dragon?"

Be my-?

Dragons mate for life.

He just stared at Chazz at first, not sure he was understanding. Chazz leaned up and kissed him though, breaking Zane out of his trance.


"Sure. I'd love to."

To some, love is hardly excessive chain.


A/N: This one's inspiration requires some minor explanation. There's this little three panel comic I found on the net. In it is a little blue person and a little yellow person.

In panel one, blue informs: "Did you know that when a penguin has found its mate, they stay together for the rest of their lives?"

In panel two, yellow thinks about this for a moment.

In panel three, yellow asks blue: "Be my penguin?"

Thus was this Kiss drabble born. I really love that little comic. Really.