What's funny is I write short stories that have really weird titles I cant even pronounce this one! Oh well in Japanese it means "Sweetheart, girl friend…"

(Things in this story may not go exactly as organized in the exact order of the episodes.)


Sam lay on the lumpy bed and stared at the boring white ceiling. He bounced a ball against the wall, letting it hit his palm, and curl his hand around it then throwing it back to the wall. He repeated this process over and over again, while going through some troubling thoughts.

"Dean! I'm leaving and that's final!" Sam hissed. He picked up the suit case I his hand and walked over to the small car in the front of the lawn. It was old but for the boy just enough to drive him around.

"Come on Sam! We have to stay together! Be a family!"

"Not after the fight Dad and I had! I can't take it anymore! When I was little I was clueless, but I don't want to do it any more!" He began to walk out the door, when he was yanked from behind.

His suit case fell from his hold and Dean held him in a head lock. "You can't leave!"

"Well watch me!" Sam elbowed Dean in the stomach and Dean dropped down.

There came a sharp rap on the door, and Sam hastily shook the cobwebs out of his head and went to go answer the door. It was the resident advisor.

"My room is right next to yours and I advise that you do not bang, or whatever you are doing against the wall! And if you don't like that you can go into the library!" He pushed his glasses into place and his tall, lanky body walked over to the door next to Sam's.

Sam sighed. The resident advisor was a stuck up bitch who used his power to torment the poor freshman. He picked up his book bag and began to walk out; he did have a lot of homework to finish.

He thought sadly to himself as he walked. The scene of what happened when he left. It wasn't pretty he and his dad had fought the night before, and then Dean ambushes him from leaving the next day. He knew his older brother was devastated. Who wouldn't be? But Sam couldn't do that anymore! He wanted more with his life than to hunt.

He failed to notice in which direction he was going and bumped into a girl causing her to drop her books.

"Oh! I am so sorry! I should have noticed where I was going!" Sam moaned as he picked up the fallen books.

The girl looked at him curiously. "It's fine!"

Sam handed her the books and stared at her finally. She was curvy and beautiful, blond hair grew past her shoulders, she wore jeans, a tee and a bag. It appeared that she just came from a class because the bag was lazily slung over her shoulder.

"I haven't seen you around before!" Sam said.

"I am in Mrs. Wilson's class with you on Friday!" She said.

"Really! I never saw you!" Sam said. "Well in any case. My names Sam Winchester!"

"Mine is Jessica (does the TV show state her last name?)," She smiled. "Do you know where the library is?"

"Yeah! I'm headed that direction!" Sam smiled.

"Can you show me? I'm hopelessly lost!" She grinned showing all of her pearly whites.

"I would love too!" Sam said.


Sam grinned. He hung up the phone and plopped down on the bed. "Ahhh! The meeting will be on Monday! I can't believe that!"

"You're going to be fine Sammy!" Jessica smiled rubbing his rigged shoulders.

Sam leaned back and kissed her on the cheek. "You always make me feel better Jess!"

"Why shouldn't I? We have been going out for two years and six months!" She grinned. She lay down next to Sam and circled her arms around his waist.

There was an odd sound inside the home. Jessica grabbed his arms. "What was that?"

"I don't know Jess! Stay here! I will be right back!" Sam said. The years of hunting had done him some good through the years. Crouching down low he used his ears to hear where the sound was coming from.

He slowly turned around and saw an odd figure trying to make its way through the window. The figure groaned. "Man colleges are too tight on security!" The man finally was inside. It looked around.

Sam leapt up knocking the figure to the ground. It groaned.

"Who are you?" Sam demanded

"So that's the greeting I get from my little brother after all these years…" It moaned.

"Dean?" Sam asked.

The lights switched on. "Sam…are you ok?"

Jessica stood and looked at one guy on the ground. "Jessica…I told you to wait in the room."

"I was worried!" Jess said. She nodded toward Dean. "Who is that?"

"My slippery brother! Dean!" Sam said. Sam offered a hand to Dean and pulled his brother up.

"Dean…you mean the one that you grew up with like forever?" Jess asked. She hadn't heard much about him just his name included in some conversations.

"Well that would be Dean…" Sam said.

"Why what if your name?" Dean smiled.

"Her name is Jessica and she is my girlfriend!" Sam said.

"Ouch! Why would she want to stay with a geeky college boy for?" Dean smiled.

"Get to the point of your visit!" Sam snapped.

"A guy cant visit his little brother in college?" Dean asked.

"He can but that's not why you're here!"

"Ok! I have important information! If your girlfriend could leave!"

"She can hear this!" Sam crossed his arms.

"Ok! Dad has gone missing!"

Sam held a shocked look. "Jess…Can you go into the other room while I talk to my brother!"

Jess nodded and left the room.

"Sweet girl! Attractive too!" Dean smiled.

"To the point!" Sam said.

"He was on a hunt, and just didn't respond after sixty hours…I called him and found that his phone had been disconnected. There was no sign of him apparently where he supposedly went. Then I came over to you're place…" Dean stated.

Sam froze… "He was on a hunt?"

Dean frowned. "Yes…"

Sam stated. "Well he's ok Dean!"

"Sam he's our father and you arn't worried about him at all!" Dean said amazed.

Sam was worried about his father but all the years that he had been worried or expressed his feelings his father went off like an bomb.

"Come on Sammy! Come help me find dad!" Dean asked meekly.

"Dean I have an interview to join the best Law School in the world. I can't pass up this chance! This is once in a lifetime!" Sam said.

"This is your family that is in trouble…" Dean said.

"I know…"

"And your going to abandon dad?"

I do…but everytime I do care about him, he pushes me away! Sam thought grimly. "Yes I do care about him…"

"And your still not going to help me save him!"

"Yes!" Sam shouted. "Now just please leave me alone damit!"

"This is real low Sam…" Dean said shaking his head.


"Really low…"

Sam started feeling guilty. "Will I be back by Monday?"

Dean's face brightened up. "What did you say?"

"Will we be back by Monday?"


"Fine then, I'll help you find Dad…"

Sam frowned. He couldn't believe he was doing this after those creepy dreams of watching his girlfriend die on the ceiling…he had been a bit reluctant on leaving her alone…but in order to find Dad he would have to. Plus it would be nice to see how Dean was doing.

Sam exited the room and walked through the hallway to the bedroom. Dean leaned against the wall and watched him enter his room. Jessica looked up with worry in her eyes. He smiled and swept her in his arms. She giggled and leaned up to kiss him.

Sam must have really loved Jessica. Dean had loved another woman that way too…that was long gone though, she had dumped him and he had never really forgotten how much that hurt.

Jessica frowned when she heard the news, "but your interview…"

"I'll be home by Monday! We just have a family catastrophy!"

"I never heard you talk about your family…"

"Yeah…" Sam said.

She pulled down a suit case. "Well if you must-''


Sam entered the home. "Jess!" He shrugged she might be asleep. He knew Dean was in the car waiting outside, after their little "adventure" he had been a little bit more watchful. Sam's chest still did throb though. The stupid little bitch ghost didn't know what she was talking about.

"Jess!" He smiled when he found a small plate of cookies on a table. He reached down and picked up a note. 'Missed you Sam…love Jess.'

He smiled. Then made his way toward their bedroom. He looked around and noticed that no one was in. Maybe Jess went out for a little. No big deal… He crashed on the bed and closed his eyes.

'drip' he felt a drop of liquid drop on his head. 'drip'

He opened his eyes…and the sight took his breath away. His Jessica was on the ceiling, just like in his dream. A whine went through his head while he screamed out his name. 'I could have saved her…Wait I can save her now…'

He stood up and though harder than he ever had. Dean burst into the room and caught sight of his brother in despair, he looked up and found Jess suspended on the ceiling, she lit on fire and Dean knew that in desperation Sam would try to do something. He grabbed his brother and began yanking him from the room. Sam fought like he expected, and Dean relied on inward streight to get his brother out of the dangerous situation. "Come on Sammy! Trust me!"

"Jess! Jess!" Sam cried out. He couldn't tear away his gaze. "I can save her!"

"No you cant! NO you cant!" Dean shouted.

"Yes I can! Let me go!" Sam cried.

Dean yanked harder, and by the time that they were out of the house, he was exhausted. Sam slumped to the concreted. Friends came and asked Sam what had happened. The fire station truck came rumbling along…everything was in utter confusion.

Sam felt an anger deep inside his heart. Whatever killed mom killed Jess, and now he was sure to get revenge…

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