Chapter 3: Loose Fitting Skin

Sam was stirring awake. He tried to move but found that he couldn't. He recalled what had happened. Dean…crowbar…black out… There was a faint throbbing in his head thoughts didn't come out very well.

"So your up…" A familiar voice sounded. Kind of like…

"Dean?" Wait what if it wasn't. The shape shifter was the one who hit him in the first place.

He opened his eyes and looked around. He was in the sewer all trussed up like a wounded animal. He kept bobbing up and down. Someone had slung his limp form over their shoulders. Sam wanted to do something…

The hit on his head left him quezy. He would do something…after his short nap.


He stirred again this time unable to move at all. With fresh rejuvenated energy he opened his eyes and peered around at his surroundings, ok so maybe being carried through the sewer on someone's shoulder wasn't exactly a nightmare.

He felt weak, unable to move he couldn't do anything to help him in his predicament. He glanced around looking for the bastard about to give him a piece of his mind.

A sinister chuckle filled the room. Dean appeared before him. Sam wished it was Dean. He hoped and prayed that Dean would be pulled from a trance and start apologizing for all the crap he had done, but that was far from happening.

"Took a nasty little hit to your head didn't you little brother?" The man smirked.

"Quit pretending to be Dean. Cause you ain't him!" Sam hissed, trying to tear away from his bonds.

"Awww Poor Sammy!" He cooed.

"Quit making fun of me!" Sam hissed between clenched teeth.

'Dean' reached down and grabbed the boys face and made him look up into the his eyes. "Listen buddy! I am your brother…"

Sam spat in the things face with venom.

"That's what I get isn't it?" The shapeshifter wailed. "No friends for Dean…"

"What are you talking about?"

"He's jealous of you Frat Boy…" 'Dean' said. "Do you know how much I wanted to leave too?"

"Where is he?" Sam demanded.

"He's safe!"

Sam paused. "What do you mean…by he wanted to leave…"

"Well you see I knew that it was my job to help our father…like a good little soldier as you say it. And you left me all alone. I wanted to do something else little brother. You went out and made friends with a ton of people, and lived, while I was stuck in this hell hole…well not exactly this one…"

"Where is my brother?" Sam said his voice low and demanding.

"I am your brother…" 'Dean' leered slowly down at him. "And now I have some damage to do at your friends house…I have to say she does look pretty good."

"LEAVE REBBECA ALONE!" SAM hollered, as the shapeshifter stalked off.

The shapeshifter turned around and smacked Sam hard in the head. "Shut up!" He then stalked off into the darkness.

'Shit! This thing is now going after Rebecca…and I still need to find Dean…' Sam thought as he struggled against his bindings.

It was a good while until he heard Dean groan. "DEAN!"

"Sam?" Dean asked groggily. Dean stripped the tarp covering his head off of him and looked around. He turned his head as far as he could and sighed in relief as he saw his younger brother struggling with his bounds. "Where the hell are we?"

"Well we are underground where the sewers are, yeah, Shapshifter got to us…man we must be getting weak." Sam laughed, as he kept trying to free his hands.

"No! Winchester men aren't weak…maybe some things are stronger than us…but were not weak." Dean said, he was happy to find that the rope keeping him there was loosely around him and in almost no time he had freed himself and went over to his brother.

"I think this thing is going to try and hurt Rebecca…" Sam groaned. "He ran out of here in your form…I think also that he isn't just in your form but remembering your memories…"

"Well, I know one things for sure…" Dean smirked.

"What?" Sam asked, as Dean started to free his smaller brother.

"He seems pretty handsome right now."


Dean pushed the car further and further along the road ignoring signs, and all the stop lights, he had to get to his brother. His brother was in the grasp of a shapeshifter. He glanced over at Rebecca, she had her mouth tightly pursed, a bit of fear and disbelief lingered in her eyes.

"Will Sam be ok?"

"He better be, or heads will be flying…" Dean said as he pushed the car along faster.

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