Dear Carter

Summary: Abby writes a letter to Carter telling her about her life and pregnancy. Mention of past Carby relationship, current Carby friendship and current Luby romance.

Spoilers: Season 12 in general

Dear Carter,

I've moved on. I thought you should know that. You were once this huge part of my life. I do still miss you sometimes. It took some time to get used to you not being around anymore. It took more time than it did with Mark. You meant a lot more to me. How could you not? However, I have moved on.

Did you honestly think that I wouldn't? You broke it off with me. You chose to end our relationship, through a letter no less…

Sorry. I'm not writing this letter to bitch at you. I'm writing to tell you how my life's been. You should know. Anyway, when you dumped me, I honestly thought that I could never trust men again. You moved on, and rather quickly at that.

I tried to, but it was really hard at first. Jake was not right for me. He knew it, and that's the real reason why he left. Then you went to Africa. That was hard. I missed seeing you every day. By that time, I did not have romantic feelings for you. Well, not big ones. Not anymore. It was just hard.

What was I supposed to do? There's more to life than treating the same patients with the same kinds of problems.

Then Luka and Sam broke up. I began to realize how wonderful Luka really is. After a hard day, I went over to his place. We ended up having sex. Now I'm not giving you the details, but it was more than sex, Carter. It was a connection.

And it was also the moment when our child was conceived. Yes, that's right. Our child. Luka and I are having a baby. He helped me realize that I don't need to be afraid. Our baby might not turn out like Maggie and Eric. I lucked out. This child (we don't know the sex) might get lucky, too. He/she's due in July. I just thought you should know.

Take care of yourself. I still miss you.

Love always,