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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters.

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Chapter 7



Harry felt a cold hand on his shoulder and that startled him back to awareness. Harry sat up and found himself in his room in the palace and watching over him worriedly was his godfather, Sirius Black.

"Sirius! What are you doing here?" Harry asked immediately sitting up causing him to wince slightly.

"I heard you tossing and turning so I came to see how you were doing. It seems you were having a bad dream so I decided to wake you up."

"No what I mean what are you doing here or rather what am I doing back here?"

Sirius didn't quite understand his godson's question.

"Where else would you be?"

"We're supposed to be going to the foot of the Azkaban mountains remember? You seem to think that we'll all be safer there than here."

"Azkaban mountains? You must have been dreaming. You've been running a fever for over a week now."

"No I can clearly remember going on a trip to the Azkaban mountains right after my parents were buried." Harry said.

Sirius was taken aback. "Harry we never told you that your parents are dead."

"You must have forgotten because I remember even saying my eulogy."

"Harry, I don't know how you know but I never got to tell you that James and Lily are dead because you've been unconscious since the attack and there never was a funeral. It wasn't possible seeing as the attackers took both their bodies away."

"Took their bodies? But I was there, I remember."

"You must have been dreaming Harry." Sirius stated simply.

Just then the double doors leading to the bed chambers opened and Albus Dumbledore entered wearing periwinkle blue robes.

"Sirius I've been looking for you." And then he paused when he saw the young Gryffindor sitting up in bed.

"Harry, my boy, I didn't know you've awaken."

"He's just gain consciousness." Sirius explained moving towards the High Elder.

Seeing the look of worry in Sirius' face Albus whispered.

"What's wrong?"

"Harry knows about his parents but I never told him and he seems to think that after attending their funeral the elders have sent him and others to the foot of the Azkaban mountains for their safety." Sirius explained.

"Dumbledore you do remember sending me with the other heirs to Azkaban, right?" Harry asked.

Dumbledore was very confused. The boy had very vivid dreams.

"No, sorry Harry but no we've never sent you to Azkaban. You must have been dreaming, you were running quite a temperature for a week and you must have had delusions. Or, it is possible that whatever wounded you was dipped into a confounding potion."

"Confounding potion?"

"Yes it seems likely, that is the only explanation I can think of right now. I'll ask Severus immediately to take a look on the bandages he used on Harry to detect any traces of potion." The High Elder explained calmly looking at Harry and the look on confusion on his face.

"There is nothing to worry about, Harry. You should get some rest you've had a tough week."

Albus and Sirius stayed with the young prince until they were sure that he had fallen back to sleep.

"Albus what could it mean?"

"It means that the prophecy is being fulfilled." The High Elder said.


Double doors carved with vines opened and in came Albus Dumbledore walking urgently to the room's sole occupant bent over a cauldron filled with a pinkish potion.

"Severus what have you found out?"

"There are no traces of confounding potion on him." Severus wearing his custom black robes said.

"Then my assumptions are correct."


"That indeed the prophecy is being fulfilled." Albus explained.

"Then we should alert everyone."

"No, by informing those involved their wills might interfere with the prophecy. They're barely friends perhaps it is wise to train them without them knowing for what they are being trained for. We need to send them away to concentrate on their training as well as to strengthen their relationship with each other."

"Training them would be easy but building a strong relationship with each other would seem impossible." Severus said walking away from the High Elder and taking a bottle off the shelf and bringing it back to where he was brewing a potion.

"What is that?" Dumbledore asked finally noticing the pinkish potion.

"Confounding potion."

"What for?" Dumbledore asked ladling some potion to a wooden spoon and taking a whiff.

"I want to check its effects more clearly."

"I will leave you to it then. I'll call a meeting with the monarchs later this afternoon to inform them of our plans to send their children away."

"Wouldn't it mean that the Gryffindor Prince's dreams are becoming true?"

"Yes, and it's all based on what have been foretold."

Severus nodded in understanding watching the High Elder leave his chambers. Not long after he returned his attention to his potion his godson came barging in to his chambers disturbing him in his work.

Looking up he saw his godson staring at him with an annoyed look.

"What is it Draco?"

"Père doesn't want to go back to Slytherin yet." The blonde exclaimed angrily settling on a high back chair directly in front of his godfather's work station.

"That doesn't explain what you are doing here?" Severus stated simply poring over an open tome beside his cauldron.

"I want something exciting to do." The blonde said impatiently.

"Then go on your horse and take a ride around the kingdom." The potion maker replied adding some beetle eyes on the boiling concoction.

"I've done that, and there's nothing interesting to see."

"Go and check the palace then, there must be something here that would interest you." Severus replied again his full attention still on his potion.

"What is that?" Draco asked curiously standing up and taking a peek on the cauldron.

"Confounding potion and if you're going to ask if you can help me, my answer is no. There is nothing here that you can help me with. My study is very important to be entrusted in your hands no matter how talented you are in potions. Why don't you go and talk with the other heirs, Prince Ronald, Princess Hermione or Prince Harry, take your pick."

"I haven't seen any of them. And I thought Prince Harry is still unconscious?" Draco stated simply returning to his seat while watching his godfather intently.

"Why make a confounding potion Sev?"

"I just want to study its effects more accurately. Prince Harry has regained consciousness last night. You might want to visit him and see how he is doing." The potions master suggested adding more beetle eyes.

"Look in on him? I don't even know him well."

"Well then all the more reason you should visit him. I'm sure he'll be glad to get a visit from someone aside from his godfather, the elders and the nurse." Severus stated eyeing his godson waiting for him to accept his suggestion.

"Fine, I'll leave now but there is no way I'm going to visit a prince that I barely know." Draco stated, stood up and left the room with his long black robes billowing behind.

Severus sighed heavily, quite relieved that his godson had left and didn't even persisted in helping him with the potion. As much as possible he didn't want to explain his reasons as to why he wanted to study the effects of a common potion.


"How are you doing?" Sirius asked as he sat down beside his godson.

He found him sitting on the balcony overlooking the gardens apparently thinking. Harry turned towards him with a smile.

"I'm feeling better."

Sirius noticed the pale pallor of his skin and the gaunt appearance of his face.

"You look tired."

"I'm just thinking and I can rest here." The young Prince motioned to the blanket covering half of his body.

"Madam Pomfrey wants to make sure that I don't get cold out here."

"She's right. Catching cold wouldn't do well with your already frail health." Sirius reprimanded.

"I'm fine Sirius. Don't have to worry about me…" Harry paused for a minute he seems to be thinking whether he should voice out what was on his mind.

"I want to ask you something Sirius."

Sirius motioned for him to continue.

"Did I just dream of everything, about attending the funeral services, going to the Azkaban mountains being attacked on the way and so much more?" Harry asked returning his gaze on the garden. Winter was almost upon and it was obvious by the slight withering of the plants.

"Well I've discussed it with Albus and he thinks that it was because of a confounding potion in the weapon used to wound you."

"So that caused me to have delusions, dreams…" Harry asked uncertainly. It didn't make sense. It didn't make sense how he could have had dreams that seemed so real.

"It seems that the confounding potion used on the weapon was of the potent kind." Another voice coming from the entrance to the balcony stated.

The two occupants turned to see the High Elder, Albus Dumbledore standing apparently listening to their conversation.

"Potent but why didn't any of the others exhibited the same symptoms?" Harry asked.

"There weren't any others, Harry, my boy. All those who have been wounded perished tragically afterwards, not long enough for them to exhibit dreams like you had." Dumbledore replied. He moved towards the duo with his canary yellow robes sweeping the floor.

Harry nodded uncertainly but was still unconvinced. "Sirius I would want to talk to you for a moment." Dumbledore motioned Sirius to follow him.

"What is it Albus?"

"Severus is currently studying the effects of the confounding potion, but I would like to tell you that I lied. The dreams were neither due to a confounding potion nor any type of potion. It have voiced my beliefs to you last night that the prophecy is starting to be fulfilled. I want you therefore to call a meeting with the other monarchs tonight but tell them not to tell their children. It is important that the heirs be kept in the dark to stop any interference." Albus explained gravely.

"The dreams, what are they then?"

"Those dreams are probably premonitions of what might happen in the future. Not all parts of the dream will come true but some parts will unfold I assume really soon."


Albus Dumbledore, the High Elder observed the arriving monarchs from his seat beside the blazing fire under a pure marble mantle. The Malfoys, the Weasleys, Duke Black and Count Lupin have already arrived. The five other elders were already settled in their seats beside the High Elder.

"What is the purpose of this meeting Dumbledore?" Roi Lucius asked.

Dumbledore stood up to emphasize the meaning of his words. "As most of you might have heard, Prince Harry has regained consciousness last night. Duke Black," Dumbledore motioned towards Sirius before continuing.

"Duke Black found him tossing and turning thus deciding to wake him up. Prince Harry was at first confused, his first question was what he's godfather doing here? It seems that he is under the impression that the Elders have suggested them, referring to Prince Harry, Prince Ronald and Prince Draco as well as Princesse Hermione, to be relocated to a safe house at the foot of the Azkaban mountains. Apparently during the journey they were attacked by armed men and they were force to abandon their carriage and they have to wander around a forest in order to mislead their attackers if any of them were still around." Dumbledore took a paused glancing around the room for any reactions.

"How did you know all this?" Roi Arthur asked.

"I have the liberty to talk to young Harry earlier today and I just had to ask him the contents of his dream in detail. Harry has described his dream as a vivid experience; he actually thinks that it really happened. I therefore convinced him that the vivid dreams he had were caused by a very potent confounding potion used on the weapon that wounded him. But I lied to him; the dreams were not because of a confounding potion or any kind of potion. I am now at the brink of the reason why I called this meeting. It has come to my attention that the prophecy is finally being fulfilled."

"The Prophecy?" Narcissa was confused.

"As High Elder, I am the keeper of the most protected knowledge in the land of Hogwarts. It is a secret about the four founders and the magic that they have. I will then share this knowledge to give light to the situation. The four founders were of course witches and wizards with powers beyond compare. Though most of us know that they are witches and wizards the four are also elementals."

Collective gasps were heard from the other occupants of the room.

"Elementals but I thought those were just myths?" Filius Flitwick the elder of the Hufflepuff Kingdom stated.

"Elementals are not myths but are rare. Very rare in fact because during the time Hogwarts was founded, only four were known to be in existence Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin. They were the best of the best, the most powerful among the rest. But they proved to be more blessed than that. The gods have indeed favored the four of them for they were given magical tools that will help them strengthen their powers more. These tools were given to them because it is in the belief of the gods that they will use them for the betterment of their respective kingdoms. Helga Hufflepuff has a topaz, Rowena Ravenclaw a sapphire, Salazar Slytherin a ruby and Godric Gryffindor an emerald."

"I remember reading a myth about those stones a long time ago." Remus said.

"And what did you read about this mythical stones?" Albus asked.

"I believe it has something to do in making their magic more potent and efficient."

"These stones were vested to them because elemental magic are very dangerous. Without the proper channels it might caused more destruction than benefits."

"So you mean these stones were used to channel the founders' powers to avoid destruction." Flitwick clarified.

Albus nodded as he took his seat waiting for any questions from his small audience.

"But what does it have to do with a prophecy?" Lucius asked.

"Ah yes the prophecy. A prophecy has been foretold a couple of years ago to be exact, it was made around the time Prince Harry was born." Dumbledore stated calmly. He paused for a while to gather his thoughts and then continued.

"The celebrated Seer Sibyl Trelawney went to me back then said she's been having vibrations the past week leading to the birth of our prince. When all of a sudden her voice changed, her body had gone rigid and she started to foresee." The High Elder said.

"Sibyl Trelawney I always thought she was a fake and all her predictions were based on luck." Severus Snape stated.

"She indeed made predictions most based on luck but a few have become true and those were enough to make her a celebrated seer in Hogwarts. As I was saying, the prophecy seems to refer to the four heirs of the four kingdoms. I will retell it now to everyone here but I was asked everyone to keep it a secret. We have unknown enemies and this kind of information in the wrong hands may become dangerous." With a flick of his wand Dumbledore dimmed the lights around the small circular room.

They were all sitting around a round maple wood table and he focused the lights at the center of the table where some sort of a hologram appeared. It was a woman wearing brightly colored shawls over robes made of light material with lots of gold bangles in her wrists. She was wearing big spectacles and she was revolving so that the gathered people would be able to see her.

Four born of the noblest descent, one from the lion, the other from the eagle, the third from the badger and the last from the snake;

Mythical stones, gifts from the gods, long forgotten shall be reborn into the hands of the four. One will be wielded by the wise; the other will be placed in the hands of the loyal, the other two in the possession of the cunning and the pure of heart.

Stones reborn from the mists of forgotten myths emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz; channels for the earth, fire, water and wind shall conquer the threatening evil or perish under it.

As soon as the hologram vanished the lights brightened a little and murmurs started among the monarchs.

"What does this prophecy have to do with Prince Harry having lifelike dreams?" Elder Minerva McGonagall asked.

"If my assumptions are correct, the four mentioned in the prophecy are Prince Harry, Prince Draco and Prince Ron and Princess Hermione." The High Elder shared.

"And how did you come to such a conclusion?" Lucius asked.

"It says that the four are born from the noblest descent, the youngest descendant of Gryffindor is Harry, Slytherin is Draco, Ravenclaw Hermione and Hufflepuff Ronald." The Great Elder enumerated in a matter of fact tone.

"I understand the case of Harry, Draco and Hermione for they are the last remaining heirs of the three founders but what about Prince Ronald, he is not the youngest of the descendants of Helga Hufflepuff." Lucius reasoned out and the other room occupants nodded their heads.

"Yes that is a good argument but I positively sure that Prince Ronald is the one mentioned in the prophecy under close observations the other three had exhibited an exemplary prowess in magic and they have similar skills as those of the original four. Prince Draco has an extraordinary ability to control fire." Dumbledore paused waiting for a confirmation from the young blonde's parents.

Narcissa nodded her assent. Her son had indeed an ability in controlling fire with or without his wand. Her affirmation made Dumbledore smile and it was sign for him to continue with his explanations.

"Princesse Hermione on the other hand have been under my care since the death of her parents. While I was training she has a great ability in performing spells and charms that has water as the main focus. Prince Ronald has exhibited a certain control over the weather during a visit to the Ivory tower of the Elders. He was around 5 years old at that time and he got annoyed at his brother for making fun at him and I couldn't help but notice that the wind had pick up and dark clouds were gathering. But as soon as Ronald had calmed down a bit the wind stopped and the clouds disappeared. As for Prince Harry his ability his more obvious. On your way here you might have noticed the flourishing gardens surrounding the palace. Those gardens are under the young prince's care. You might argue that it he has the green thumb but it's much more than that. Before dear Lily died she had consulted me regarding a unique behavior she has observed. Whenever Harry played in the gardens and he sees a withering blossom he would touch it and in a second the withering blossom would be in full bloom." Dumbledore finished his explanations watching the different expressions on the different people.

Harry's godfather was quite shocked. Sirius had observed such incidents but never put much thought on it but when Dumbledore put it that way it was hard not to interpret it as an ability to control plants.

"The lifelike dreams of Harry are signs that their powers are awakening. I've read in the ancient writing of previous Great Elders that the founders aside from controlling the elements have other abilities only known to them. Harry's dreams are premonitions of what is to come. I therefore want the four to be trained both in magic and physical defense. Soon our enemies may attack, the attack on Lily and James may be a sign that the threatening evil in the prophecy is gaining strength."

The monarchs and the other elders were in shocked. They didn't expect things to turn out like this. But before any of them could dwell on it. a house-elf appeared at Sirius' side exclaiming.

"Your Grace, there is a disturbance in His Highness' rooms. We house-elves don't know what to do." The house-elf reported in a squeaky voice.

Sirius bolted out of his seat followed by Remus and Dumbledore. Assuming that their meeting was through, the Great Elders and the Monarchs followed the three to the hall leading to the Gryffindor Prince's room.


Sirius ran as fast as he could towards his godson's bedchambers. The house-elves reported a disturbance but what kind of disturbance. He heard Albus and Remus' footsteps following him close behind.

When opened the doors to the sitting room and rushed in quickly to the bedchambers what he saw shocked him into staying by the doorway. He felt Albus and Remus' presence behind him.

Harry was sitting up in bed eyes closed and glowing a bright shade of green.


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