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Jane-see you later


Ohayou-good morning


Bakero- you idiot


Hidden Eyes

I wandered around this new village I manage to come upon. It's a peaceful village the one that I could actually tolerate. I looked up at the clear blue sky, closed my eyes and smiled.

"Now this is a place that I could stay...", I sighed.

I enjoyed the peacefulness a little more. But then I felt a hard impact, I opened my eyes lost my footing and waited for the hard impact between me and the ground. But I felt someone immediately grab me around my waist.

Then I heard a man's voice say, "Gomenasai...I wasn't looking where I was heading..."

I looked at the man and shook my head, "Iie, it's my fault. I stayed here too long. Gomen...", I apologized.

I looked at the man more closely...He was around my age, 25-26 I think. He had silvery white hair. Most of his face was covered with a mask, he had a forehead protector. It slanted to the side, so I only saw his right eye. He had a green vest...obviously a jounin.

"No's my fault. I was too busy reading my book.", he said and showed me his book.

I stared at the book in wide-eyed shock for a long time. The title repeated in my head over and over and over again. He seemed to notice my uncomfortableness if that's a word. He hid the book and I looked at his arm. I traced it towards his hand...which was around my waist.


I lost my footing however and fell...again. The pervert , however, was faster than I thought an so... he grabbed my arm and pulled me. Quite good reflexes I had to admit.

"Iiede iiede...if you don't want to fall, then don't push anyone...", he lectured.

His eyes grinned and a smile might be across his face. But I couldn't really tell since most of his face was pretty much covered. He seemed nice...he hasn't done anything provocative to me... so why not make him a friend. I stood up properly and apologized once more.

"Gomen for pushing you...I just thought...well...with the book-"

He gestured his hand, "Don't worry, I'm not that kind of person...", he said.

I raised an eyebrow , "Ummm...Hai...", I said.

He then introduced himself, "I'm Hatake Kakashi by the way...", he then gave me his hand to shake.

I took it and gave a firm grip, "Neko...Neko Aiaki...but you may call me Aya..", I said.

"I can show you around the village, if you want?", he asked

I smiled, "That would be great!", I exclaimed.

"But... I still have training with my students...", he said and scratched his chin.

"It's okay! I can wait! I'll just sit behind a tree. It's been a tiring journey!"

"If that's okay with you...", he commented and then he started walking towards a certain direction.

I followed him from the behind quietly. Pretty soon, we got to the forest training grounds. And after a longer while, I saw 3 figures. From what I could tell, there was a boy with raven black hair he looked annoyed, the other boy was kinda short and he had blode hair and blue eyes. And a girl with pink hair and green eyes.

"KAKASHI-SENSEI!", the pink-haired girl screeched.

"YOU'RE LATE!", the blonde boy continued.

Kakashi gestured his hands, "I have a reason! I bumped into this girl and-"

"USUTSKI!", both the boy and girl screeched.

I was behind Kakashi so most likely the 2 loud mouths didn't see me. Kakashi seems to be in trouble...with his students...very weird... But, for his sake...I decided to help him out.

I bent to the side and greeted them with a bright smile, "Konnichiwa!"

The 2 loud mouths dropped their jaws while the raven-haired boy raised an eyebrow. I stepped to the side so that they could see me better and I can stand up in a more comfortable position. I then introduce myself.

"I am Neko Aiako and what Kakashi-san said is true!", I exclaimed.

The pink-haired girl pointed at me and screamed, "WAAAAAAAHHHHH! IS THAT A GENJUTSU!".

I blinked a few moments, then slowly made my way towards her. When I reached her, I raised my fist then punched her HARD on the head. She fell down unconscious.

"Does that answer your question?", I said flatly.

The blonde boy scratched his chin and said quietly, "Neee...Kakashi-sensei...told the truth...".

"Hai", Kakashi replied.

The blonde boy glanced at me then at Kakashi. He looked at the ground, mumbled something to himself. The he looked at the sky. The pink-haired girl awoke and saw the blonde boy... Everyone wondered what he was doing...

"Ummm...Naruto... what are you doing?", Kakashi asked the boy with an anime sweat drop on Kakashi's head.

"I'm looking for flying pigs...", he said.

I did an anime fall. Kakashi gained 2 more anime sweat drops on his head. The pink-haired girl smacked her forehead. And the silent one looked even more annoyed than before. The girl then punched the Naruto on the head.


"Kusooo...It's because Kakashi-sensei had real proof that he was late...", Naruto whined.

I blinked and then whispered to Kakashi, "Are you always late?".

He smiled and whispered back to me, "I have my reasons..."

I smirked at him. Anyway, Kakashi introduced me to his students. The blonde boy started.

"I am Uzumaki Naruto!"

He pointed at me then continued his sentence, "Remember that name ! Because on day! I WILL BECOM HOKAGE!", he said...annoyingly...with a goofy grin on his face...

Then the pink-haired one introduced herself, " I am Haruno Sakura.", she said and looked shyly at the raven-haired boy.

I rolled my eyes. Girl nins are now thinking too much of boys. Can't they concentrate more on being a ninja? Then boys... But hey, I used to be like that. Then the raven-haired boy introduced himself.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke...", he said.

"Nice to meet you all!", I mused.

Kakashi then clapped his hands and then spoke in a cheerful manner, "Okay! How about we begin training?".

Naruto seemed quite excited, he was jumping around like a maniac. Sakura nodded in agreement and then glared at Naruto. Sasuke didn't show any signs of emotion...sometimes I think that boy is dead...Oh well! Anyway, I walked towards a tree and sat down on its cool shade.

I watched the team quietly, Kakashi suddenly disappeared and the team hid themselves as well. I smiled in the inside, Kakashi was toying with the team. A replication came a little later and the kids were chasing it .I sighed and thought how he became a teacher to these kids.

"Konnichiwa...", I heard a voice say.

"Huh?", I said and looked up.

Kakashi was up on a branch. He crouched down and saluted me. I think he was smiling, but I couldn't really tell. Then I smirked.

"Very clever...", I said mischievously.

He acted innocent, "For what?".

I stood up and dusted myself. I heard three slashes, it must be the kunai. I smiled at him and he smiled back... I think...

"You know..."

"What?", he was really acting innocent.

He extended his hand and reached down for me. But I shook my head no. he seemed confused for a moment. I smiled and made a hand seal. I collected my chakra on my feet and then I started walking up the tree.

I reached the branch that Kakashi was sitting on and then I sat down next to him. I smiled even wider and I felt a smirk on his face.

He shook his head, "'re a ninja...", he said with slight amusement.

I smiled even wider if that's possible , "I recently became jounin..."

"Iiede iiede, I didn't even feel your chakra...", he said and chuckled.

"I hide it quite well..." I said while looking at him.

"You don't have a forehead protector, plus you don't look like a ninja...", he pointed out.

"Actually, I'm move here... I have a mission, but... I quit on that..."

"What's your mission?", he asked.

I smiled, "An assassination... but I prefer not to seduce the guy with my looks. That's why I quit...and I'm planning to move here permanently."

"Really?", he asked.

"Hai...",I replied.

"Maybe you want me to think that...", he said with playful suspicion.

"Maybe I do...", I said with the same playfulness.

"Then I have to kill you...", he said.

I smile, "Not unless I kill you first...", I joked.

Kakashi and I continued to talk. We became quite close and I'd occasionally glance at him. I was really curious on how Kakashi looked like. But, I wanted to respect him, so... I decided not to ask him to remove it.