Dear my darling readers,

I realize that it's already this late but once again a lot of things had taken a turn. There was a time when I was almost unable to pass my thesis and fail, but it's fine now. I'm so sorry you guys! A lot of things had just turned up you know. You all know how school is.

And I have an announcement to make.

I realized that after rereading my fanfiction that there needs so much to be redone. So many inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and so many mistakes that my friend and I will have to start again from the very beginning and rewrite the entire story.

OHPLEASEOHPLEASEOHPLEASEDON'T KILLME! Don't hate me for the rest of your fanfiction reading lives! *runs away*

I promise that I'll get this thing done no matter what! My friend will force me to finish this long overdue fic if that's the last thing she will do! This is going to be, in my part, a Herculean task. But I owe you guys so much and I think you deserve something better than this old fic.

So my dear readers, I will be erasing this entire fic in a week. I have already have the back-up files for this fic so there's no need to panic.

I sincerely apologize to you my dear readers but I hope that you guys will understand.

Sincerely, The blackdash