"YOU DID WHAT?" Max's shout echoed throughout Logan's penthouse.  She wasn't sure if she was more shocked or furious that he would do something so high-handed without telling her first.  There they were, having a nice dinner, and then he drops this on her.  Like food was going to soften her up first.  A Cale culinary masterpiece would work to get some work out of her for Eye's Only, but this?  No way.

"Max, I didn't want to tell you until there was something to tell!" Logan tried to defend himself.  She was impossible!  He'd been working on this for weeks now, pushing aside very important projects, just for her, and she starts acting like he invited Lydecker to dinner.

She strode over to him, and bent over him menacingly.  "You," she snarled, her finger in his face, "do NOT give out my medical history to ANYONE without MY consent, are we clear on that?"  She straightened, and grabbed her jacket off of the back of the couch.

"Gotta blaze," she called over her shoulder.  She stormed towards the door, and then stumbled a little, falling against the doorframe.  Logan wheeled over to her quickly, recognizing the now-familiar symptoms of a seizure.  They had been coming on more frequently, and the Tryptophan wasn't working as well anymore.  She jerked again as her body began to convulse.  Her legs wouldn't hold her weight anymore, and she fell right into his lap.

If this weren't real I'd swear she planned this, he thought, taking her to the couch.  She gets near me, and I forget everything else.  She was shaking harder, but clawed at her jacket pocket, finding a few pills.  She managed to dry-swallow two, dropping three others on the ground.  Lately, half a dozen were needed to slow a seizure.

Logan got her on the couch, and then got the bottle of Tryptophan out of the bathroom.  He'd started keeping a stockpile of it, but Max was going through it way faster now.  He got her to swallow several more pills, but it still took a while for the seizure to ease.  There were a few aftershocks, but Logan could see the worst was over.  For now at least.

"Max," he said softly, touching her hair.  She looked asleep, but you could never tell with her.  "I just want you to get better.  I told him so he could help you."  She didn't reply, just snuggled onto the couch a little more.  He sighed.  Let me help you for once, he thought, watching her.