Logan was leaning back against the headboard of his bed fifteen minutes later when Max came back in

Logan was leaning back against the headboard of his bed fifteen minutes later when Max came back in. Sam had told him the drugs he'd given him were some of the strongest on the market and would start acting within twenty minutes or so. If they would work at all, he thought morosely. All thoughts of meds were erased the moment Max walked in. She was still wearing the robe, but she'd towel dried her hair, and let if fall in soft curls around her face. She dropped the robe, and Logan sat up straight, his eyes bulging as he took in her beauty.

Max felt herself flushing a little, but damn that look alone told her she looked good. She'd been digging in her backpack when she got out of the shower looking for her hairbrush, and found a small bag with some bits of white lace and satin. When unfolded, they became underwear. There was a note in the bag from Cindy. "Thought your boy looked like the white lace type", it said. Now, with Logan staring at her like she was some kind of goddess in the tiny panties and bra, she was glad to have them.

Logan couldn't move watching her stride towards him, everything she had moving seductively. "Max?" he squeaked, his voice breaking like a teenagers. She grinned wider, and moved onto the bed. At that moment, Logan officially stopped caring about anything beyond getting his hands on her. It wouldn't matter if he could do anything or not. His definition of wanting someone took on a whole new level.

She straddled him, her nose touching his. "See," she said in a breathy voice. "You just needed the right inspiration." He pulled her to him, his mouth locked against hers. How did she know about him and white lace? Inspiration, meds, whatever it was, it was actually starting to work. Then all conscious thought was gone as their tongues began a sensuous ballet, and his hand slid into the bra on its own volition.

Max moaned against him as he started to caress her breast, his thumb rubbing the hard nipple. He stopped rubbing for a moment, and removed his hand. She looked down at him, her look plain. Stop and die. He grinned back and slowly pulled down the bra straps, trailing them down her arms with his mouth, loving the way she shivered under his touch. God, she tasted wonderful. He unfastened the bra and tossed it away, leaving her bare skin to his view.

Max blushed a little under his gaze. His eyes met hers, and she could see the heat and desire. She wondered if he could see the same in hers. It was so wonderful to be with a man that she could trust. She didn't have to insist on the lights being out so he wouldn't see her barcode. And he loved her. She'd been told that before, but it had been just because they thought it would help them score. It never meant anything. This time she knew it did.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered. He reached up and caressed both of her breasts before letting his mouth close over one dusky peak. She moaned again, grabbing his head to keep him there. He played with her, letting her moves tell him if she wanted more or less, harder or softer. He pulled back a little to move to her other breast, giving it the same loving attention. "Perfect," he muttered before closing on it.

Max's gyrations were starting to get to him. If he didn't get her off of his lap quickly, it was going to be over before it began. He wasn't going to disappoint her in any way. Pleasing any other woman in his life, even Valerie, didn't matter to him like pleasing Max did. He never thought he'd have the ability to feel like this again after he was back in the chair. Max was his miracle. His inspiration. His angel.

When Logan took his mouth off of her, Max nearly screamed. He gently pressed her to the side, and she moved so that she was stretched beside him, laying half on his chest. He had slid down so that they were both horizontal. Their eyes locked, for a moment completely open to each other. "Logan…" she whispered, more emotion being expressed in that one word than a thousand could do.

He reached up and touched her face tenderly. "I know baby," he said softly, and pulled her down for another long, slow kiss. Max started to run her hands over his bare skin. He'd been just in boxers when she came in, and he looked good in them. She had a feeling he'd look better out of them. She broke off the kiss long enough to peel the boxers off of him, letting her mouth follow their path off his stomach, down his leg, sucking on his big toe. Logan knew he couldn't actually feel her mouth on his legs, but just the sight alone was better than actually feeling it. Max, with just a tiny thong covering her, was running her mouth over his body. It was better than every dream he'd had of her.

She came back up so that they could kiss again. Damn, he did look better without them. She was going to have to keep him like this more often. His arms were muscled, chest broad, shoulders strong. His waist was flat, the skin taunt under her touch. His legs were a bit thin, but intense physical therapy had kept them from becoming droopy looking.

Max reached down, her fingers teasing his skin, until they finally ran up the length of his erection. "Oh my God," he half-sobbed as her hand closed around the hard shaft. For a moment his expression could have been mistaken for agony the pleasure was that intense. He let her start stroking him, the waves of pleasure more intense than anything he could remember from before.

He finally had to grab her hand and pull it away. She looked disappointed for a moment, but he rolled her onto her back, twisting so that he was on his side next to her. He teased at her breasts with his hands while his mouth trailed on her neck. She was writhing on the bed, but he wasn't about to let this end so soon. He let his hand slide over the soft skin of her belly, and then finally disappear under the bit of satin covering her femininity from his view.

She nearly came off of the bed as his fingers began to explore her. Logan kissed her hard, finally grabbing the edge of her panties, yanking them off to leave her totally exposed to his gaze. She was nothing short of exquisite. He started to touch her again, sliding a finger inside of her while his thumb kept rubbing. From the way she was tensing and whimpering, it wasn't going to be long for her either.

"I need you love," he said to her, letting her decide if she wanted to complete the act with him.

"I need you too," she said back, and then rolled over so that she was completely on top of him. She sat up on him, not losing eye contact for a moment. She rose up a little, and then sank down on him, letting him penetrate her slowly. Both of them were gasping for breath when she finally settled on him completely, savoring the moment they'd both imagined a thousand times before.

Max started to move on him, not able to keep it slow. She wanted everything from him. He reached up and stroked where their bodies were joined, prodding her into a frenzy. "Logan!" she sobbed. "Logan…I…I…oh, God I've always…OH MY GOD," she damn near screamed as her climax hit her like a tidal wave. The feel of her body contracting around him was all Logan needed to send him over the edge. It wasn't an orgasm. It was a tactical nuke.

Then Max was collapsed on his chest, trembling slightly. Logan wrapped his arms tightly around her, stroking her back and hair. He wasn't sure if he was still alive after that or not. He'd been told that there might be partial sensation. He hoped that if this were partial, it would never improve. Any more and it would have killed him.

"Logan," Max murmured. She tried to move, but her body refused to go anywhere.

"Sleep love," he ordered gently. That seemed like a good idea to her. She moved off of him, and rested her head on his shoulder. For someone who didn't sleep, she was out in a second. Logan pulled a blanket over them both with the last bit of his energy, and drifted off beside her.

Some time later Logan awoke to see a set of beautiful brown eyes staring at his face. He smiled at Max, wrapping an arm around her and using his free hand to play with her hair. "You're still beautiful," he said softly to her. She smiled back, but a little uneasily. "What's wrong?" he asked. He didn't really want to, but if she thought this was a mistake, it was better to know now than later.

"I could be happy with you," she finally said sadly.

"That's a bad thing?"

"It is when you're a genetically engineered killing machine who can't settle down anywhere!" she cried out. "Eventually I'm going to have to move on and leave Seattle and everything, and I don't want to have my heart broken when I do!"

She started to cry. He hugged her close, trying to find the right words. "I want a real life," she said. "I want to be normal. I want to have someone who loves me and I can love him and not be afraid that I'm going to have to run away from everything. I just want to know it's going to last."

"Max," Logan said, "nobody can see the future. I know what the now is. And I know right now you have someone who loves you. Who isn't going to leave you." He tilted her face up so that he could look into her eyes again. "You can't change who you are. I wouldn't want to change anything about you at all. And I am so glad I don't have Normal in my bed right now."

She got the double entendre and started to laugh. After a second, Logan joined in. They calmed down, and she asked, "What if I do have to leave?"

"That's a bridge we might have to cross one day," he replied. "But if we have to, then we'll cross it together. I'm not letting you get away from me easily."

She smiled brilliantly. "I love you Logan."

"I love you too Max."

They kissed again. A kiss of promise. Of hope. Of the future that was theirs. Together.