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Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Chapter 1: Jumping Ship

Will Turner stood at the front door of the Governor's Mansion. He could feel his toes pressing against the sides of his tight shoes as he shifted from foot to foot, pulling at his jacket, hoping to look as comfortable as possible. He raised his hand to knock on the door and nearly knocked the head of the maid as she opened the door.

"Oh. I…I'm sorry…" Will stammered at the surprised maid. "I was just about to-"

"Will!" Will turned his head to see Governor Swann following his eager daughter as she quickly descended the stairs. Will swallowed hard as he watched her in the beautiful calico dress. Her hair up and pulled away from her pretty face. She smiled as she reached him. "You're here!"

He nodded, trying to get his emotions under control as Governor Swann approached. "Sir." He greeted, bowing slightly. The Governor nodded, trying to hide the smile tugging at his lips.

"Shall we go then?" questioned Elizabeth, standing close to Will.

"Of course, by all means."

The blue-green waves splashed up against the bow of the boat as it approached the docks. The wind pulled at the sails and the crew men scrambled around trying to hold down ropes and lead the ship safely into the port. Weaving around through the moving legs of sailors was a slim mammal, his dark fur sleeked and his long body moving like a snake. A sailor stepped down close to his tail and the otter made an objecting noise before running up to the mast. The small creature placed his front paws on the large pole and looked up toward the blue sky. He made a loud sound then grabbed onto the wood and rope that curled around it and began his ascent.

The otter finally reached the horizontal pole at the top of the mast near the crow's nest and looked around. Standing, leaning against the remaining couple feet of mast, was a young girl. Her shoulder length brown hair whipped around her face as the wind blew at her. Her skin was tanned by weeks of being on the deck of a boat. Her hands were callused and her arms scratched. Her lips were light pink, curling into a smile in the corners. She was tall and lean with almost no noticeable chest to speak of. She wore a loose white shirt that was rolled up to her elbows and black cotton pants with dark brown boots. A bandanna was tied like a head band on her head, holding back as much hair as it could. Her eye were shut and her face turned slightly upward, letting the wind blow her face.

The otter made a loud noise and scrambled over to his mistress, climbing her body and settling on her shoulder. The girl opened her dark brown eyes and smiled lightly at the creature. "Come to enjoy the view, Skip?" She asked. The otter made a cooing noise and rubbed her cheek. "I thought only birds liked heights." She continued, still smiling. She cast out a look across the ship and toward the port that they were slowly coming toward. "Port Royal." She breathed softly. "So this is the home of the famous-"

"Swimmer!" A loud voice interrupted her thought. The girl cast a look down the mast and saw a grizzled older man standing watching her. His short graying hair and beard were turned upward and his green eyes stayed narrowed. "Get down here!" He called up to her.

Swimmer rolled her eyes and looked at the otter who still rested on her shoulder. "Hold on." She ordered him. She grabbed one of the ropes that was snugly attached to the mast and swung down the mast, careful not to burn her hands with the rope.

When she landed on her feet on the deck the man was still standing there. "Well?" She asked. "How do you think my landing was, mate?"

"Don't mate me, lady." He told her sternly. "What on earth were you doing on the top of the mast?"

"Getting a good view." The girl smiled, walking over to the rail. She leaned her hands on the rail and stood staring out over the water.

"Swimmer, you can't just climb up the mast." The man scolded coming over to her.

"Why? Because I might fall off?" Swimmer asked, scratching the otter under the chin.

"Well yes, that would be a big reason." The man replied.

Swimmer rolled her eyes. "Mac, I'm 16 years old, I can take care of myself."

"You're not an adult yet." Mac barked at her, seeing her watching the water and not focusing on him Mac's yell turned into a growl. "Swimmer I don't think you realize the consequences of this kind of thing."

Swimmer cast him a casual look. "The consequences? I could've fallen off, I understand that one."

Man glared. "That's not what I mean. You take too many risks, Swimmer. You do things just because they're dangerous."

Swimmer snorted at him. "And that's your problem Mac, you don't take enough risks. You don't enjoy every danger there is out there."

"You go looking for trouble!"

Swimmer shrugged. "I'm a pirate, trouble sort of follows me."

Mac suddenly clutched her shoulder. "Sh! These men don't know we're pirates. And if they did…"

"They'd hand us over to Norrington on a silver platter. I understand Mac, you needn't to pound it into my head every minute." Swimmer answered, shrugging him off.

Mac sighed. "Being a pirate doesn't mean you have an excuse to get into more trouble."

Swimmer glanced at him. "Really? Seems like all the other pirates act like it is. Even Jack Sparrow."

Mac shot her a glare. "Swimmer." He warned.

"What! They're gonna find out sooner or later. Especially since only reason we're even going to Port Royal is because you think that Will and Elizabeth can actually help us, and you're going to have to tell them at some point."

"I would prefer it if they found it out later, rather than sooner, if you don't mind." Mac told her sternly. Swimmer shrugged and took the otter in her arms and scratched it's belly. Mac stared at the creature. "You know that thing probably has fleas or some other sort of parasite."

Swimmer glanced at him. "So do pirates, Mac." She replied as sweet as could be.

Mac opened his mouth to make a reply when the first mate walked by them to one of the sailors. Swimmer turned her ear toward them and listened.

"Call some of the men and lower anchor for a bit. I don't think we're going to be able to get into the port for awhile. They're trying to unload some cargo ship and there's no dock big enough for this ship that's available." The sailor nodded and walked off. Swimmer turned back to Mac.

"Wait here? For how long? The rest of the day? Mac you know we don't have that kind of time!" She said quietly.

"There's nothing we can do, Swimmer. We'll just have to wait. Will and Elizabeth aren't going anywhere." Mac replied.

"Yeah but Captain Riley might be." Mumbled Swimmer to herself. Mac raised and eyebrow and turned away. Swimmer faced the railing and saw the docks in the close distance. "It's not that far." She told her otter as it climbed on the rail and looked out, then glanced up at her. "I couldn't." Swimmer told it. But then a grin slowly began to creep along her lips. "Or maybe….I could."

Mac was walking toward the stairs that led down to the barracks when he heard a loud splash. He turned around fast and saw the otter still sitting on the railing, but no Swimmer. "She wouldn't." He thought to himself as he ran up to the railing and looked out. A couple yards out he saw a brown head bob in the water, then take off swimming. "She did!" He groaned. Mac looked down at the otter who was watching him. "Why didn't you stop her?" he asked. "A very good chaperone you are." The otter made a noise and looked out at the water. "You're her pet, and you live in the water. Go on after her!" The otter gave him a almost human-like look and then dove into the water after Swimmer. Mac sighed and glanced around, hoping none of the other sailors had seen Swimmer. It appeared that none had, lucky for him. Mac sighed. Swimmer you're going to be the death of me….or the death of yourself at the rate you're going.

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