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Blossoming in the Rain

It had been raining for weeks. And the ninja of Konoha were getting restless for the spring showers to be over. It sucked doing missions while one was constantly wet.

Kakashi had just got done doing a mission with Genma and Neji. All three of the men were wet, sore, and in need of something to warm them up.

Genma went straight to the bars. Where he would get at least two women to go home with him. He loved coming home to do that. He got so many women for going on long missions with only two other guys to accompany him. He always said that it was depressing that he couldn't go with the girls he chose.

Neji went home to change, then went out to Tenten's. They had been seeing each other for two months now, and everything was going well. He kind of hoped that she would let him take the relationship a bit further, but surprisingly, Tenten was being prude about it. She said that it was wrong to be like that with a man before marriage. The poor guy.

Kakashi on the other hand, went to the memorial stone to stare at the names of his fallen loved ones. He felt that it was his duty to tell them about his life. They needed to know everything that went on in his life.

However, as he was getting to the bridge that led to the large stone, he saw a certain pink-haired kunoichi standing in the center of it, staring at the water flowing underneath it. Her clothes were soaked, her hair plastered to her face and neck. She looked as if she had been there for a while.

"Oi, Sakura…" Kakashi started, walking up behind her, "You'll catch a cold if you stay out in the rain too long…"

"Oh, Kakashi!" she squeaked as she jumped around to look at him, "Ah, sorry, I was just… thinking…" She blushed as she looked down at her shoes as if they were the most interesting things in the world.

Thinking? He wondered, Thinking about what? It must be pretty important if she didn't notice the rain… And he said, just that.

"Eh heh… Its… uh… About someone." she said, blushing even more. "Someone that I have… liked for a very long time…" She started to stammer so she turned around so she couldn't watch his one visible eye.

Great, he thought… I thought she was over Sasuke…

"He… was returning today and I thought that I would surprise him by meeting him nearby one of his favorite spots…" she said, glancing at him from over her shoulder. A small blush colored her cheeks, making her look even cuter than usual.

"Oh," he said, trying to sound as emotionless as possible. So far, it wasn't working… "Then I won't waste any more of your time…" Kakashi started to walk away, but at the last second, her hand came up and held on to his wrist.

He look back and she is staring up at him with her large jade eyes. "Welcome back…"