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Plot: Alternate Universe! (Duelist Kingdom) When the unity and bond of Yuugi and his friends begins to worry him, Pegasus decides to increase the stakes of his dreaded tournament in hopes of severing it. However, by doing so, he was completely unaware that he would break his own heart by shattering one belonging to that of a fourteen year old girl.

Genre: Romance/Angst/Action Adventure/Drama


Pegasus/Cyndia (hinted)

Warning: T(PG-13) (Parents Strongly Cautioned) For cursing, drug use, and implications of suicide.

-Imperfect Paradise (Yamiko)

Thorns of a Red Rose
By Imperfect Paradise

-Chapter Two-
"Beyond Hell's Rubicon"

"Okay, now after you play that particular card in the defensive status, I fully recommend putting this particular monster or something with similar offensive points into play. That way you can obtain a chance of killing some points and gaining an early lead."

"Yeah… I kind of figured…"

"However, that often won't be enough… Clever duelists often put trap or quick activation magic cards behind the ranks to ensure that their monster is protective, so that's where your crimson ninja will come into play and then—"

"But Yuugi! If that monster's effect can only be flip-summoned how can I activate it with another monster on the field?"

"—so in order to do that, you'll obviously be… required to… … … … … Jounouchi?"

Jounouchi looked up from categorizing his monster cards (Yuugi made it clear that he needed to remember the monster's element, level and status, so he could wield that in possible confrontations) and quickly asked (or just shouted in the exact same context) "What? What is it?"

Mutou Yuugi's eyebrows raised abruptly at this response, (Was it just him, or did Jounouchi actually seem… "edgy" right now?) before he looked back at the cards and stated, "You seem a little tense right now—not that it's bad or anything, it's just that—"
"Just what?"

Yuugi bit his lip and refrained from saying anything. It was strange… Jounouchi was acting a whole lot different from the state he was yesterday. How could it be that someone like this, who was so upbeat, inspired and at some points, incorrigibly annoying was someone in no way like himself within the time slot of eight hours ago?

While Jounouchi sat lifelessly in front of the television, as if there was nothing else of interest for him to attend to or even as much as think about, Yuugi slowly opened the door, a complacent smirk on his features. "Jounouchi…" he began in a teasing but friendly voice, "I'm going to tell Anzu you ate some of her cup-cakes again…"

Not noticing the state of his friend at first, Yuugi merely brushed past him, walked over to his room and withdrew the digital Panasonic camcorder. Twisting a nob on the back of it (that controlled the volume), and smiling at an image of his grandfather (who stared him with a vehement expression, tapping the edge of his fingers on the three by four SD preview frame on the edge of the video recorder), "Hello grandpa, we're back!"

"The joy…" Sugoroku spoke through clenched teeth. Although he was infuriated that his own grand-son would treat him like some sort of inanimate object (being the equivalent of a cash-machine and card vendor was bad enough) deep down, he couldn't help but relish in the fact that he actually had "a voice" again.

Sensing his grandfather's resentment with not much difficulty, Yuugi smiled sheepishly, but felt a gush of guilt rush through him. Aside from the fact that what he did was wrong but necessary, it still wasn't fair that his grandfather had to go through all of this—especially when he originally had the power to avoid this whole incident all together. Had he had had influence over that other presence in his soul, he might have been able to negotiate with Pegasus without him taking such drastic measures to get collateral over him. But in the end, he had let it all slip through his fingertips, and here was the result.

And believe it or not, that wasn't the only challenge he had before him. Other than the just the fact that the place (wherever it was) that housed his grandpa's soul was now a vacant lot, there was also the matter of the lie he had to tell and maintain for anyone else who wasn't there at the time of the incident—including his mother.

Presently, the woman who bore him, nurtured him and cared for him was now in hysterics for the wellbeing of her husband's father and the one who actually managed who hold their family together while the family patron was away on business. Then again… it was probably better to tell her that granddaddy was in a coma due to food poisoning, rather than telling her that his soul now dwelled in that of a ordinary inanimate videocassette. Furthermore, he could only picture the look on her face if he had uttered out that the only way to get grandpa back in the flesh was through the good will of clinically insane American—who in which, had billions upon billions of US dollars at his disposal, had unlimited influence and authority, and then just happened to possess freaky-as-hell supernatural powers, blah, blah, blah

—And then telling her that he had absolutely no choice but to participate in whatever Pegasus had planned for him and his grandpa, travel halfway around the world to deadly and dangerous territory (approximately one thousand miles away from their embassy) and possibly encounter yet another paranormal card challenge where his very life, body and soul could be forfeit without a second's hesitation.

Now that he thought about it, perhaps was there was some truth in that old saying; "thing can't get worse." Especially when you already had your mother under the assumption that the situation wasn't as bad as it pretty much was, who even then, still thought that the hardships being endured were already cataclysmic at wits end.

Heh. Couldn't deny that, now could he?

Although, he had no idea how long the hospital would buy the fact that he just ate something bad. In fact, he was sure that within just a few hours, they would find out that there was something seriously wrong with his grandfather (and not related to malnutrition in the slightest) that would unfortunately be something that medical science couldn't explain. Hopefully, he and Jounouchi would be on the boat, well before his mother received the initial testing results. He could only hope.

Placing the camcorder in the crook of his elbow, Yuugi then made his way back towards Jounouchi, (who knows? Perhaps Grandpa could help Jounouchi out with more pointers on dueling—he was the expert, after all) but found himself taken aback at the position of his best friend and dearest comrade.

Odd. Jounouchi was facing the TV again; looking as though he were watching it intently, but there was nothing but distorted static on the screen. Yet there his friend was, staring at it, looking as though he were lost in the very picture itself.

Observing this, Yuugi's brow-line then crunched slightly, wondering what was up with Jounouchi now.

Man… Was this another one of those stupid bets he made with Honda time and time again? How long could he look at VCR noise before his head started to hurt, maybe? But that would be stupid. Even Honda knew that Jounouchi lied about everything—and he could just as well say he was there for twenty-four hours and nothing happened. Then Yuugi took a closer look.

The look on Jounouchi's face was one of pain, sadness and… was that anxiety? That didn't make any sense. Jounouchi was the most buoyantly happy individual he had ever come across—why was he looking so downright pathetic? Furthermore, what could Jounouchi possibly have to worry about? Didn't he and his other self make it clear that they would help Shizuka together? Heck, the idea of cooperation among friends always riveted and encouraged Jounouchi—probably a degree even higher than Honda and Anzu (…maybe). Come on, he already knew the situation and knew full well that there was a reasonable solution in sight. With that said, what could possibly have put him in this pitiable condition?

Slowly walking up to him, Yuugi approached carefully (wondering if Jounouchi was something unstable) and hesitantly inquired, "… Jounouchi-kun?"

The response was not was he expected. Jounouchi suddenly spun around to face his friend, and upon seeing him, his face paled. Noticing this and being somewhat stunned by this response (what was going on?) Yuugi opened his mouth and began, "Jounouchi—what did you—"

"Did you see anything?" Jounouchi harshly barked, not even letting him finish.

Yuugi started for a moment, before nervously responding as if on reflex, "What are you talking about? I only just—"

Not even waiting, Jounouchi suddenly charged up to him and grabbed Yuugi by the jacket and roughly pulled him up to eye-level. He then mercilessly demanded, "Tell me and be damn honest! What did you first see when you walked in?" Yuugi watched Jounouchi shake from head to toe, and felt his sense of alarm reach its peek. For although the Jounouchi in front of him looked like he was going to fall to pieces at any second (probably depending on his response) he also looked ready to lash out at him the second the opportunity arose.

Yuugi (fidgeting in his grip) exclaimed helplessly, "I don't know! I just came in like a second ago—and saw you staring at the TV! That's it—I swear!"

Jounouchi continued to stare at him harshly, looking almost as if he didn't believe him. But after a second of this, the unease in his eyes began to decrease, and eventually left Jounouchi Katsuya seeing the position he was in… looking like he was going to slaughter his very own best friend. His eyes suddenly widened, acknowledging this and without wasting a single second, he pulled back as far as he could, dropping Yuugi quickly but not very gently to the ground.

He then stood there, confused and bewildered with what had just happened.

For the longest time, nothing was said. Yuugi regarded Jounouchi oddly, but not without some form of worry. After all, the vibes Jounouchi was giving off were something akin to the times when his best friend used to be one of his many tormentors earlier that very same year. But considering the amount of time between the point where Jounouchi resolved his ills and changed for the better for both Yuugi and himself, and this very moment, there should be no way possible way (not after all they went through together) that his block-headed companion would randomly decide to change back and re-embrace those horrible times.

There was no getting around it. Something… was up.

And while Yuugi began to contemplate of this newly found information, Jounouchi was having some feelings of his own and completely struggling wit htat.

What… what did I just do..? He moaned slightly, not believing that he done something so inhumanly reckless (even for his standards).

How? How could he do this… this horrible thing? After all Yuugi had done for him, like standing by his side when he had been assaulted by Ushio, saving his hide and sanity from his former brawling mate Hirutani, reviving his grandfather's companion's state of mind during that fiasco at the domino museum (whom, if he didn't—would probably have had his guts for garters), as well as hundreds of other things they had been through together—

—yet here he was—staring at his friend's helpless form on the ground—in a position that didn't look like he would hesitate to further his pursuit initiated by his rage and terror. He had nearly succeeded in physically hurting his best friend, and had treated him as if he wasn't a priority to him at all. He cringed. How could he? How could he, god damn-it!

After a somewhat lengthy amount of time when by, Yuugi took that as his cue to slowly stand up, Jounouchi responding by quickly turning away, not wanting to face his friend. Yuugi, regaining some of his composure, took that as his cue.

"Jounouchi—what was that all about?"

His best friend didn't look at him, and Yuugi watched as he shook in anger, and looking even somewhat… guilty for what he had done. Yuugi pressed on, "…Jounouchi-kun?"
Knowing that the inevitable was coming (something had to be said), Jounouchi slowly looked at Yuugi, opened his mouth and began, "Yuugi… I… I only—"

But then a sudden recollection stopped him dead, and Pegasus's words haunted his memory.

"Play the good sport, and don't mention a word of this to Yuugi-boy. You may tell others as you wish, just as long as you can be sure that the information isn't leaked to him. For if he finds out about this, well… You know very well what I am capable of."

As Jounouchi felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, Yuugi asked inquisitively, much to his best mate's chagrin, "Yes? What were you saying, Jounouchi?"

Jounouchi, realizing how close he was coming towards revealing what he knew he couldn't, began churning over all the possible alternate explanations he could give. … When nothing came to mind, he decided to go with the perfect (Jounouchi) solution to the problem, and began to play it my year.

"Uh, uhh—I was just kidding!" He then let out brawling, happy-seemingly laughter, making Yuugi stare at him, with a completely dumbfounded expression. He then reached down, and pulled his friend up, taking that very opportunity to ruffle Yuugi's hair, Yuugi putting on a very annoyed and even something of a sour look in the prime of it (he absolutely hated it when people made his unfortunately bestowed height even more obvious than it actually was) and chuckled. "I mean seriously—you should have seen your face! Want me to send you a Polaroid? Mheh-heh-heh..."

If that was the only excuse Jounouchi could give, it was the fundamentally the worst as well. For Yuugi, knowing his friend, very, very well, raised a single eyebrow and began, in a nagging tone, "Jounouchi, you don't really think that I'll simply buy a bluff as on-the-spot and poorly planned as that one, not after all those times I watched you play poker with Hon—"

Jounouchi wouldn't let him finish. "Anyway—" he rubbed his hands together, and put on a sort o devious expression, "How about those cupcakes that Anzu left behind; you don't think she'll mind if I eat just one more, will yah?"

With that, Jounouchi moved into the kitchen instantly—halting any chance for Yuugi to rationalize the reality of the situation.

As he entered the kitchen, Jounouchi quickly shut the door behind him, and then slammed himself up against it, his head hanging low in shame.

Biting his lip and narrowing his eyes, he growled and pouted on how perfectly he had molded himself into that sick, mind-screwing son of a bitch's ideals.

"Your –loyalty- son, I want you loyalty."

He cringed for a moment, feeling his self-loathe feed off of those words. Pegasus had certainly done a smart thing (bad, evil—but very clever on his part—no getting around that) by choosing him. Him; Yuugi's right-hand bodyguard, and one of his most loyal, trusted and cherished companions.

And Jounouchi knew that very well.

And much to his chagrin, Pegasus somehow knew their connections, and because of that information, he had basically, then and there, became Pegasus's secret attack-dog, and out of Yuugi, Anzu, Honda, himself and Bakura… he was the only one who knew of it, and he alone now had to relentlessly suffer for it.

How could he have let this happen? And how could he, an ally, a friend, stand for this nonsense without fighting back? Seriously! What was keeping him at bay from just storming over to Pegasus's castle and showing that pompous son of a bitch exactly who's—

"I wanted to see you at least one last time."

As his beloved little sister's words echo through his mind he clenched his fist and felt the inside of this throat immediately tighten.

He remembered. Remembered why he had to go along with all of this crap. It wasn't like he really had much choice. And with that, he couldn't stop himself from releasing a few choked sobs that had been bursting to come out, and he felt the muscles of his tensing body give out completely. He slumped down against the side of the kitchen and with what little strength he had, he buried his face into his hands letting out a few hushed cries, just when tears were finally let loose.

Shizuka, he thought, sadly, his heart showing him no mercy in the slightest.

He had no choice. He had to do this—and anything else he could try would never justify the means. Either way, he was going to turn out to be the same—a selfish individual fighting for one side and only one.

But it's so wrong, he thought, continuously shunning himself for even thinking that there was a reason to defend his rationalization towards his predicament. For he knew that even if he did manage to meet up with his dearest sister again—there would be no forgiveness for what he had done—not in the eyes of Yuugi, his friends, and maybe even her. How could anyone be at all sympathetic towards one who had turned his back on a friend and left him to fend off his greatest battle all by himself?

He guessed he could only wish, hope and pray for the best for Yuugi, himself—

—and his sister, wherever she was now.

About two cities away, the head nurse of local hospital didn't dare to speak, or even to breathe, as the cool metal of the gun that was presently being pointed at her vitals pressed firmly against her neck, sending chills down her frame. The words cooperation and silence stilled echoed through her mind, and when it came to her survival, they were extremely important.

And not just for her, but for everyone in this ward—some who didn't even know what was going on.

Especially her…

She couldn't do anything to stop it. And she had done a lousy job preventing it. And even now, as she wanted to scream, to express concern to anyone who did not presently know of the situation to give the poor girl in the optic ward a fighting chance of escape—she knew that at this time, it would only make things worse for her and the intended target of these horrible men.

The gun suddenly jammed further into her neck, and the goon at her rear grunted, "Keep your breathing regular… Do three more intakes within five seconds and you won't see this slide by as easily as we promised."

Glancing back in his direction (but not turning around) she gave the monster behind her an extremely stiff look.
It was truly extraordinary that this was happening—obviously not in a positive way—but the fact that these men were so organized, so precise, so uncouth and… well… vile. And the worst thing was… no one was doing a thing about it. Seriously? Was there no security? No decency in their town or community? She couldn't even begin to believe that every cop in the city district could have been bribed so bountifully. Of course, she had heard rumors of this city's corruption, but this was just plain sad. The men who had sworn an oath, to die for the city and the civilians within it, to protect it with everything they got, could not bring themselves to come to the aid of one little innocent girl because they said they had "other abnormalities to look into."

She then felt her skin prickle as she felt the breath of the wretched man behind her slowly come within closer proximity towards her. Feeling extremely uncomfortable, she felt the repulsive voice chuckle for a moment, before it whispered sickly, "Now just pretend everything's okay, check the patient out just as you would with anyone else in a standard situation," (she growled hearing this… knowing that this brute took pleasure with what he was doing) "and then everything will be back to normal and you and your colleagues will be home to see your families before super."

Before she could utter at form of protest, the doors suddenly opened as two other nurses (looking just as uneasy, if not more so than her) slowly began to escort the young auburn haired girl, who was clad in what appeared to be navy blue sweatpants, a pale yellow tank top, along with her pink pajama jacket that was wrapped around her shoulders. The patient, Kawai Shizuka—completely oblivious to everything happening, had a small meek yet charming smile on her lips as she stared out with a wondering expression ahead of her. The nurse cringed—not being comforted at all by the girl's candor. For she knew that even after all of this had come to pass, that she would never, ever, ever be able to forgive herself for not fighting back.

Now most people who were blind would have normally been able to sense something wrong, either through the tone of voices of the tense feeling of their footsteps (and as horrible as it was to think, the head-nurse almost wished that those circumstances had been initially met)—but the fact of the matter was that this girl had only become fully blind for about a month and a half—and had not completely adapted to using her other senses to their fullest. She completely lacked the proper traits of someone in her present state for the time being.

She shuddered for a moment, ashamed at herself for thinking such things. Before this had all happened—this girl had a fighting chance to recover her sight (within time of course) and her and her team at the local clinic had been with her to help her through her crisis every step of the way.

That all changed when the phone rang just hours ago, indicating an eight-o-five area code, obviously not a local call. Deciding it was jut a wrong number, she had mindlessly answered it.

She completely regretted it now.

After answering it, at first, she wasn't at all surprised to hear the voice on the other line. He spoke with a strong American accent and brutally kept integrating his own language into theirs at every chance he got. She almost felt somewhat disgraced, but kept it inside. He then continued on, saying that he had intended to take home someone very important to him. At first, she had figured this man had a the wrong number (or was just some horrible, horrible prank call done in the state of some drunken stupor), for none of their patients were, related to or were even in league with any western societies. After all, everything was written down in their medical records (which had already been accessible, seeing how the book was right in front of her when he called) and she knew none of them had any relations (blood ties or not) with anyone in the states. She had responded, as politely as she could, given the circumstances, "I am sorry, sir, you must have called the wrong prefecture. There is no one here who has any connections to someone like yourself—I could punch you into Tokyo General Hospital and they might have more luck—"

The man had interrupted her on the spot, by letting out a huge amount of laughter (the nurse had scrunched her face, appalled by the rudeness of this man), before he suddenly collected his cool and spoke, his tone changing to that of an almost sadistic level.

"Are you sure, my dear? Her name is Shizuka Kawai, age 14, presently in the 8th Grade Student of Shogo Junior High. She's also the biological product of Yamasuda Jounouchi and Manami Kawai, if I am not mistaken."

From those words, the binder in her lap slid off the tops of her thighs and fell to the ground, creating an echo-y thunk sounding noise in which the head nurse paid no heed to as she stood up in a fright. Unable to collect herself, she stared into open space for a bit, realizing exactly how much this man knew about one of their patients, and one who had specifically claimed confidentiality from others in league with them (something about her mother's fear of the other side of her family—seemed plausible. After all, the woman had had a divorce due to some unsavory circumstances sometime ago). All in all, it was completely unthinkable. What motives could this man possibly have towards them?

Before she could even speak, the man continued and chuckled, "As I speak, my men are on their way to your clinic to seek an audience with the young lady I just referred to. They are there to escort her to my facility—and I do hope that we won't have too much trouble, mind you."

The nurse heard this, realizing exactly what this suspicious, and nothing short of evil person was suggesting and began to protest, in an angry voice, "You horrible man—how could you even think that I'd just—"

"Oh, and one more thing. Just know that any futile attempt to call for assistance will be in vain. Right now, your telephone lines have been hacked, so you won't be able to call the authorities. Not that they will come in the first place. Also, know that I have taken the liberty to cancel the cell phone service of your staff for the next seventy-two hours. Lastly, should any of you attempt to call anyone else for a third party attempt, also know that we have line surveillance for the next week and we will successfully blot out any calls as we see fit. Furthermore, if this is leaked to anyone… well… just- "think" of the welfare of your patients and what's best for them in the long run."

The nurse lost her train of thought, hearing the infamous threat of this ludicrous individual and was deemed unable to enter even just the tiniest word of protest. "Anywho, I'm sure you'll make the right choice, Miss Shimasaki… Oh, and tell Shizuka-girl that I just can't wait to meet her. After all, we are going to have so much fun! Tah-tah!"

With that, the line on the other end went dead, and while glancing down at her phone—the line that had previously been in use didn't leave even as much as a trace of even the tiniest bit of identification.

Remembering that dreaded call, the nurse shunned herself, not believing herself for allowing this insanity to happen without her even catching wind of it.

At that moment, her assailant smirked, and motioned towards two other goons to come and approach the child.
Right when they came within respectable distance of her, one of them looked down upon her, and commented kindly, "Ahhh…. You must be little Shizuka-chan, yes?"

The red-haired girl smiled and answered genuinely, "That's right."

The guard gave out a pleasant laugh and Shizuka felt herself ease, while her escort's composures only worsened, but while the one on the girl's left looked like she wanted to throw up and strongly restrained herself from doing anything in the least bet rash, the other one looked so tense to the point where she looked like she wasn't going to be able to take this much longer. And this brought a sense of alarm for the head nurse. The guard then ceased in at least part of his charade and held out his hand and said, "It's nice to meet you, child. I hope we will be able to provide good service."

Shizuka took his hand and answered, "I'm sure you'll do your best regardless, and I look forward to it."

Upon hearing this response, the guard's mouth twitched somewhat and his eyes widened, making his face look absolute ridiculous, and this made the head nurse come to a horrible realization.

The bastard—he finds this situation funny. How could anyone be that cruel!

But not everyone would take this information in without doing something drastic. For the nurse besides Shizuka, who had up to this point had been shaking and been rigid for minutes, couldn't allow herself to hold her anxiety in any longer. Just when she looked about ready to completely flip out, and opened her mouth looking ready to release something that could jeopardize them all (Miss Shimazaki saw this and paled, thinking, No…)—when at that moment, another one of those evil men (who appeared to be the tallest and bulkiest of them all) had grabbed her by the arm before she could make a sound, and then pressed a cloth to her mouth, silencing her.

As the nurse's struggling began to cease little by little, the supposedly charming guard, knowing that their situation could be compromised at any minute, smiled, stood up and said, while dusting off his jacket, "Well, the chauffeur is waiting just outside, and our flight will depart soon, so we really mustn't dilly-dally… Now, Shizuka-chan, if you'd follow me—"

Shizuka took this lie in very easily (to the point where her candor was almost pretty much pathetic), gave a single nod—then looked towards the direction of the head-nurse, yet was unable to see the fear and panic on her features. Then with a small yet charming smile on her face she bowed and stated, in an act of compassion, "Ms. Shimasaki—hopefully when I am cured, I'll be able to come back and see you and everyone else. You have all cared so much for me, and my mother… and I would really appreciate to meet up with you once again in more befitting circumstances."
The head nurse said nothing, even as the gun was jammed halfway up her neck (signaling her to give some sort of immediate response) and did nothing more but stare at her in sadness.

She was not one to lie with certain circumstances, even though something of that nature happened all the time. When parents were forced to leave their children in the O.R. under circumstances that were certain to tear them and remaining family members apart—or the single parent, dying of cancer who wanted the staff to tell their children that they will never leave them—she had always felt the need to keep her word—by never saying anything.

Was it because that she didn't think it was right? Because it was dishonest, perhaps? Or was it because—she really, honestly wanted to believe that it was going to be all right in the end, for everyone.

She wanted to believe—especially now—even as this young girl's very life was in the hands of very shady characters—that something good would come out of it and most importantly, that she would be okay.

Realizing that, she hesitated for a moment, and then smiled softly and whispered, "… … … Yes… I would like that very much." Shizuka let out a small amount of laughter, as a single tear fell down the nurse's face. She then watched with a heavy heart as Shizuka turned away, and was lead outside. Watching as she entered the vehicle, sitting down in the seat, the guard besides her promptly closing the door and heading for the driver's seat. As it began to pull away, the guards, one by one, left their stations, leaving the hostages alone, many letting out a deep huge breath as the danger before them passed. The guard behind her pulled the gun away from, her head and sneered, "Well done, old maid. We thought you'd blow our cover for a moment."

The head stared at him bitterly, and then rushed to the aid of now unconscious nurse, who had been moved by the men into Shizuka's former room. The man behind her watched her as she went, smirking crudely, before he shouted out towards her:

"By the way—that lie you told; Pretty well thought for such short notice. Heck, I almost believed it myself."

The nurse stopped then in her tracks, then turned heal and shot him a death-like glare, and spoke, through dark and tainted words, "What would you know?" Ending the conversation then and there, she nonchalantly leaned down to check the nurse's pulse, just as the last of the guards vacated the hospital, never to be seen again.


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