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Triple Threat

Triple Threat

By: Steph (Akers2)


"So what is it that makes us what we are?" the professor's voice rang across the lecture hall. He peered at the students assembled in rows before him before continuing. "What is it that defines us? Is it where we live? Is it our schooling? Or is it our family? Alex Rider, family. Alex?" He repeated looking expectantly down at a light brown haired boy whom was seated by the window and was looking intently at a paper.

Alex Rider looked up; shutting the folder of papers he had been looking at. "Yes sir?" he said to his professor.

"Have you prepared something for us?" the professor asked Alex, raising one eyebrow.

Alex opened his packet of papers again and glanced down at it before replying, "Yes." (a/n: so that's the only part I used from the trailer, I'm now making the rest of it up)

"Wonderful," the professor declared. "When you're ready than," he said with a flourish of his hand as he took a step back.

After a moment Alex left his seat by the window and walked to the podium his professor had recently evacuated. He set his report on the platform and looked at his fellow classmates. There was only one there that actually truly knew Alex and that was Tom Harris, Alex's best friend.

"Most people here have your typical family," Alex began. His cool, confident voice echoed around the room. Alex had a knack for public speaking and he immediately captured the attention of his peers. "Father, mother, brothers, sisters, the family dog. But we don't all have that, I know I don't, I never have," Alex said ruefully. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you who I have for a family now," he said matter-of-factly. Alex was right, who would believe him? Who would believe that his closest family consisted of the head of MI6, Blunt, the deputy head, Mrs. Jones, one of MI6's recruits, Wolf, and to be added soon to the mix, a once 'contract killer'?

Alex Rider wasn't your typical 14-year-old schoolboy. Well how normal can you be when you're working for MI6 secretly? Especially as a 14-year-old spy, who just so happens to be the best in the business.

"So," Alex continued. "I'll start from the beginning. When I was a year old my family decided to go on vacation to Cancun (a/n?). At the last minute I came down with an ear infection and was left home with my nanny, we would join my parents in a few days. We never got that far, however. The plane my parents were on crashed and they were killed," Alex's voice hardened, his chocolate brown eyes did much the same. What Alex had just told his classmates was a lie, and he knew it. In actuality Alex's father, John Rider, had been a spy for MI6 who had had the assignment of joining the ranks of Scorpia, the world's most feared and deadly terrorist organization. John would report back to MI6 on Scorpia activities. Scorpia ended up discovering John as a fake and killed him and his wife, Helen.

"I was left in the care of my uncle, Ian. He was the overseas financer for the bank he worked at and was away a lot. When I did not accompany him I stayed behind with our housekeeper, Jack Starbright. Last year my uncle was killed in a car crash." Again this was not fact but fiction. Ian Rider, brother of John Rider, had also worked for MI6. It was as Ian was returning from a mission that he had been shot and killed by an assassin.

"I now live in my uncle's house with Jack." Alex paused and looked around at the people that were supposed to be his peers but he couldn't help but feeling that they were so far from being his peers. Sure they all went to the same school, were the same age, likes some of the same things but at the end of the day what did they really have in common? They worried about whom liked whom, the latest fashions, who would win the upcoming soccer or rugby tournament. Alex worried about mad men with guns, power crazy billionaires; men who wanted world domination or world peace and were willing to destroy half the world to get it.

Sports versus the world's welfare. How did they even compare in the slightest sense? Alex didn't know. Ever since the first mission he had been on, finishing his uncle's uncompleted work, almost a year ago Alex had felt drawn apart from the rest of the class. Different. Like he stood out from everyone else.

The only person who really knew Alex Rider was his best friend, Tom Harris. Tom was the only one who knew about Alex's life as a spy and when there was a report on the television or the radio, newspapers or magazines about a major event Tom was the only who knew that Alex had had a role in it and that thanks to Alex they would still be above ground, rather than under it. That they would be plating flowers instead of flowers growing off of them.

As Alex brought his speech to a close the class applauded politely before the next speaker was called up to the podium. Alex sat back down in his seat by the window and looked longingly out of the window, at Brookland Prep's lushes green playing fields. Fields that Alex knew so well from being the athlete that he was.

As stared off into space his professor's words blazed through his head, "So what is it that makes us what we are? What is it that defines us? Is it where we live? Is it our schooling? Or is it our family?" Alex didn't feel that any of the professor's examples were relevant, to him that is. Where you live and how much or where you received your education could very well define who you are in life as a person, but not for Alex. Sure his line of profession required education and skill, if you didn't have skill than you were as good as dead. But Alex needed to have more aspects and qualities that couldn't be taught through books, worksheets, projects or lectures. He was brave, cunning, a quick thinker. He needed to have a natural instinct of what to do, when someone in holding a gun to your head you don't have anytime to waste, you don't have time to think, at least not overly so. You just act, on instinct; that alone had more than once saved Alex's life.

Alex put his professor's well spoken words into the back of his head, hoping that he would remember them at a later date.

The school day finished and Alex was on his way. For once he got the afternoon off and went to the playing fields with his friends and played soccer. Alex enjoyed being a normal boy for the afternoon, doing normal activities and worrying about normal things, but he still felt disconnected. Like he didn't belong, that he was just an act.

How many of his friends had held a gun and felt the slight throw against their hands as they pulled the trigger? Shot a man? Or been shot yourself by a man? None, he concluded to himself. He could act like he fitted in and pretend that nothing was different but as much as he enjoyed his friends none of it disappeared completely.

A week later Alex Rider disappeared.

This was nothing new for him so no one really paid it any heed. It had become a ritual for Alex over the past year to just disappear for a while, sometimes for two weeks and sometimes for two months. No one knew where he went or what he did or who he was with, except Tom. They had their rumors, just like the next school, but none were accurate or even came close to the truth. They wanted to know where Alex was constantly disappearing to and why he always came back injured but Alex always just shrugged it off with a sly smirk, refusing to tell anyone what he had done for the past however long it had been.

The thing that was different about this time however is that Alex didn't return. A week passed and than two and than those two morphed into three. The week's turned into months and they still hadn't seen a wisp of or heard a whisper from Alex Rider.

The school year drew to a close and still there wasn't anything from Alex. It seemed that he was really gone this time and this time no one knew where he was or who he was with. Not even Tom.

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