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Chapter 1: High school.

She never saw him, not once. He would watch her as she walked across the quad, her long wavy chocolate hair draping over her shoulders, her eyes sparkling in laughter at something a friend had said.

He studied how she clutched her books to her chest, always was it a large pile.

He watched her in English, as she answered all questions with a raise of her delicate hand, she knew so much about Shakespeare, and he loved how in Ancient History, she always won the weekly knowledge challenges they had.

It was only in math class that he really focused on his work and not her, it was hard, but he was good at math, and his father would never let him fail it.

His cheeks turned crimson once, when she had asked him for help with a complex problem, the jocks had laughed and teased him for being so uncomfortable around her, but he had smiled back at her when she told him to just ignore them.

That had been the first time she had ever spoken to him, when he had seen first hand, her kindness and compassion. After that day he always tried to catch her eye, hoping that maybe she had felt the same thing he had, that spark that shot through his entire being when she was standing mere inches from him.

But she never really spoke to him after that, she would give him a soft smile if ever he said hello, but that was all, mostly he believed it was because of HIM.

Her boyfriend Danny Michaels the captain of the football team, the most handsome guy in school, the most talented football player with the highest grades on the team.

And she was with him, he always had his arm over her shoulders as if he couldn't walk on his own two feet, always trying to kiss her in public, and he had seen all too many times that she had shoved him away with an angry glare. But she never seemed to stay angry for long, giving him a chaste kiss and walking away.

He watched her a lot, and she never really knew. She was the most popular girl in school, every girl wanted to be her, or be her friend, and every guy wanted to date her, or at the very least be awarded that magical smile, so why would she notice a math geek with a crush, whose dark eyes were so often hidden by the hood of his jacket, because his black hair never once liked to cooperate.

She wasn't one of those mindless cheerleaders, and she wouldn't be caught dead worshipping the ground that the school football team walked on.

She loved to learn, she loved to read, and he knew her secret place up on the hill behind the old hall, where she could sit and read one of her novels and no one would disturb her.

She was the smartest and most gorgeous girl he had ever met, and he was in love with her.

He was in love with Elizabeth Weir.

He had never said it out loud and certainly could never tell her, because she only had eyes for Danny, strangely though he thought, because Danny was everything that she wasn't.

He didn't treat her right, and he didn't respect her, she was his trophy nothing more, and it angered him that anyone would treat her as such and inanimate object and it surprised him that she would let him by with it.

He wanted to do something about it, to step out of the shadows and tell her exactly what he thought, that she was better than that, better than anything Danny could give her. But he couldn't tell her that, he was shy, and he knew that Danny was friends with her father, the brutal District attorney, with the mansion in the hills and everything his princess could ever want.

She had a life of luxury, her and her father rattling around in that massive house, they had dinner parties and champagne, she wore beautiful gowns and received endless gifts from her devoted father, while he battled from day to day with his drunken father and irritable mother, their un-mowed lawn and his tiny bedroom filled with model airplanes, he wore the same jacket everyday because his mother refused to buy him new clothes and she wore a new necklace every week because her father had bought it back from a foreign business trip.

He envied her, and he envied her life, but never in a million years would he wish to swap it with her, because they were of separate worlds, separate lives and they suited them, she was perfect in her world and when she every so often drifted into his. And he was flawed in his world, and never did he drift into hers.

He would never forget her, the chills that went up his spine whenever she would pass him in the hall, shivers all over his body when she spoke and the overwhelming feeling to jump up and down whenever she directed her speech to him.

He would never forget her face and he would never forget the day that she was lost to him.

He had been watching her, like he did so often. He watched as she walked behind the grandstand, she looked behind her, making sure no one was following her, she didn't see him, and she walked around the poles until she found what she was looking for.

"Hey" she said with a smile, as the figure before her turned slowly around.

"Hey" he answered as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her deeply. She looked up into his blue eyes as he smiled down at her.

"I've been waiting for you" he said with his lust filled voice deep in his throat. He ran his hands over her body, under her shirt and over the curve of her hips.

"Danny what are you doing?" she asked as he began to kiss the crook of her neck, forcing her head to the side.

"I want you" he muttered pulling at her red scarf and pushing her white corduroy jacket off her shoulders down to her elbows.

"Danny stop" she said trying to squirm out of his grasp. He didn't stop, he held her tighter and she no longer felt safe.

"Danny you're hurting me" she whimpered. And his anger flared he wanted to put a stop to this, but he couldn't move.

Danny shoved her up against the wall and he could see the tears start to form in her beautiful green eyes as Danny's hands pushed underneath her blouse.

She tried to push him away, she tried to fight him, but she wasn't strong enough to push him off her as he captured her lips again.

She almost gagged into his kiss, but he didn't care he kept going.

"You're mine Lizzy, no one else's, you've made me wait long enough" Danny said hoarsely.

He didn't know how she did it, one moment she was slowly breaking, slowly heading towards oblivion of despair, and all of a sudden, Danny was on the ground.

With one swift movement, with one moment of heightened confidence she had thrust her knee into his groin and he had hunched over in pain.

"You will never have me!" she yelled in tears and ran from the stands.

She had run straight past him, holding her jacket tightly around her, wiping at her tears fiercely. He would have sworn he had caught her eye for a moment, but she didn't stop, didn't stop running as Danny called after her.

"You frigid bitch, you weren't even worth it!"

And that was the end of it, he never saw her again.

Her father had transferred her to the private school that she had always refused to attend, rumours passed around the school about her, about where she had gone and why, he ignored them, because he knew the truth.

The very next week Danny had a stupid blonde Barbie on his arm, and it angered him to know that she had meant so little to him, that he had failed to see what he had with her.

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