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"All youneed is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt."

-Charles M Schultz


Marduke is dead. The anger I should be feeling right now, that everything in my head tells me to feel, is evaporated. In its place is a deep feeling of despair. I stare at his disfigured body for what feels like an eternity without really seeing it. Instead, I'm seeing Rochelle.

Rochelle. It hurts just to think of her. Those last few moments, I was so happy. She loved me. And because of that love, she's gone. I'm still holding that golden arrow, and with a cry I raise my hand and fling it as far as I can into the trees.

"Ethan, that wasn't wise." Matt says, putting a hand on my shoulder. I shrug him off, and continue remembering.

Rochelle the very first moment I saw her, looking so beautiful walking down the hallway. I had thought she was soft and weak then; how very wrong I was.

Rochelle having the strength to break away from Marduke, to join the ranks of people who hated her, myself included.

Rochelle as a slave in Rome, risking her life to prove herself to Isabel and me.

Rochelle, hiding behind a cynical persona, always tough, always confident. And then, when she thinks no one is looking, showing her vulnerability and fear.

And finally, that last image of Rochelle and I, standing on the cliff's edge, finally coming clean. That last look of terror on her face as she flung herself in front of the arrow intended for me.

"Ethan…"Arkarian finally speaks, very close, but not touching. "What Rochelle did shows how very deeply she loved you. She sacrificed herself without hesitation for you. It hurts, I know, but-"

"You can't know." I say. "You can't know how much this hurts. She was so alive…we were finally happy…and then it was gone. It is gone." It hurts so much it's crushing me. I can feel my heart breaking, shattering into a million little pieces. I just wish I'd had more time. More time to explain myself, more time to share being happy with her.

"No, Ethan. Her love is always here. You're proof of it. She'll never really be gone until you forget."

I won't ever forget. I already know it. She's burned into my soul. Matt comes up, arrow in hand, and stares at the body of the enemy with us. "What should we do with it?"

It. No longer a person, a thing with feelings, reduced to a monster, driven only by revenge. Marduke is no longer. I would be glad, but the price is almost too great. Suddenly, I'm tired. Tired of hating, tired of devastation.

There's a great commotion in the brush as if something big is hurdling through the brush. All of our heads whip up. Is it a stray demon, or worse? I'm not sure if fighting would help, or if I would even fight at all.

It's Isabel, but she's breathing hard and has twigs and leaves in her hair, which is undone. Arkarian is there to catch her immediately. "Isabel…what's wrong? Is it a demon?"

"No…" she pants, and her eyes go right to me. They're strong with emotion, although I can't tell if it's good or bad. "It's…it's…Rochelle."

Even in a million pieces, my heart can still feel the pang of hearing her name. "She's gone," I say hoarsely. Saying it doesn't make it any more real to me. "Dead."

"Ethan…" Her dark eyes are huge. "She's…she's…not-"

I don't hear anymore as I leap up and race through the forest. Branches tear at my clothes, whipping me in the face, and I can hear Matt and Arkarian shouting after me. But I don't listen to their cries to come back, because I have to know.

Everything rational in my brain is telling me that it can't be so, because I saw her. The arrow in her chest, the chest that was not moving, with no beatings of her heart. And as much as I warn them not to, the bits of my heart are shuddering back to life in my chest.

It doesn't take me long to reach the clearing, and when I do, the sight of Rochelle's still body brings me to a dead halt.

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