A/N: This idea came to me during English class, but originally I was gonna have it be Darrel who was over in Vietnam untill I saw the The Outsiders movie with the actors talking during it 'bout when they made the movie and Rob Lowe mentioned that S.E. Hinton had said that Sodapop goes on to fight in Vietnam so thought I'd write the letters that were written back and forth.

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March 13, 1968

Somewhere in Vietnam

Dear Ponyboy and Darry,

How's it goin' down there in Tulsa? Ya keepin' up you're schoolwork Pony? Darry, ya makin' sure he get's it done and knowin' ya don't hate him, which, Pony, I know ya don't think. Wow, y'all should see it here, ya look one way and ya see rice, look another and ya see trees, ya look another and ya see rice, ya look another and guess what ya see, trees. As y'all are probably guessin' I'm bored and I miss y'all. Tell Steve for me that I ain't killed a cong yet and boy am I glad. That's one of the things I hate 'bout being over here. Made a new friend, name's Tumble, well that's his nickname anyway, not sure his actual name, except his last, which is McNeelly. Pretty nice guy, when he's not angry with ya. Man, has that guy got one heck of an Irish temper or what. How's the DX holdin' up without me? Naw, just kiddin' pretty sure Steve's got all right. Pony, ya know how ya hate bologna 'cause ya ate so much of it, well try eatin' nothin' but Spam, I mean we get other stuff but think when I get back to the world, that's what we call America, that I'm gonna never have that stuff again. Hey, are the Socs still keepin' the deal 'bout stayin' away from us or have they crossed into our territory? Hope they haven't. Well, time for chow and I'm kinda hungry, what else is new:), so I'm gonna wrap this up. Love y'all and tell the gang I say hi.

Private First Class Sodapop Curtis

United Sates Army

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