Title: Harry Potter's Terrible Day, Chapter 1

DISCLAIMER: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended
WARNINGS: This story will contain corporal punishment of minors. If this offends you in any way, I suggest you read no further.

Harry Potter was having one of the worst days of his young life. First he had woken late, and got a severe scolding from Aunt Petunia, followed by a cuff about the head from his uncle for burning the bacon at breakfast. His uncle also informed him that he would not be receiving breakfast or dinner as punishment of his not getting up on time.

So Harry had ended up going to school with an empty stomach, and then got a firm rebuke from his teacher for losing his homework. Dudley had taken it before school and shredded it, but Harry was afraid to tell the teacher the truth because then she would say that he was lying. As a punishment, his teacher had made him stand in the corner, and then told him he would have to stay after school to complete yesterday and today's homework since he could not be trusted to bring his homework back to school. Harry groaned inwardly. He was going to be in so much trouble for coming home late!

And to make it all worse, he could hear Dudley and his gang sniggering in the back of the room while he was being punished. It wasn't fair. How come Dudley was always seen as a good boy when he was so bad inside? How could this day get any worse?

But it did. Dudley came and stole his lunch when the teachers weren't looking, and then once Harry went out to the playground, Dudley and his friends decided to play their favorite game, "Harry hunting." Harry was just trying to get away from them and decided to jump behind the trash cans. The next thing he knew, everything went black. He felt like he was being squeezed from all directions, and then he fell hard on the ground.

Harry looked around in surprise. The school was gone, and in its place were rows of dilapidated old houses. Harry didn't know what to think. What had happened to him? Where did his school go? And how much trouble was he going to be in when the Dursleys found out?

Harry had scarcely had time to adjust to his new environment, (in fact he had yet to stand up) when someone tripped over him. He looked up to see a tall man in some kind of billowing black dress glaring at him. The strange man had black and greasy shoulder length hair, cold black eyes, pale skin, yellowish teeth, and a hooked nose. He was the scariest man Harry had ever seen. Harry wanted to get up and run away from the scary man, but his muscles seemed to be frozen. For a moment he and the man just stared at each other.

Severus Snape was not having a good day. He had fought and fought with Albus to get this day off, only to have everything go wrong.

He had been unable to get the supplies he needed for a very important potion, the very reason for needing the day off. And now, he had received word that there was a problem at his residence. The wards had gone off, and so Severus had apparated, only to trip over a street urchin on the way to his abode.

He glared down at the boy, and then his heart almost stopped. That hair, and those eyes, but it couldn't be...

Severus reached down and roughly pulled the child to his feet. He brushed the boys bangs from his forehead revealing the scar. Damn! How had the boy gotten here? And what was he supposed to do with him?

First and foremost, Severus knew he had to get Potter off the street. Luckily he lived in a muggle neighborhood, and thus no wizards should see him, but Snape didn't want to take any chances.

He grabbed the boy by the arm and began dragging him down the cobbled street to his home. The boy seemed to falter for a moment, and then began to struggle trying to remove his arm from Snape's firm grip.

"Let me go!" screamed Potter.

Severus turned, silencing the boy with a spell before picking him up like a like a sack of potatoes and continuing on his way.

Harry could scarcely believe it. This scary, ugly man had grabbed him without saying anything, and started dragging him down the street!

And then, when Harry tried to fight him, he had brought out this stick thingy and suddenly Harry couldn't talk. It didn't matter how loud he screamed, no sound came out. So once Harry was picked up, he started trying to hit the man's leg with all his might, as this was the only place he could reach in his current position.

All of a sudden the man pulled Harry up, and the next thing he knew the man was raining spanks down on his bottom. Harry arched his back and cried out, but of course no one heard him.

After swatting the boy, Severus whispered into his ear, "You will cease this behaviour at once, Potter." When the boy stiffened, Severus continued, "Yes, I know who you are, and your fame will get you nowhere with me. I am going to put you down and you will calmly walk by my side until we get to my home, at which time you and I will have a long discussion about why you are here, when I know your residence is in Surrey. If you so much as step one foot out of line, I will stop right here and now and tan your sorry little backside until you cannot sit for a week. Do. You. Understand?"

The boy stilled for a moment and then nodded vigorously. Severus placed the boy on the ground, taking his closest hand. The child looked up with fearful tear-filled eyes, his free hand reaching behind to rub his stinging backside. Snape did not react, but turned and continued down the street.

Harry struggled to keep up with the scary ugly man's long strides. He had long since quit trying to talk or yell, and anyways the man had given him a lot to think about.

Harry couldn't imagine how he had ended up here, wherever here was. He knew there was no way the man would believe him if he told him what happened, but he wasn't sure what else to say. Harry had no clue what the man meant about his 'fame'. What was he famous for? Being the only kid who had to live in a cupboard instead of having a bedroom like everyone else?

Harry was quickly tiring and had tripped twice in trying to keep up with the man. The first time, the man just jerked him back up to his feet and continued on, but the second time the man stopped and glared at him. Even though Harry's backside wasn't stinging anymore, he was afraid that perhaps the scary ugly man would spank him again. He reached his hand back in an attempt to protect his bottom. Instead, the man sighed before picking Harry up again for the rest of the journey.