Title: Harry Potter's Terrible Day, Chapter 7: Destiny

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WARNINGS: This story is very definitely AU. I will use some information from the books as I deem necessary as well as other characters as I see fit. I had thought that my muse had died on this story, but has recently come to life thanks to the many people who have continued to review. This will be a Snape mentors Harry fic, although he will mentor many other children as well. This story will contain corporal punishment of minors. It will not be the main point of the story, but will be used as an acceptable use of discipline. If this offends you in any way, I suggest you read no further. This chapter describes a scene of sexual abuse. I will mark it so that those it offends or triggers may skip the scene.

This chapter will feature no Snape/Harry interaction but is necessary as it sets the tone for the remainder of the tale. Even though Snape will now have a larger goal, the story will still focus on Harry.

As Snape slowly arose to consciousness, he noticed two things. First the bed he had fallen asleep in seemed quite a bit harder than it had when he had lain down. Second, the room seemed unusually bright, even to his closed eyes.

He opened his eyes and saw a bright blue sky above him. How had he gotten here? Perhaps he not awoken but was having a dream. Either way, his instincts kicked in and he reached automatically for his wand. With it in hand, he stood quickly and scanned his surroundings for signs of danger.

He noticed that he was in some sort of field, surrounded by a dense forest. Ahead of him lay a hill, dotted with spots of flowers of every hue. Deciding that the top of the knoll would give him a better vantage point with which to discover where in Merlin's name he might be, Severus took off in that general direction.

After approximately half an hour of trudging up the hill, Severus noticed two black dots in the distance. As he came closer, he saw that the two dots were actually robed figures. Taking a firmer grip of his wand and mentally preparing himself for a possible battle, Severus approached the two wizards cautiously.

As he came close enough to see them clearly, it took all of Severus' skills as a spy not to drop his wand and gawk. Remembering his manners, Severus bowed low and said, "It is an honor to meet you, my Lord Slytherin."

"Up child," admonished Salazar Slytherin, "I am not, nor have I ever been your Lord."

Severus straightened and looked at the other figure. "Evans," he said curtly.

"It is a pleasure to see you again," said Lily Potter. "But you know it has been many years since I was known as Evans."

"You deserved better," sneered Snape.

Lily sighed and said, "I did not come to argue with you about your feud with James."

She held up a hand before Severus could retort and said, "There were mistakes made on both sides, and even if we had lived I do not believe the two of you could have ever gotten along. But if I could go back, I would forgive you for your rash statement to me when James and his friends were picking on you. Looking back, I see that you were lashing out because of anger and humiliation. I dearly wish it had not been the end of our friendship."

At Snape's disbelieving glare she added. "I came here today with Salazar to thank you. When you first found Harry, you only intervened because you saw it as your duty. But then you returned today and helped him despite of who his father was or who the wizarding world thinks he is. You showed great compassion and empathy. For that I thank you."

Salazar said, "And it was this act that let us know that you were ready to accept your destiny."

Severus couldn't help it, he did gape then. "M-my destiny?"

"Yes," said Salazer, "Your destiny. But perhaps we should start by answering any questions you might have." With a wave of his hand the meadow and hill changed to a cozy room similar to Severus' quarters at Hogwarts.

"This is a dream," said Severus emphatically.

"No," said Lily, "This is a place between life and death, where those who have gone on can communicate with the living. Harry has come here many times, although he doesn't remember it.

"While your body is still at my sister's house, we called your soul to come here. But unlike when a dementor takes a soul, yours shall return to your body unharmed."

Salazar motioned for everyone to sit, and soon they were settled in plush leather chairs in front of a roaring fire. At that moment, a house elf popped in and offered them all tea. Severus graciously accepted a cup and began to sip it slowly as he gathered his thoughts as to what he wanted to ask.

But before he could ask his first question, Severus noticed that his emotions now seemed very muted, while he seemed a bit clearer headed. He instantly knew that something had been put in the tea, but it was like no calming drought he had ever imbibed before. The drawback to most calming potions was that it tended to muddle the mind, but this seemed to do the opposite. Therefore, his first question was, "What did you put in the tea?"

"Ah," said Salazar, "Lily said you would notice if I put the calming potion in your tea. It is one I created myself. Knowledge of it and many other potions have been lost throughout the ages."

Knowing he now had Severus' full attention, he continued. "One of the rewards of accepting your destiny is that I will share with you my knowledge." He picked up a small book off of a nearby table and said, "This journal will help you on your journey."

The journal had 5 silk bookmarks attached at the top. Salazar opened the book and placed one of the bookmarks there. He said, "The first section will inform you of any children who need your intervention before they reach Hogwarts. The second section," he said as he placed another bookmark in the journal, "will list the allies you need to accomplish your destiny as you need them along with any knowledge you might have need of. The third section is spelled so that you can communicate with your charges. The fourth section will contain my potions and research, and the fifth and final section is for you to put any thoughts or research down in a place that none other than you can access it. Lily set the charms on it herself, and once you accept it and place a drop of blood on the cover, no one else but you will be able to touch the book without severe consequences. The book will remain this small, but will never run out of pages."

Salazar let Snape have time to digest this information, and then said, "Now I'm sure you have many more questions."

Severus sat for a few minutes, and then finally spat out, "So what is this destiny you keep speaking of?"

Salazar said, "It will make more sense if I start at the beginning. You are of course aware that the others and I founded Hogwarts approximately 1000 years ago. What is not well known is that the reason we came together was due to a wizard who approached the four of us."

"At that time, only the very rich could afford to hire tutors to teach their children advanced magic. The only recourse the poor had was apprenticeship. While some wizards shared their knowledge freely with their apprentices, for others apprenticeship was tantamount to slavery. And the darkest of wizards would not only use their apprentices as slaves, they would defile their bodies as well."

Salazar paused for a moment and then said, "This wizard, whom I will call Nathaniel, began to rescue the children who were being harmed, and attempted to teach them himself. He soon realized that it was impossible for him alone to teach all of the children he had saved, so he approached us about starting a school that all magical children could attend."

"And thus Hogwarts was founded. It was only after I left that Nathaniel approached me and revealed how he came to be what he called an agonotheta ab liberi, or champion of the children. And that, Severus is what you are. I'm sure that you have wondered why you have seen auras surrounding people for most of your life."

"I will listen to no more of this drivel," sneered Severus, "There is no possible way that I could be this champion you speak of. I hate children."

"You might dislike children," said Lily, "But I have watched you the last six and a half years. Since you found the child, Miranda, dead in a pool of her own blood the night after Voldemort's defeat, you have done all you can to protect the children of your own house."

"Do not speak of her!" exclaimed Severus.

Salazar waved his hand, and a young lady appeared. She was pale with midnight black hair that cascaded down her back to her waist. But the thing that Severus noticed the most was that she was bathed in an aura the color of sunlight. A chair appeared next to Lily, and she sat down and smiled brightly at Severus."

"Hello professor," she said softly.

Severus was speechless. This bright young lady seemed so different from the dead child he had found with the black aura. He finally blurted out, "The black is gone!"

"Yes," said Miranda, "Black is the color of defilement. For me my death was a release, a blessing, and it meant the end of years of being raped by my father."

She continued, "But I did not come here just to let you know that I am now healthy and happy. I came to ask you to help my two sisters and my brother that are still stuck at home."

Salazar waved his hand and a screen appeared much like a muggle movie screen. Severus jerked his attention away from Miranda to the scene unfolding in front of him.


The screen revealed a dark room. The only thing Severus could clearly see was a middle-aged man laying down next to a girl who looked to be approximately six or seven years old. The child was naked, and the man was using his fingers to rape her.

"So tight," the man cooed. "Soon you will be ready, little one; soon you'll become Daddy's precious girl."

Bile rose in Severus' throat as he watched the girl shudder with the forced climax. Anger rose and he wanted to kill the man who was defiling this child. The scene faded and Severus turned his attention back to Miranda.


Miranda said softly, "He only rapes the girls. But he beats the boys and belittles them all. Will you save the rest of my family?"

And it was at that moment Severus knew. He could no more ignore this child than he could Potter. He did not know how he would accomplish this so called destiny, but he knew he could ignore no child who was truly in need.

He looked at Salazar and said stiffly, "You said you had information about the auras I see."

"Yes," said Salazar. "The reason you could never find information to match the auras you see is that they are not auras of power, but of pain. They are not recorded anywhere, as the only other wizard I have known to see them was Nathaniel. Black as you know is the color of defilement, red is the color of physical harm, green the color of physical or emotional neglect, blue the color of belittling behavior, and purple is the color of entitlement."

Severus took a moment to digest this information, then turned back to Miranda and said, "I will do all in my power to save your siblings."

Miranda thanked him profusely, and then Severus turned his attention back to Salazar. "Surely you cannot expect me to raise all these children myself."

"No," said Salazar, "You will have many allies to help you. Your job will be to put the children under your protection, although it would be best if the wizarding world did not know who exactly is saving the children. Do you accept your destiny?"

"Yes," said Severus softly, "I will help all the children I can."

Salazar rose and handed the journal to Severus. He pulled out a knife, grabbed Severus' other hand and made a small slice in one of his fingers. He squeezed a drop of blood onto the journal and it glowed silver for a few moments. Severus said, "This is impossible. You stated that it is my soul that is in this place, so it is impossiblr for that to be my real blood."

Salazar said, "I had Rowena weave a complicated spell, and whatever is happening to your soul's representation of your body here will be transferred back to your physical body. I only need a few more moments of your time and we will send you back to the corporeal plane."

He pulled a vial of silver fluid out of his pocket. "This is a basic protection potion. The instructions are in your journal. You will need to make a great deal of it as you will need it for each child you place under your protection. You will need to place one of your hairs in the vial, then one drop of blood from each of the child's abusers."

He took Severus's left arm and poured the potion on his wrist. The potion slithered around his wrist and then left four intertwined snakes of red, blue, yellow and green. "You have four snakes because you are the protector. The children will only have one, and it will represent the colors of the house they are in at Hogwarts, although some may have a bit of all the colors, as it is impossible for them to show only the traits of one house. This potion will make it impossible for their abusers to harm them in any way. Unfortunately, there is no potion to protect them from harmful words that are said to them."

Severus tried to pull his arm back but Salazar held it tightly and said, "I am not finished yet, child."

He then placed his hand where Severus' dark mark should be. "I hearby name you agonotheta ab liberi, and I sever your link to the wizard Tom Riddle, and call the dark magic to leave your body."

Severus gasped in pain and shock as he saw the dark mark reappear, and his arm burned more painfully then when the mark was made. The blackness then rose above his skin into the air and dissipated. "You will serve neither the dark nor the light, but the children."

He kept a tight hold on Severus' arm and pulled out a ring. It had the sign of the Slytherin on it, and Salazar said, "I name you as my adopted true heir. With this ring all will know of your new status. I rename you Severus Salazar Prince Slytherin. I denounce Tom Riddle as my heir, and if I had the power I would remove his gifts as well."

He then placed his free hand on Severus' neck and said "Receive the mark of Slytherin, and so all the gifts of the Slytherin line."

Severus' neck tingled a moment. Then Salazar took his seat and said, "A seer came to me late in my life and told me that in the future, I would need to name an heir not originally of the Slytherin line. You will have the gifts of Parseltongue and your legilimency will improve. In addition, your skill in the art of potion making will improve. You will present yourself to the goblins at Gringott's, show them the ring and the mark, and you will be taken to a vault set aside for this purpose. It will have a deed to a location that is unplottable, completely hidden and unknown. A basilisk guards the perimeter, and any muggles who are unfortunate enough to get through the anti-muggle protections are eaten. It is surrounded by a forest that is thought to be haunted. That is all the help I can give you currently. We will meet again. Follow the directions in the journal, and you will meet your destiny."

Lily said, "There is one final item. As Salazar said before, it would be best if the wizarding world did not know who was intervening in the life of the children. There is a potion in the journal that you can place in the children's tea that will prevent them from speaking of who you are, how they came to be helped, or anything else you speak of for one hour. It also places a block in the mind so that the information cannot be retrieved by legilimency. To further your ends the world will only know your identity as the Dark Prince."

Lily laughed and Severus' expression and said, "Well you wanted to be known as the Half-Blood Prince. Your have a dark history and your mother's maiden name was Prince. It fits you well."

Salazar said, "And now we come to the end of our meeting. We have given you all you need to know for now. Sleep."

Severus fought hard, but immediately his eyes started closing and he went into a blissful, deep sleep.