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Miriallia Haw blinked back tears as the minister pronounced her a married woman. Contrary to the belief of the few people who could see the tears glistening in her eyes, they were neither tears of happiness or relief.

They were tears of heartache actually.

As her new husband leaned down to give her the traditional kiss, she closed her eyes tightly trying to block out the reality facing her, but as they were closing her eyes spied the sorrowful face on the one man she truly loved, the man she wished she had just gotten married to. Tolle Koening.

But the lips that gently pressed against her's in a chaste kiss were not Tolle Koening's and they never would be again. No, from now on she would receive kisses only from her husband, Dearka Elsman, a man she was sure she would never love.


Gazing down at his new bride's pretty but at the same time resentful face, Dearka suppressed his desire to sigh in a frustration, instead opting to gently loop her arm through his and lead her down the aisle, out of the small church and into the covered carriage that was awaiting them.

The moment they were out of their guests sight, Miriallia pulled away from him. Curling up in the corner of the seat across from him, she said angrily,"I asked you not to kiss me on the lips!"

Raising one blond eyebrow, Dearka gave Miriallia a cocky grin and in a sarcastic tone said, "Now honey, what kind of groom would I be if I didn't kiss my bride on her lips?"

"The kind of groom who had been forced in marriage, which is exactly what you are!"

Laughing bitterly at this Dearka's smile became unpleasant to the eye as his lips twisted cruelly. "That's true, Miriallia but then again who was it exactly that forced this marriage upon me?"

Glaring at him even more fiercely at this, Miriallia bit out, "It's not like I want to be married to you either!"

Opening his mouth in preparation of another harsh remark, Dearka closed it with an audible click as he observed the tears that were shimmering in Miriallia's eyes and slowly streaming down her cheeks.

Turning his gaze to the window, he grabbed his handkerchief from his jacket pocket and throwing it on her lap, he said gruffly, "Sorry."

Picking up the neat white silk square, Miriallia dabbed at the tears that had managed to escape down her cheeks. Casting a curious look in Dearka's direction, Miriallia considered asking him what he had meant by saying sorry, but after observing the faraway look that had entered his eyes, she thought better of it.

They spent the rest of the trip to their new home in silence.


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