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Staring up at the pained expression on Miriallia Haw's face, Dearka forgot all about the position they were currently in and speaking against her lips, asked in a voice soft with concern,"Are you all right?"

This feeling of concern for her was quickly forgotten when the young woman in question lifted herself off of him just enough to give him a hard slap across the face!

Glaring up at her, he quickly grasp her around the waist and tossed her on to the ground beside him.

Letting out a small squeal as he did so, Miriallia asked in a shocked voice,"What did you do that for?"

Raising himself up on his elbows, Dearka turned to look at the young woman who was now laying beside him and said,"You slapped me, you stupid girl! That's why!"

Pulling herself up in to a sitting position on the hard, cold cellar floor, Miriallia looked at him hatefully as she hissed,"Well, you kissed me you jerk. What exactly did you expect me to do? Kiss you back? I'm no floozy, if that's what you were hoping for."

"First of all, I did not kiss you. At least not on purpose I didn't. And secondly..."

But before Dearka was even able to form his point fully in his conscious mind, Miriallia broke in indignantly,"What would you call what just happened then? It was your lips moving against mine, you jerk not the other way around!"

"Look you idiot, I wasn't thinking about where my lips were at the time. If you recall when my lips were moving against your's words were coming out of my mouth and I don't know about you honey but when I am kissing a woman talking is that last thing on my mind!"

Raising an eyebrow in disgust, Miriallia responded coolly,"I wouldn't know, I don't kiss women."

And just like that all the anger and irritation Dearka had been feeling evaporated, leaving nothing but amusement over the whole situation and her words in particular behind.

Grinning at her, he said,"Touché."


Shaking her head over the weirdness of the man she was currently trapped with, Miriallia got to her feet smoothing out her long skirts as she did so. Giving him one last look, she neatly stepped around him and going over to the wine racks gracefully sat down in front of one, her back leaning against it's wooden side her eyes focused on the door to the wine cellar as if her staring at it intently would some how make it open.

Twisting around until he was in a sitting position in front of her, Dearka said,"You know staring at it isn't going to make it open any quicker."

Rolling her eyes, Miriallia said in a sweetly sarcastic tone,"Yes, I know that Mister... What is your name anyways?"

"Dearka Elsman. What's your's?" Dearka asked smoothly not giving her even a hint that he already knew it.

Raising her chin, Miriallia gave him a reproving look at his flirting tone and in a prim voice said,"My name is Miriallia Haw."

When she added nothing to that simple statement, Dearka leaned forward and beckoning with his hand said, "And?"

"And what?"

Leaning back on his elbows, Dearka gave her a smirk and said,"We are probably going to be trapped down here for a while Miriallia, don't you think we should at least spend that time doing something worthwhile? Or I am I wrong and some body is looking for you right now?"


Capturing her lower lip between her teeth, Miriallia appeared to hold a silent debate in her head as she studied Dearka with cautious eyes. Shifting uneasily under her gaze, Dearka said,"Look, I know you don't know me and therefore have no reason what so ever to trust me, but I promise you, I am not going to hurt you."

Pursing her lips a thoughtfully, Miriallia studied him for a moment more before saying in a manner slightly more friendly and much more teasing than before,"What makes you think I am afraid of you, Mr. Elsman? After all, I was the one who hit you not vice versa."

Scooting backwards until his back was resting against the foot of the stairs, Dearka gave her an easy grin and with a laugh said,"True but then again, I'm not the one who refused to confirm the fact that no one would be looking for them any time soon." As the words left his mouth, Dearka was sure and certain he had put his foot in it once again, which was why he was pleasantly surprised when Miriallia merely nodded slightly in acknowledgment before speaking again.

"I told my fiancé that I was going to wander around for a little while, so I am sure he will be coming for look for me when I don't return in a short period of time."

Dearka's dark purple eyes sparkled with amusement at the obvious emphasize she put on the word fiancé, but instead of giving into the mischievous side of himself that desperately wanted to tease her about that, he decided to keep his tongue in check and instead asked with a lazy smile,"So why did you decide to come down into the wine cellar? Didn't like Kira's pick for the evening, either? Or did you just need something a little harder to get through this magnificent party?" His smile grew into a smirk as he said this, and with masked curiosity he awaited her reply.

Waving her hand in front of her in a gesture of shocked embarrassment, Miriallia said quickly,"Oh no, nothing like that! I have just never been in this house before and I was curious to see as much of it as possible."

As she spoke, Miriallia's eyes flitted from one thing to another in the small circle of light that the wine cellar's lone oil lamp provided. Much to Dearka's annoyance(though why he was annoyed he really didn't know. After all she was taken.And he really wasn't that kind of man. Really!)her eyes never seemed to land on him during their restless wanderings.

It was her third blank stare around the room that drove Dearka to say in a falsely innocent tone,"Will you get in trouble if you look at me?"

Just as he had thought it would his question caused Miriallia's pretty aqua colored eyes to focus right on him. Of course they were spitting fire at him but still she was looking at him.

Her brow furrowed down over her eyes as she studied him, her eyes displaying both anger and confusion over his question. Finally in a taut voice she asked,"Are you married, Mr. Elsman?"

His eyebrows shot upwards at this unexpected question, but quickly schooling his features in to a pleasantly curious and just slightly flirtatious expression, he said easily," Nope, I'm not married. Why do you ask, Miss Haw? Thinking of applying for the job?"

Her eyes slitting even more, Miriallia asked in a tart tone,"Were you dropped on your head as a child, Mr. Elsman?"

Laughing, Dearka said,"No, why?"

Leaning forward to see him better in the dim light, Miriallia studied his handsome features for a moment before saying, "Because you have brought up a variety of subjects, stuck with none of them for more than five seconds and you now knowing that I have a fiancé have accused me of flirting with you. So either you were drop on your head as a child or perhaps as an adult and have a valid excuse for your actions or you are a..."

Breaking in her speech, Dearka said in a tone that was easy going and yet had a slight edge to it."No, I have never been dropped on my head. Unless you count the time you landed on me."

Roundly ignoring this smart aleck comment, Miriallia pointedly continued,"Or you are a natural born idiot. And from what I have observed so far I am leaning towards the latter conclusion."

"Ha! Ha! I can assure you, Miss Haw, I am not an idiot. I was merely trying to put you at ease with a little light conversation and a bit of humor. Which I am big enough to admit was a stupid thing to do since you obviously have no sense of humor." Dearka said his tone biting, not even a hint of his previous amusement evident.

Straightening her back and lifting her chin, Miriallia glared at Dearka and with a huff said,"I do too have a sense of humor. You just have no wit!"

Eyes narrowing, Dearka said testily, "Or maybe you just take things to seriously! Anyways, why are you so worked up over one little comment? It's..."

Dearka's voice trailed off as he looked at her with a strange look in his eyes. It was a mixture of bewildered, amused and something that could only be described as naughty.

Curling into herself just a little bit more at the sight of this look on the face of the man who had previously been rather angry, Miriallia's face was a picture of caution as she asked warily, "What are you thinking about?"

Looking off to the side, Dearka asked in a offhanded manner almost as if he was requesting the time,"Miss Miriallia, do you think I'm attractive?"

Miriallia's face drained of color and then refilled a brilliant red, her mouth opened and closed several times but not a word slipped from her lips.

When she finally seemed to have got a hold of herself, her answer was still not spoken because before the words could even form on her tongue an unexpected sound drew their attention away from each other and towards the cellar door.

That sound was a male voice calling out,"Milly!"


Leaning back in his chair, Dearka meet Murrue's eyes and said,"So, we got out of the cellar. Of course we were in rumpled clothes and found by her fiancé and a bunch of old women but we got out. After that I went to Paris for a month and then upon my return, I was told by Kira that her fiancé had dumped her like the worthless human being he is, and the whole town believe she was going to have my baby. So, I did the only thing I could. I went to her father and told him that we had done nothing. He then called me a liar and informed me that I was going to do the honorable thing or she was going to a convent. Oh, and that I was going to be shot. By the way,they're not even Catholic! So,what choice did I have? I married her. She is after all far to attractive to be wasted as a nun . And I really didn't want to be shot again."

Blinking slightly in amazement, Murrue stuttered,"That is a little, well I,... How on earth do you get yourself into this messes, Dearka?"

Lifting his hands in a gesture of helplessness, Dearka said,"I have no idea. Anyways, now that I have told you about the whole stupid mess do you have any suggestions on how to handle a wife that hates you?"



"Yes, Dearka, patience. You know that virtue I keep telling you you need more of? You are definitely going to have to have it in this situation. Especially if you care about her and want her to care about you. Speaking of which, do you like her?"

Dearka went completely still at this question, his mind and eyes filled with the image of his new bride. In a quiet, thoughtful voice he said,"Yes. Yes, I do."


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