Whole New Life Chapter 1: Not so faithful
By OceanGuardianDisclaimer the plot is mine, JK Rowlings Owns everything else

"What?" Draco said., with anger but yet with confusion.
"You have a sister," Lucius said. Lucius, Draco and Narcissa were sitting down at the kitchen table.
"How did that happen?" Draco asked. "Wait, I don't want to know how that happened, what I mean is how can I have a sister that doesn't even live with us?" Draco asked.

"You see honey, we had to put her up for adoption," Narcissa said.
"Why?" Draco asked.
"You see Draco, when you're mother gave birth to you a year later she gave birth to another. How ever when the Dark Lord found out we had a girl, he ordered us to kill her for she was a female in the Malfoy family." Lucius said.

"But mother's a female," Draco said, confused.
"Yes and if you're mother had given birth to a female first, she would have been killed, lucky for her she gave birth to you. The Dark Lord, found out that you're mother was pregnant again, and when he found out it was a female, ordered me to kill her. But I couldn't kill my own daughter, so to protect her we gave her up for adoption."

"Does she go to my school?" Draco asked.
"Yes, she is in your school and in the same year as well," Narcissa said.
"How can we be in the same grade if I'm older then her?" Draco asked.
"That is why we kept you back a year," Narcissa said.
"I hate the Dark Lord for what he had made me do, I miss her so much," Lucius said.

"I guess you're not so faithful to him after all," Draco said with a smirk. "May I ask who my sister is, that I never knew I had?"
"Of course dear, but you can't tell no one, we are only telling you this for you are sixteen, you deserve to know now," Narcissa said.

"Why can't I tell anyone?" Draco asked.
"Dumbledore will be calling you to his office with your sister at the beginning of the term," Lucius said.
"Is she in my house?" Draco asked.
"No we asked if Dumbledore could put her in a different house for protection," Narcissa said.

"I guess I only have to wait until the end of next week to find out then," Draco said.
"Yes but you must act the same you do around her as you always have, until Dumbledore talks to you, then you must protect her," Lucius said.
"Alright but who is she?" Draco asked. Narcissa looked at Lucius who nodded his head.
"Her name is Hermione Granger," Narcissa asked. Draco looked at his mother and father then laughed.

"No really who is she?" Draco asked again.
"Her name is Hermione Granger, soon to be Hermione Malfoy!" Lucius said. Draco stared at his parents then smiled.
"You sure?" He asked. Both his parents nodded. He smirked again then fainted falling off his chair onto the floor.

Hermione was sitting in the compartment all by herself crying as she remembered what had happened just the week before.

"Hermione you're father and I would like to talk to you," Trina said. Trina and Robert took a seat on Hermione's bed with Hermione.
"What is it?" Hermione asked, putting down the book she was reading.

"I don't know how to tell you this but I guess I have no choice seeing as to the way things are," Mrs. Granger said.
"Just tell me," Hermione said.
"Hermione were…were not your real parents," Mr. Granger said.

"What!" Hermione said confused.
"You see we adopted you fifteen years ago," Mrs. Granger said.
"I don't understand," Hermione, said confused.
"You're not our real daughter, we adopted you to protect you," Mrs. Granger said.

"Protect me from what?"
"We can't say, but we just got a letter from you're real parents explaining they would like you back," Mr. Granger said.
"No I want to live here," Hermione said.

"We will be able to come visit you whenever we want. But we agreed that they could have you back at the age of sixteen," Mrs. Granger said.
"But I'm not sixteen I'm fifteen," Hermione protested.

"But you'll be sixteen in March," Said Mr. Granger.
"Hermione we now you're confused, but Professor Dumbledore will explain everything to you, but for right now it's late why don't you get some sleep," Mrs. Granger said.
"Me and your Moth- Mrs. Granger are going for a drive, we will be back later," Said Mr. Granger.

"But you nev- never came back, Instead the cops came- came to our house say- saying you were dead, that you die-died in a car crash that same ni-night," Hermione cried to herself. "You le-left me all alo-alone, I had to mo-move in with aunt Yura, You-you didn't care about me, you-you left me!" Hermione cried. The compartment door slammed opened, and Draco Malfoy stood at it, he had heard crying and came to see who it was.

"Granger what's wrong, Potty leave you!" Draco smirked. This however, made Hermione cry even harder. First her "parents" telling her she wasn't theirs, then the accident then she has to move in with someone else and now Malfoy.
"They said they would come- come visit me, but how-how can they-if-if their DEAD!" Hermione cried even harder. Draco took out his wand placing the silencing charm and the locking charm on the room.

"Hermione what happened?" Draco asked, moving to sit by her.
"Their dead, oh god -their- their dead!' Hermione said wide-eyed she began to cry harder this time she started hyperventilating. Draco seeing her having trouble breathing, took her in his arms and started rubbing her back.

"Hermione it's ok, calm down, calm down," Draco said. Hermione squeezed his arm and started taking deep breathes. After about thirty minutes she fell asleep. Draco taking this chance got up and left the compartment, taking the charms off.