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Undesirable Feelings

Chapter 24

Draco quietly walked into his and Hermione's hotel room to find the place more soundless than he.

He walked into the master bedroom and found his girlfriend fast asleep wearing nothing but a fluffy, white towel. He smiled to himself as he shut the door and headed to take a shower himself.


Hermione's eyes fluttered open with great effort. She glanced at the clock and saw that Draco had only been gone for a few hours...

So how come I swear I heard the shower running?

She stretched across the comfortable king sized bed, but then gasped as she felt a cold breeze hit her. She looked down and saw the towel, she forgot to change out of, had slipped down to the sheets.
She got up from the bed and laughed at herself for passing out even before putting on clothes.

She walked into the joined master bathroom and found it empty, but with steamed up mirrors.

Draco must have come back early. She thought happily.

She quickly brushed her teeth and set back to the bedroom to put on clothes.
When Hermione walked into the living space (now clad in plaid boxer shorts and a white beater) she found Draco asleep on the couch... in nothing but a towel tied around his waist.
She smiled to herself as she moved closer to him.
Kneeling beside him she brushed away his platinum blonde hair from his forehead and kissed it softly.
He stirred and opened his eyes.

'Hey baby,' he said softly, 'how are you feeling?'

He sat up and rubbed his eyes.

'I'm great,' she replied, 'why are you back early?'

'I took the day off.'

'Nice apparel,' she said with a grin.

'Hey, I learned from you. When I came in an hour ago you were in the same ensemble as me... not that I object, mind you.'

She smiled and kissed his cheek.

'Ooh,' he groaned, lightly massaging his face.

'What's wrong?'

'I hurt myself earlier, I placed a Concealment Charm on the bruise, but the pain is still there.'

'How did you get bruised on your face?' Hermione asked.

'Oh, just ran into the limo door as we went to lunch... terribly embarrassing,' he lied. 'By the way, there is a present for you by that silly coffee maker.'

Hermione smiled excitedly and quickly ran over to the counter, where she looked confused.

'This... this looks exactly like my wand...'

'That's because it is.'

'But, Draco, how did you get it back?'

'I just found it an alley on the way to the restaurant.'

'On the way?'

'Yeah, right after I passed a newsstand.'

'You saw it from the moving limousine?'

'Oh, well, we were at a stop thing.'

'Draco!' She cried in horror.


'You went and found that man who mugged me didn't you?'

'No! I found it!'

'You are lying to me! You attacked him and that's how you got that bruise and my wand!' She yelled, quickly moving back to him.

He stood up and raised his arms defensively.

'Look, Hermione, I didn't go out looking for him I promise you,' he explained, 'I happened upon him and some other guy as they were messing around with it. I asked for it back and after they resisted I put up a fight for it. But--,' he quickly continued at the sight of her fearful face, 'I'm not badly hurt at all! It wasn't even too much of a struggle. I used my wand after the first couple punches and then I obliviated their minds.'

'Draco! You could have been seriously hurt.'

'I'm fine, baby,' he said softly.

He leaned forward and kissed her lips.

'Now, give it a wave to make sure it still in peak condition.'

Hermione thought for a moment and then grin devilishly.

'Accio towel,' she said pointing her wand at Draco's waist.

Very rapidly his towel flew from his body to her hand.

'Well, it still works great,' she laughed.

Draco looked down at himself then at her, bemused.

'Is this a hint?' He asked hopefully.

'I don't know,' she replied, 'follow me to the bedroom and you'll find out...'

She then sashayed back into the Master room, with a naked Draco right behind her.

As soon as they were in the doorway Draco lunged onto Hermione and began kissing her. She dropped both her wand and the towel to wrap her arms around his neck.

'You should have stuck with the towel,' Draco whispered, 'much easier to remove than shorts and a top.'

Draco then grabbed the top of her shorts and pulled down as she grabbed the bottom of her beater and pulled up. They were now both nude and fell onto the bed.

She crawled back with Draco crawling above her.

'Draco,' she sighed as he planted kisses down her throat.

He slid his hand to her chest and made a path down to her already wet core. He sucked on the soft flesh of her neck as his two fingers entered her, stretching her to prepare for his penetration.

She moaned at the feel of him moving inside her.

He felt her hands find his shoulders and squeeze tightly.

'Here I come, baby,' he said softly, but with urgency.

He removed his fingers and filled the wetness with his hard, throbbing erection.

Draco watched as Hermione's head arched back.

After his first thrust, he then felt her nails rake down his back.

He hissed with a mix of pain and pleasure.

His head fell into the crevice of her neck and shoulder as he pumped in and out of her, staying close against her clitoris for her maximum pleasure.

Hermione moaned loudly as Draco rocked back and forth. A minute later she yelled out and bit down on his shoulder as she felt his experienced fingers find her clitoris again.

'Oh god,' she breathed, 'Draco...'

'C'mon, Hermione,' he groaned, 'a little more...'

He picked up his pace and thrust into her so hard the pillows fell off the shaking bed.

He suddenly straightened up and grabbed her tightly at the hips, using it as leverage as he pumped in and out of her faster.

'Oh GOD, Draco!' She screamed as she orgasmed.

Draco smiled and panted, and after a few fast thrusts into her again he released his warm seed into her womb, moaning loudly as he did so.

He pulled out of her, causing a mixture of their fluids to spread into the bedsheets and pool between Hermione's legs.

Draco rolled off of her and collapsed next to her; his chest was heaving and his breath ragged.

'That... was definitely... worth me getting mugged,' Hermione said with a weak laugh.

'And...' Draco began, 'worth me getting punched... by the guy.'

Hermione looked over at him and laughed again. She then kissed his shoulder, the body part nearest to her, and closed her eyes.

'Nap part two?' He asked hoarsely.

Hermione simply nodded. That was good enough for him.