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15 and Pregnant

Hilary's POV:

Bleh' I thought . It was Wednesday morning, 6:30am. And for the third morning in a row, my head was the toliet. Such a lovely way to start the day. I knew something was wrong. But I didn't want to belive it. No way man. I stood up, flushed the toliet and walked back to my room.

'to young...' If I was pregeant, oh dear lord! My father... would kill me. I pulled on my school dress. Then my stockings and shoes. I looked at myself in the mirror. If I am, I am so screwed.


I stood in the pharmacey, where the pregancey tests were. I felt like an idiot. One, for standing there. Two, for getting myself in this situation. I grabbed two, rushed out of the aisle, to the checkout.

"$34.95, please"

"Huh? Oh... here" I fished out money. So expensive! I shoved them into my bag and ran home. I went into the bathroom. I peed on the damn sticks. I didn't understand why I had to pee on them. I waited for five minutes. I checked number one. Two blue stripes. Oh no! Oh god. Breathe Hilary! I checked number two, praying nothing. Oh my god. Another set of two blue stripes. I am so dead. I dropped the sticks as mom walked in.

"Hilary, what do you wan-. Are you pregnant!" She asked me. She picked them up, then looked at me. I can't belive it. I am pregnant at 15! 15! Then dad walked in. I watched his face turn purple. Then he pointed downstairs.

"Downstairs, now: As calmly as he could. He'll kill me. I sat down on the lounge. I want to cry, but for some reason I couldn't. All I wanted to do was go and cry in a corner. But no. I am the idiot. I got myself in this situation. My mother sat next to me. But dad just paced in front of us.

"WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! WAS THIS ON PERPOSE! ARE YOU STUPID!" He yelled at me. Tears formed in my eyes.

"No.. dad.. no" I couldn't look at him in the eyes. That night, I was stupid. I made a stupid mistake. Because I wanted to be cool.

"THEN WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!" He yelled in my face. Then he slapped me. Mom let out a soft scream.

"Paul! Why the hell did you do that!" She yelled at him. I couldn't move, or say anything. I couldn't even belive what had just happened.

"She desvered it!" He snapped at her. I knew a fight was coming on.

" NO SHE DIDN'T!" She yelled at him, the colour rising in her cheeks. But she was wrong, I did deserve it. She turned to me.

"Honey, can you please go to your room" She turned back to dad. I nodded, walkng out. The yelling was so loud. I flopped onto my bed. I am pregnant. I couldn't even belive it.


It was over an hour before the yelling stopped. I heard the front door slam. I knew that dad was on his way to the bar. Then I heard mom talking to someone. Then she came up the stairs, and walked into my room. She layed down next me.

"I have decieded to send you to Lily's for a while" She said, her eyes casted over my posters. Aunt Lily. Well you can't really call her "Aunt". She's my dad's sister. And she's only 23. "I think it's the best... for you and the... baby.."

"Does dad know?" I asked. I already knew the answer.

"No.. But I phoned Lily and she said it's okay. She's already on her way to pick you up" Mom sat up. I sat up as well. Tears formed into our eyes. She hugged me, and I hugged her back.

"It's going to be okay.. I pomise" She whispered in my ear. Then she sprang from the bed.

"Let's pack!" she said brightly.


2 hours, 25 minutes later, Lily arrived. We had finshed packing and had something to eat. When Lily saw me, she screamed and hugged me so tight, I thought I was going to brake. And now I was leaving. Lily hugged mom, I hugged mom and there was more tears.

" Bye! Promise to ring" She said, her head poking into the car window.

"Yes, I will!" Mom drew back, waving. Then I left my home, my comfort and my mother.


"Hilary! We're home!" Said Lily. I opened my eyes. I had fallen asleep. 8:57 pm. I hopped out of the car, streching. Lily lived in Bridge Waters, one of the richest citys around. It's a nice place, though there are a whole lot of snobs. I smiled at her.

"Welcome home!" She said putting her arm around me. This was my new home. And I had never felt so alone... in my life.


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