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Warnings: Slightly Scary pairings.

Author's Note: Don't blame me. It was a challenge.

Harry was strutting down the hall. He was glowing, giving off an aura that rivaled a veela's. Lavender Brown was whispering to Parvati and Padma far off down the hall

"There was always a pull towards him…but now…it's like he's a dancing puffapod."

Harry smirked, having heard this with his incredibly hot super hearing. Ron was jealous, Hermione was infatuated…it was safe to say…the entirety of Hogwarts was spilt down in half, Harry standing in the middle like a male peacock. It was also safe to say…this was a game…with no rules.


Harry was sitting oh so hotly at the Gryffindor table, surround by girls…and a few guys. There were even one or two non-Gryffindors there. As he poured maple syrup over his pancakes suavely, the surrounding people swooned. Harry smiled up at the staff table at his beloved, just as he was about to wave, his owl Hedwig landed on Ginny Weasley's head, but the girl cared not, for it was indeed an honor. Harry untied the parchment and grinned, it could only be from his lovely…beloved.

'My dear, dear Grivellius snitchet, please meet me in the astronomy tower at midnight…


Your Beloved M.'


Midnight, Astronomy tower.

Harry strutted up to the astronomy tower, taking the random bright red bubble that was following him in stride. He entered the tower and grinned lustfully, uttering one word, that single word…will scar you dear readers…for the rest of your little lives…

Almost as much as it scars me to write…


I know, it's short, but I'm slightly scarred just from writing this .;;

Ok. This was a challenge from, Give My Socks Back, and it had to include the following...

>A dancing puffapod


>Someone who says: "There was a (something something...) but now it's
(something something...)"

>The words Grivellius snitchet

>Harry/McGonagall pairing

>A bubble

I believe I have got all of them.

Um...Review? -nervous laugh-