A.N. OK, so I was reading over my one-shot Alexia, and decided to remake it, with a possibility of a sequel. I believe I have matured as a writer, and found that 'Alexia' wasn't exactly great it neither quality, nor quantity. SO! Here is my most likely pathetic attempt to remake it! I hope you lovelies enjoy! ;

Summary: She felt betrayed, she felt her heart break. She felt things she never thought she would feel…she felt useless and used. One-shot Kai/OC.

Warning: This fic contains, and is centered around an OC. Some people have pathological fears of such creations, so…I figured I should warn 'ya before you decided to read! ; It's an inside joke I share between a few friends, so if the warning confuses you, it's a good thing. Lol.

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She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, could hear it pounding in her ears. Her legs ached, and her feet stung as she ran. Her usually pale cheeks were wind bitten as she dashed through the streets going god knows where. She could barely breathe anymore, and her chest was clenching painfully. She had to stop…but she couldn't. What if they followed?

The clear night did very little to hide the young woman's disheveled appearance as she ran, her feet striking the ground heavily as she fled. Her pale skin gleamed in the moonlight, her face stained with tears. Her long dark hair flew back, carried by the force of the wind that she was running against. Her pale blue eyes were watering with unshed tears, just as she ducked off into a alley so she could catch her breath.

She was panting heavily, hunched over with her hands on her knees. Her midnight black hair fell over her shoulders, hiding her face from view. When her breath was caught, she moved so she was leaning back against the brick of the building, still panting the slightest. Her body shivered as it finally seemed to realize how cold it really was.

She wasn't exactly dressed for the icy weather Russia brought. She could only be thankful it wasn't snowing. Her black spaghetti strapped shirt did little to protect her from the cold, the pale skin breaking out in goosepimples. The black cargos she wore weren't made for the cold weather either, and her sneakers were soaked through with water from the snow bank she had allowed herself to step in. She should have known it wouldn't of held her weight, it wasn't frozen enough.

Taking a deep breath, the girl wrapped her arms about herself, her teeth clattering. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to run…no, if she had stayed she would have suffered even more. "At least you wouldn't be cold…" she told herself, her voice laced with sadness and pain; though like silk, soft and beautiful. Tears trickled down her cheeks, and she was positive they'd freeze.

"Alex!" A familiar voice suddenly shouted, causing the teen to press herself against the brick wall almost as if to shield herself from view. She closed her eyes tightly. Maybe if she didn't look, they wouldn't find her.

Ha! You keep telling yourself that!

Oh would you shut up! I didn't ask for your opinion. The girl bit back angrily at her bitbeast, who was more then a little annoying. The bloody thing NEVER shut up, even when she was trying to sleep.

"Alex! You need to comeback! Your going to freeze to death!" Another voice rang, forcing the girl to press herself even harder against the wall. She should of known it would be Rei and Mariah to come after her. And they just HAD to remind her of how cold she was. At least she was shielded from the wind at the time…but what if it changes direction?

"Alex…" Rei's voice sounded extremely close. She popped an eye open, the sad pale blue staring back into concerned gold. He was soon accompanied by the pink haired neko-jin, who looked just as equally concerned.

Both the dark haired girls eyes were opened now, her body shivering in the frigid cold. "I won't go back…" She snarled. "I can't." Her voice was weaker now, as she fought off tears. She couldn't go back to him, she would be able to stand it.

Mariah herself looked about ready to cry. She hated seeing her friend this way. Just wait until she got her hands on Kai. She'd kill him! "You have to Alex." Mariah protested. "Your going to freeze."

"Mariah's right." Rei said, stepping closer. "You can stay with the White Tigers until morning. You won't have to face him."

Alex looked up at her friend, her eyes filled with tears. She then shifted her eyes to Mariah who confirmed Rei's words with a nod. Before she knew it, Rei had put his BBA jacket around her body, and was leading her out of the alley with Mariah.


Rei had parted with the two girls, once they arrived at the hotel everyone was staying at. Thankfully the chances of the girls running into Kai were very slim, because the White Tiger's were staying in a completely different wing. "Alex, everything's going to be alright." Mariah said, trying to reassure her friend.

Alex shook her head, tears filling her eyes once more. "No…I don't think it will." Mariah gazed at the taller girl, her golden orbs slightly wide. However she looked away, sadness filling her eyes.

When they stopped at the room Mariah was staying in, Alex sighed but said nothing. After the pink haired girl, unlocked the door they stepped in. Alex following Mariah. The taller girl slid Rei's jacket off her shoulders setting it in the chair by the door.

"Are you hungry?" The pink haired girl asked as her eyes shifted towards the small kitchenette.

Alex shook her head. "No. I'm just tired." Alex looked around the room, her pale blue eyes landing on the sofa, and she realized something. "Mariah, I'll be right back…I need to get my clothes."

Mariah shook her head. "No, I'll go for you. You might-"

"-It's ok Mariah. Your already letting me stay with you. I…I think I can handle getting my clothes. He probably doesn't even want to look at such a useless brat anyway. He'll probably be held up in his room." She spat out, her voice bitter. She heard Mariah gasp, and she looked at her. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound so…mean?"

Mariah nodded. "Its ok-" the pink haired neko-jin paused. "-are you sure you want to go? I can go with you…"

"No, it's ok." Alex said with a forced smile. "I forgot to give Rei his jacket back anyway." With that the brokenhearted girl turned, and left, making sure to grab Rei's jacket for him. He'd need it, since the Bladebreakers were staying in Russia for two more weeks. She herself planned to go home, tomorrow. Everything was over…so it wasn't like she was abandoning her team…was it?

When Alex finally arrived at the Bladebreakers door, she could hear voices on the other side. The first she knew was Rei's, and he was telling someone, most likely Tyson that she was safe and was staying with the White Tigers. After the voices died away and she heard the sound of doors closing, she shakily used her key to open the door. She pushed it open, being as quite as possible. Her pale blue eyes shifted around, looking for his presence, and was relived to see he was no where in site. She gently shut the door, before walking to the room she was using as her own. When they had first arrived, the boys decided since she was a girl she could have her own room. Max, and Tyson shared, then Rei and Kenny. Kai was fortunate enough to get a room to himself as well.

Her eyes flashed, and watered with tears as she thought about Kai. How could he say those things? After everything they'd been through, no less! The raven haired girl had to bite down on her lip to keep from letting out a sob. She was quick with packing her things. When she was done, she took her white blade from her pocket and tossed it in her suitcase. At least Tsunami wouldn't bother her that night.

"Running away?" A cold voice asked, causing Alex to shiver.

Oh god, no! Alex cried to herself, as she froze, her head turning to look at the very person who had caused her so much pain. He was standing in the door way, his back against the frame with his arms crossed over his chest, blocking her only escaped. From the way he was dressed, it was obvious he had just come in from the outdoors.

She forced her tears back, hardening her eyes the best she could. She wasn't a cold person, and nor was she easily angered. It was almost as if she was incapable of hating, so the angry look on her face was out of place. How dare he even talk to her! "Go away." Her voice was shaky, still filled with sorrow, but now also with anger. She slammed her suitcase closed, lying Rei's jacket atop the bed.

He scuffed at her, his crimson eyes staring at her coldly, as he pushed himself off the door frame, stepping into the room and closing the door. The room was instantly encased in darkness, the only light coming in through the window. "I'm not going anywhere Alex…neither are you."

She narrowed her eyes at him, anger now overtaking any sorrow that was left gleaming in the pale blue orbs. "Excuse me?" Her voice held disbelief, as she dragged her suitcase off the bed. "You have no right to even be talking to me. I don't want to hear anymore insults. I'm leaving and there's nothing you can do to stop me." She finished, her voice low, so as not to wake the others, she was sure they were sleeping by now.

"That is where you are wrong." He stated simply as he walked towards her. Her eyes widened slightly as she instinctively took steps back, until the back of her legs bumped into the nightstand by the bed. Her knuckles turning white as she gripped the suitcase handle tightly. She stared at him, as his eyes flashed upon realizing he had her trapped.

He had to resist the urge to smirk, as she coward back. He leaned forward, pressing the palms of his hands against the wall behind her, his face so close to hers she could feel his hot breath against her skin. "Alex…" His voice was low, and…husky? "Alexandria…" He whispered once more, his breath fawning over her skin. Her eyes were wide now, as she leaned back against the nightstand, knocking the cup that was on it over.

She shifted her eyes to the glass cylinder, watching as it rolled onto the floor and then rolled under the nightstand. The hotel must be lopsided- "Look at me." He insisted/demanded, and her eyes against her will darted up to look at him, just as she heard the sound of glass hitting the wall. No longer were his eyes hard an cold but instead…apologetic? "Alex, I'm…I'm sorry."

Alex felt her heart speed up in her chest, as she took a sharp intake of breath, her eyes even wider then they had been. "W-what?" She was sure she heard wrong, but nevertheless, it caused her to let her suitcase fall to the floor with a soft thud. She was lucky it didn't fall on her feet.

He stared at her, his eyes still apologetic. "I said I was sorry-" He paused, looking down at her. "-I was wrong…I didn't mean those things that I said. I was…scared. I was feeling things that scared me. Alex I…I love you."

She stared at him in disbelief, but the look in his eyes told her otherwise. They weren't lust filled like they had been in the past, but instead showed the sincerity of his words. Kai Hiwatari loved her and she…she loved him. "Kai…" She whispered. "Oh god Kai…I love you." She said as she captured his lips with her own.

Her eyes closed as she came to terms with the way it felt. Every other kiss they had shared had been desperate, and lustful. But this one…it was chaste but not all that innocent. His arms had fallen away from the wall and wrapped themselves around her waist pulling her close to his body, as her arms snaked around his neck.

When he pressed himself closer, she gasped and he took that as his chance to slip is tongue into her mouth. Almost instantly, she was exploring his mouth with her own tongue as it danced along with his. They stayed like that, till they needed to pull apart for air, Kai resting his forehead against hers. Alex panted lightly, as she reopened her eyes, the pale blue orbs peering up at crimson ones. "I love you." Kai said once more, staring into her eyes intently.

A small smile played her lips as she stared back into his eyes. He could see the love she felt for him, and he couldn't help the slight upturn of his lips as she spoke. "I love you too."


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