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TeEn TiTaNs

Chapter 1: The Tournament

It was a normal day at the Titans' Tower, no villains had attacked the city that day, so every Titan was doing whatever they liked to, until the phone started ringing. It rang 2 times, and no one seemed to want to answer it.

"I'm not going to do it" Robin said as everyone turned toward him and started seeing him with eyes that said 'you do it' "Ok, I'll answer" he said as he finally answered the phone.

"Ummm… hello?" Robin said.

"Hello, am I calling to Titans' Tower?" a voice in the phone asked.

"Yes, this is Robin, who are you?" Robin said.

"I am Jump City's Mayor, and I'd like you all to go downtown for something important me, Gotham City's Mayor and Steel City's Mayor are doing along with someone else I'd like you to meet, can you come?" the JC'sM (A/N: I'm going to abbreviate those names because they're so long) said.

"Sure sir, we'll be there in no time" Robin said.

"Fine then, see you here" the JC'sM said, and then he hung the phone.

"Who was it?" Beast Boy asked.

"The JC'sM, he wants us to go downtown as soon as we can" Robin explained.

"Then, let's go!" Terra said.

The Titans went out of the room and went downtown as fast as they could. When they arrived, they saw not only the 3 mayors, but all the honorary Titans members and the Titans East.

"What the heck is going on here?" Cyborg asked to no one in particular.

"Hola señor Cyborg" Mas y Menos said in unison.

"Could you stop talking like that!" Speedy said a little angry. "You're driving me…!" but he wasn't able to complete his sentence. In that precise moment, he notices that there were 6 Titans instead of 5, and he places his eyes on Terra. "… mad" he finished at last, but he didn't said it angrily, but dreamily.

TeEn TiTaNs

"You know them all?" Terra asked Beast Boy.

"Yep, every single one of them" Beast Boy answered.

"Wow… I wonder why 3 different cities' mayors called a lot of superheroes" Terra said.

"Maybe something important?" Beast Boy guessed.

"Something very important I suggest" Terra said.

TeEn TiTaNs

"Hey Sparky" Bumblebee said.

"Hey Bee" Cyborg answered, turning slightly red.

"Got any idea of why are we here?" Bumblebee asked.

"Ummm… nope, the JC'sM only called us and said that we should come here" Cyborg said.

"Strange, the SC'sM called us and said to us the same thing; I wonder why are we here…" Bumblebee said.

"Yeah, me too" Cyborg said. "oh, I almost forget to tell you, we've got a new member in the team" he added.

"Do you? Who is it?" Bumblebee said.

"I'll introduce you… now where is she… there she is… yo Terra! Come here!" Cyborg said. Terra heard Cyborg and saw him making signals for her to go. At that time, Beast Boy was introducing her to Thunder and Lightning.

"Hold on guys, I'll come back in a minute" Terra said and then went to were Cyborg was.

"Terra, I'd like you to meet Bumblebee, Bumblebee, this is Terra" Cyborg said, and then the girls shook hands.

"Nice to meet you" Terra said.

"Nice to meet you too" Bumblebee said.

"So… where's the rest of your team?" Terra asked.

"I really don't know, but I'll introduce you to them while we search for them" Bumblebee said.

"OK" Terra said while she and Bumblebee walked away from Cyborg, who started talking with Pantha. The first one spotted was Aqualad, who was talking with Jericho.

"Hey Aqualad, here, I'd like you to meet Terra. She's a new Titan member" Bumblebee explained Aqualad.

"Nice to meet you" both Terra and Aqualad said shaking hands.

"And this is Jericho" Bumblebee said.

"Nice to meet you" again both of them said, shaking hands.

"Aqualad, have you seen Speedy, Mas or Menos?" Bumblebee asked.

"Yeap, they're… - he stopped a little bit to search them with the glance for them - … right there, staring at… us?" he finally said as he pointed to them.

"OK… well, we'll go and introduce Terra to them, see ya!" Bumblebee said while she took Terra to were Speedy, Mas and Menos were.

"Uh oh, she's coming" Speedy thought as Terra and Bumblebee approached to them. Before he knew it, they were in front of him.

"Hey guys, this is Terra. She's a new Titan member" Bumblebee said. Mas and Menos were the first ones to introduce themselves.

"Hi! Somos Mas y Menos!" They said when Mas went over Menos and shook Terra's hand, as Menos shook one of her feet.

"Ummm… what did they said?" Terra asked.

"They only talk Spanish, so we have to use a translator to understand them" Bumblebee said.

"Heh… well that's funny" Terra said.

"And, the zombie here is Speedy" Bumblebee said. She said zombie because Speedy was like "hypnotized" by Terra.

"Ummm… hi?" Terra said trying to get him out of trance.

"Ummm… yeah… ummm… hi" Speedy said a bit nervous, and at last, paying attention.

"I see that you're meeting all of the Titans East" Beast Boy said, getting where they were.

"Yeah, I was meeting Mas, Menos and speedy" Terra said, pointing at each of them. Beast Boy was going to talk again when the JC'sM asked for silence.

"Well, we all 3 Mayors asked you to come here because of a little tournament we're going to have here, in Jump city, you know each other now, and the tournament I'm talking about is going to be explained by our host, William Blake" he said and let William Blake take the lead of this little meeting of superheroes.

"Hello, I'm William Blake, but you can call me Will, and I'm here to explain you the rules of the Tri-hero tournament!" he said, and at the moment, whispers started to spread among the heroes. Then, Will asked for silence once more.

"Well, the Tri-hero tournament is a 'game', if we could call it like that, for you to spend more time together, but the winner, will win the eternal glory among all superheroes, by winning the Tri-hero cup!" he said as he too out of a kinda box a big cup, made of solid gold and lots of rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds, which seemed real, and at the center of the cup, you could read the letters "THT" which stranded for "Tri-Hero Tournament".

"And with that, I'll explain you a bit of the tournament. The tournament is formed of 3 very difficult tasks, in which you would be killed if you were normal people.

"Now, if you want to participate, you'll have to introduce a piece of paper with you name and the name of your city (in the case of the honorary Titans, its Gotham City) in this little mechanism" Will said, demonstrating a machine that seemed a cashier machine, but it had no buttons to press and one entry to put a little piece of paper.

"You'll have a week to subscribe, but I warn you, once you've been selected to participate in name of your team, you will have to participate whatever happens (well, only if you die, which I think it won't happen, there won't be a chance to go back, so think about it twice before subscribing, so, prepare yourselves!" he said, and with that, Will passed the microphone to the JC'sM.

"Ok, now, with those words, the Tri-hero Tournament is officially opened!" So, Titans, since the Tournament is taking place in Jump City, would you mind if the other heroes stay in your tower?" the JC'sM said.

"Sure Mayor, it won't be a problem" Robin said, while the other ones nodded.

"Then its settled, the selector machine is going to be in your living room, if anyone wants to subscribe, we'll see you in a week!" the JC'sM said, at last, getting down of the podium.

The heroes started talking again, and then, they started heading to the tower.

All of the time that the JC'sM and Will were talking, and that they were heading to the tower, Speedy just wouldn't stop staring at Terra, and Beast Boy noticed this, getting a little angry, and jealous. When they got to the tower, Speedy started talking to Terra, asking her questions and answering hers.

"Yo, Speedy! Can I talk you for a sec?" Beast Boy asked him.

"Sure" he said. "I'll see you inside" he told Terra.

"OK" she said and then went inside. When they were the only ones left outside, Beast Boy changed the expression on his face.

"Look, you are very obvious, so I must warn you, Terra is MINE!" Beast Boy said.

"Who says it? She talks about you as a friend, not as a boyfriend, so lets let her decide" Speedy said.

"Fine with me" Beast Boy said.

"Fine" Speedy said.

"Fine" Beast Boy said.

"Fine" Speedy said.

"Fine" Beast Boy said, finally cutting the conversation, and going inside, seemly to his room. Speedy went right after him, but to the main room. When he arrived, he saw her, talking with Bumblebee and Argent. It seemed that the wanted to know about the new member, and he went for a grass of water, trying to hear what they were saying, but because of the sound, he just managed to hear 1 sentence.

"… I would admire anyone who enters to the tournament…" he heard Terra said. I was settled. He had to enter the tournament.

TeEn TiTaNs

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