Pointless Eternity
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Since before time began my family have guarded the Gates of Time, the hallowed Halls of our ancestor, Chronos. They tell us we must in order to keep time safe; if that is true, then why must we guard in such secrecy? Why must we not tell of the future we are damned to protect? It makes no sense; why must we know when noone else can? What is the point of that?

That's exactly what irks me most about my fate; that it has no point. Why spend an eternity guarding time when there is nothing we, nor any other, can do to change this? If someone can see a logical answer please tell me; I have no clue myself.

How wonderful that eternity has been given to me… especially when all I must do is guard ancient halls because of ancient tradition. I know that my mother hates it; she tried to get rid of me before my birth so that I would never have to share her fate. Maggie doesn't know this but I do. Meioh Lydia should never have been born; Meioh Lydia shouldn't be here now… but I am, and for what? A pointless life, a pointless eternity of solitude… and if anyone can see sense in this, tell me, because I need a reason, an actual reason, to live right now… yet I still have none.