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His Eyes
by Emania

I know what everyone thinks. I know everyone wonders why he doesn't take the mask off more often. I know they tease him about it and say how frustrating it is to not be able to look at his eyes even when it's just us in the Tower.

But actually...I don't mind.

No, better to say that I am glad he doesn't take off the mask more often.

If he took off his mask any more often, I'd be in some fine shape, wouldn't I?

How could I function if every time I looked at his eyes, I'd stumble? Or pause? Or lose my train of thought?

I know what you're going to say: that if he took off the mask more often, it wouldn't be as surprising to see the deep, clear blue of his eyes so I'd get used to it and wouldn't stumble every time. That eventually, I'd get used to looking at him and seeing his eyes focus on me or shine in happiness or cloud in worry.

Everyone can get used to anything...I know that.

But I wouldn't ever get used to seeing his eyes.

You see, my surprising lack of grace whenever I see his eyes is not due to the shock of seeing them or even due to the surprising beauty of their hue or the feeling in their depths. Nope.

I stumble every time because when I look into his eyes, it's like I can see my future...just like that...in an instant, it's all there, laid out before me in his stare.(+)

I pause because when I see his naked eyes, it's like a sledge hammer slams into me and I realize with a certainty I don't have for anything else in my whole existence that yes...I really have found the best friend I'll ever have.(+)

I lose my train of thought when he smiles at me and it reaches his eyes because I get this overwhelming sense of rightness, like, 'Oh...so there are those missing pieces I've been looking for all this time!' As if it's only when I look into his eyes that I can see my way home.(+)

It's downright disconcerting. And annoying as hell.

So yes, I am glad when Robin keeps on his mask, even though I'm drawn to him like the proverbial moth to a flame when he removes it. I'd be happy (or as close as I, the Ice Queen of Titan Tower would get to happy) if he never took it off at all. I don't need to be thinking the things I think when I can see his eyes. I don't need to be a stumbling, confused, ridiculously love sick fool. Sure, I'd miss seeing the too blue of his eyes change shades just slightly depending on what he was thinking or feeling, but it'd be a sacrifice I'd happily make.

After all, how would you feel if looking at someone's eyes made you think stupid, illogical things like how you loved that person even before you met them?

It wouldn't exactly be conducive to healthy team dynamics, would it?

No...not bloody likely.


A/N: Inspired by "I Knew I Loved You" by Savage Garden. I mostly took the ideas of the eyes thing. So yeah. A totally different pov than I normally write, and a totally different voice for Raven, but I don't think it's completely OOC...do you?


(+) This is my paraphrasing of some of the song's lines.