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Journal Surprise – part 3: The Aftermath of the Conspiracy

Yugi wasn't sure if the journal thing had been a good idea. After he'd finished reading the entries there had been an uneasy silence. Everyone had their own issues to deal with.

Suddenly Seto had stood and just walked off. "Get out of my house." he'd said as he went off somewhere and slowly they had all filed out.

Yugi hadn't heard from any of them for the rest of the weekend.

"You hungry?"

Yugi blinked. It took a moment to replace himself. Lunch hour was nearly over. He looked at Malik, sitting beside him, who was staring at him worriedly.

"You're not eating." Mailk clarified.

Yugi looked down at his tray. It was untouched. "Yea, sorry. I was just thinking." he mumbled.

"Don't apologize." Malik returned grinning down at him. Yugi smiled back.

Yami and Marik were "arguing" currently. It seemed that Yami had a problem with Marik threatening his hikari whenever Yugi had to speak with Isis. Malik was the only other person at the table. Bakura and Ryou had disappeared after "the incident" and had not been heard from since and though Yugi knew that both Seto and Jounouchi had come to school, neither were currently present.

"Do you think everyone's mad at me?" Yugi asked quietly.

"What, for the touchy-feely journal thing?"

"It's just, Ryou didn't even come to school today. He won't answer my phone calls, and Jonouchi won't really talk to me."

Malik snickered. "I don't know about Rover an' the dragon priest, but ten to one says Ryou ain't here 'cause he couldn't walk to school if he wanted to."

It took Yugi a moment to translate that…and his face turned red as he stared at the other wide-eyed. Malik laughed.

"Yami," Yugi said, looking up into the crimson pools of his other's eyes.

They were lying in bed that night, Yugi wrapped warmly in his yami's arms.

The other acknowledged him, gazing down at his light, giving Yugi his full attention. "What is it, aibou?"

Yugi propped himself up on one elbow, a serious expression in his eyes as he spoke. "You know that I appreciate you, right? I mean, I say thank you, but that's not really enough. It's just, I wanted you to know that…I don't take you for granted."

Yami sat up, returning his other's seriousness for the subject and waiting for Yugi to finish.

"It just, seems like everything you do…comes back to me somehow and I didn't want you to think that I couldn't see that or that I didn't appreciate it." Yugi shifted his position, drawing his knees to his chest and wrapping his arms around them. "I…I'm not perfect. And I know that I don't deserve the way you treat me. You saw all my faults…but you accepted them, and held me and understood me. I know it must have been hard sometimes so, I wanted you to know that…I'm grateful…for you."

Yami smiled and sighed. "Oh Yugi, you have no understanding of yourself. Is what you've given me not worth what I give to you?" Yami scooped Yugi into his arms, pressing the smaller boy against his chest like a precious thing. "I don't mind if you take me for granted. Just so long as you take me."

Seto sat on the edge of his large bed, decorated in navy and pale blue dressings and frowned at his telephone, which was currently lying in it's cradle, set to speaker phone.

"Is there some reason you are keeping me awake at all hours of the night?" he demanded.

"No, not really." The answer came through the device with Jounouchi's voice and despite the knowledge that the telephone was not technically at fault, it received the brunt of Seto's death glare. "Why, you got somethin' else to do?"

Seto growled. "Sleep" didn't register with the blonde, he'd tried already. Jounouchi was the type to go until exhaustion gripped him in unconsciousness. It was yet another thing they had in common, although Seto liked to think that he had the sence to go to bed at a decent hour.

"Did Mokuba give you every number I own?" he asked instead.

"Far as I know."

Seto clenched his teeth. "Just because I told you that I like you does not mean that you can camp out in my hallway at night like some kind of stray to constantly annoy me."

Jounouchi grinned, resting his head against the wall near Seto's bedroom door. "That mean you're gonna let me sleep at the foot o' yer bed instead?" Using Seto's dog insults to his advantage was kinda fun now that he knew how Seto's mind worked.

There was silence on the line for a moment. "Will you shut up and let me sleep if I do?"

Jounouchi's grin widened. "I'll consider it."


Jounouchi winced as Seto picked the phone up and slammed it down again.

"I told you not to go too far." Mokuba said, standing in his doorway down the hall.

Jou smiled reassuringly and waved him away.

Seto lay in his bed arms crossed, facing the wall. When had he agreed to this? When! One moment of weakness and now his brother had crossed enemy lines to plot against him. The traitor! And Jounouchi was suddenly a permanent resident of his life? What happened!

An insistent scratching at the door caught his attention and for a moment he ignored it but it just went on and on until Seto couldn't stand it anymore. He shot up in bed and screamed at the door in a very uncharacteristic loss of temper. "WELL GET IN HERE!"

… Several hours later, Jounouchi was snoring softly on the edge of Seto's bed, the CEO's arm stretched out to him, his hand resting atop Jounouchi's golden hair, peacefully sleeping.



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