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Sakura's point of view while reading a poem for Sasuke.

Long Way to the End

If you start walking on the road,

It's always possible to reach the end.

But when I walk on the road,

The end was getting farther and farther.

It feels like the road doesn't want me to reach the end,

Because it doesn't want me to be in that side.

It's like the end thinks that I'm nothing…

Nothing but a trash, that's why it doesn't need me.

Don't ask me why I'm telling you this.

Is there a point of giving you the meaning of it?

Well, I guess its worth to try.

Isn't it?

I know you'll just say that it's nonsense.

I know you'll just say that it's not important.

I know you'll just say that life is more important than love.

But... do you really know why I'm telling you this?

Love is always a part of our lives.

But do you have a clue why love is important to me instead of my life?

I just want you to know that I love you because you're my life.

My world revolves around you.

Every heart has its own soft side.

I can't find yours.

It's too deep.

And if I go deeper, I'm gong to drown.

My heart is bleeding.

You are my life that's why I care.

I said it clear and I know you heard every single word I said.

So… you happy now? Huh? Now you feel so sorry for me?

Don't... It's okay. I'll just sacrifice…

Just for you.

Sasuke,I know... or just maybe you know, I just want you to understand.