The way it was meant to be

Jason leaves town with a distressed Elizabeth after Ric leaves her. When they return to PC they are married to each other, how will everyone react?

I apologize in advance, I wrote this a long time ago so I'm trying to fix parts of it as I'm going along.

Disclaimer- I do not have anything to do with the creation of. I'm just a lucky person with an imagination….

AS the sun had began to set the moon had begun to rise, bringing along with it a cool fall breeze. Jason had been out on his bike to clear his mind about a few things. Sam had left, left with baby Lila to live with her brother Danny. She just up and left, Jason never could hate her but right now he wasn't really in a good mood. AS he pulled his bike into the hanger by the dock, he thought he saw some one sitting on the edge of the pier.

He turned off his bike and decided to take a closer look, as he approached the dock he recognized the person sitting there. It was Elizabeth; she was sitting on the edge of the dock sobbing uncontrollably. Jason never liked seeing any woman upset; he liked it even less when it was Elizabeth. She had been a good friend to him for such a long time. Jason walked towards her hoping not to scare her.

Elizabeth was too distraught over the latest crap that Ric had pulled, she never heard Jason walking up behind her, even if she had, she did not want to talk to anyone. Ric had left her and never even said why. Just came home one day and declared he wanted a divorce. After she told Emily what he did, Emily sat her down and told her she thought Elizabeth knew. A couple of days ago Ric came in for some tests and found out he were terminally ill. Elizabeth's heart soared then sank when she realized, Ric didn't love her enough to let her stand by her side, to be there for him in the end.

Elizabeth loved Ric and was willing to stand by him until the end. Elizabeth went to him and told him she knew he was ill. Ric didn't want to hear it and drove her so crazy that she signed the divorce papers.

Elizabeth wiped her tears from her face and took a deep breath. She was trying to decide if she should tell Sonny about Ric. The two brothers had dropped the hatred and anger and kind of got along. Carly and Liz behaved and as for Courtney, well they just avoided each other when possible.

Liz lifted her head and looked out into the water, it was clear and calm. Port Charles was quiet but at that moment it was too quiet. She turned her head and saw Jason staring at her which startled her " Oh hey Jason I didn't know you were standing there… How long have you been standing there?" Jason walked over and sat down on the edge of the dock with her " long enough to hear the dam break. Liz what is wrong?" The man, whom she had a nasty falling out with for standing by her husband was now asking her what was wrong, and sounded sincerely concerned. She wiped away another tear " It is nothing really, Ric left and I never really wanted him to leave." She stopped long enough to take a breath full of air before she continued.

" He was going to tell Sonny he is leaving. But I don't know if he'll tell him why or if he will just make up a reason." Jason was confused but did not want to push the subject with Elizabeth " Look it is getting late. Why don't you go home and get some sleep." Jason was surprised at Liz for suggesting that he leave her on the docks, when she knew what kind of things happened there at night. Elizabeth waited for protest from him but there was none, he just didn't leave.

They both sat there quietly next to each other for about an hour before Liz started to get cold " Come on Elizabeth, I'll take you home" she started to get up and backed away from him " No Jason, I don't want to go home, the house… The house is big and empty." Jason held out his hand " Come on, you can stay with me" Liz's eyes widened at his statement "What? Jason you don't even like me. Why would you ask me to stay at your house?" Jason smiled at her, that beautiful smile that was a rare occasion "Because I don't hate you and you have grown up a lot. Plus I could use the company. Sam took Lila and left town to live with her brother Danny."

Elizabeth felt sorry for Jason, he cared about Sam and her baby very much, and who just up and left him because Sonny was too much for her to handle. Liz thought about going home with Jason, would it be that bad to have Jason as company? Liz smiled " Alright I'll stay at your house for the evening. Did you bring your bike with you?" again the famous smile appreared " Of course" he led her to the cycle and handed her a helmet " For you" he started up the bike and waited for her to climb aboard. Elizabeth climbed onto the back seat and wrapped her arms around Jason's fabulous torso and off they sped into the night.


Ric stood at Sonny's door wondering if telling Sonny he was going to die would change Sonny's feelings towards him. Before he could knock on the door, Carly opened the door " Ric, hi what are you doing here?" Ric gave her the Corinthois smile " I'm here to see Sonny and tell him I am leaving town for awhile". " Really? Taking a vacation with Elizabeth?" " No I'm leaving her, actually my divorce will be final in a month" Carly chuckled " Wow it really will be a vacation" "I'm on my way to pick up Morgan but have a safe trip" she told him as she let him into the penthouse, she kissed his cheek and was on her way, hopefully to see Liz, that little muffin head.

Sonny was helping Michael with schoolwork when he saw Ric walk in " Hey Ric, what is going on?" Ric saw Michael and waved, the boy still hated him for kidnapping Carly " What do you want?" Michael demanded. Sonny gave him a stern glance ' Michael, go upstairs please, if you are going to behave like that". Sonny watched as Michael scowled on his way to his room then turned his attention back to his brother. " Well come on in, you look troubled, what is on your mind Ric?"

Ric closed the door behind him then went to the staircase to make sure Michael wasn't eavesdropping. Then looked at Sonny "I'm leaving town for awhile." Sonny smiled "So you are going to the island with Elizabeth good for you" Ric sat on his couch "No, I divorced her and I'm pretty sure I won't be coming back either." Sonny put down the drink he was holding and looked at his brother "What is going on Ric, what are you running from?" Ric started to get nervous as he watched Sonny pour a scotch for him. Well he might as well tell him, what was the worst that could happen. " Uh Sonny, sit down there is something I have to say to you" Sonny was starting to worry as he sat down " Okay Ric what is it?" Ric took a deep breath "Um well about a month ago I went for a check up at the hospital and found out I have terminal cancer".

The news didn't really sink in yet, Sonny stood, and stared at his brother, he couldn't or didn't want to believe what his brother had just told him. Ric sat on the couch and waited to hear what Sonny would have to say.