6 months later- Ric has past on to the after life.

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Sonny stared blankly at the black coffin that was being lowered into the ground next to Lily Corinthois. He looked up at the woman standing next to his ex wife and his best friend. Elizabeth Lansing stood holding Cameron in her arms, her eyes filled with unshed tears, full of hurt and confusion. His brother had succeeded to push his wife away before dying from a horrible illness. Sonny looked at the little boy in her arms , he was so little and wasn't sure about what happened to his daddy. Actually his second father, Zander was killed in a police shoot out. Rick died from a cancer. Sonny felt a solo tear run down his stone face.

Elizabeth torn her eyes away from the flowered casket to look up at her brother –in-law, Sonny actually was showing an emotion. She gave him a very small smile as the sound of the casket hitting the ground rang into the air. A sob escaped her throat; she felt Jason's hand give her shoulder a small squeeze. Ever since Ric asked her for the divorce she had been living with Jason, some times with the Quatermaines but most of the time with Jason. She wasn't sure what it was that pulled her to him, bu5t Cameron seemed to like him and Sonny's boys played well with Cam.

The priest said a few more words and the congregation of people started to disperse; they would head to Carly's hotel for the brunch that she had taken care of. Sonny walked over to Elizabeth and gathered her into his arms. He kissed her cheek, and then looked at his nephew.

"If you need anything, please don't hesitate to come to the penthouse, call me I'm going to make sure you never need anything."

"Thank you" she whispered as he let go of her.

Carly walked over to give her a hug and looked over at Jason, who had backed away from Elizabeth, who looked down into the ground. She could still envision her husband alive and holding Cam in one arm. While holding her hand and going for a walk. Her legs trembled as she let them buckle under her. Cameron looked at his mother confused as to what had just happened. He tightened his gripe on his mother, when he saw Jason walking over and taking Cameron into his arms. Elizabeth looked up and saw Jason take Cam. Her heart broke into a million tiny pieces. The flood gates opened and she sobbed into the ground as if showing how grief stricken she was , was going to change the fate's mind and Ric would be home waiting for her.

Lucky walked up behind her and touched her shoulder "Elizabeth, come on we have to go home before the brunch Audrey is there waiting to Cameron" he looked at the man holding Cameron. Jason nodded and handed the youngster over to Lucky. Elizabeth, stood up and straightened herself as much as she could, she nodded and decided that talking to grandmother would be good for her right now. She dried her eyes with the back of her hand. She looked at Lucky and told him she would be in the limo in a second.

She looked at the man, who had always come through for her. She took his hand in hers. " Thank you for every thing that you have done Jason, I'll see you after the brunch, Grandmother is watching Cameron for me while I go through Ric's things once more before I throw anything out" she kissed his cheek and followed Lucky to the car. She took one more look before Lucky closed the door. Leaving Jason to stand there staring at the ground.


6 weeks later

Emily and Elizabeth were going through a few of Ricks files, meaning burning them in the fire just incase the police came looking for any files. They wouldn't be around any more. Most of Rick's things went to the church that held the service. A few pictures that Elizabeth had of Ric's childhood she gave to Sonny.

"So Jason said he was leaving town for a few months, did he mention it to you?" Emily prodded.

Elizabeth looked up at her friend as she was folding a pair of jeans up to get to another file.

"No Jason hasn't said anything to me. I know he had been busy with Carly and the boys, getting them set for the summer. Actually I haven't seen Jason in a few days, Lucky has been over with Lulu to watch Cameron while I'm at work."

Emily only nodded as they continued to go through some of her friend's husband's things, when an idea popped into her head. Emily placed the last of her box on the floor before looking up at Elizabeth.

"Alright honey, I have to get going. I promised Nikolas that I'd spend some time with him before he and Jax go on the trip to see Jax's mother. So I'll call you later and promise you will take a break from this."

"I will besides there isn't much more to go through. Thanks Emily… for everything. You and Nikolas have helped me out so much."

"That, my dear is what friends are for. I'll talk to you later."

Elizabeth waved as Emily strolled out the door, she had to find her brother, and maybe he could convince Elizabeth to go away for a while. Yep that would be the best remedy for her, to get out Port Charles for a while.


Emily was walking back to her family's mansion; she always wondered what her life may have turned out like if Monica and Allan would have not adopted her after her mother died. She was always great full for them and her brothers. Her mind wandered over to what if Elizabeth did leave with Jason, would they fall in love and live happily ever after?

That was probably not going to happen, seeing as Jason was still friends with Carly and Sonny. Sonny wasn't a problem it was Carly that hated Elizabeth, Emily was never sure why. A smile broke over her face as she saw her brother walking with her grandmother from the English floral garden her grandmother designed from scratch.

Lila Quartermain smiled as she saw her granddaughter rounding the corner, how she loved that girl. Jason, nodded at his sister, she was one of the the people that truly got him. Lila, could sense that Emily wasn't there to see her, but to talk to her brother.

"Jason, just get me over to the door way and Alice will help me on the rest of the way" the older woman requested.

Emily watched as her big brother, gently helped their grandmother into the house. HE looked over at her.

"Hey Em, what brings you here?"

" I, just came from seeing Liz and I know that being here in Port Charles is going to be difficult for her ,with out Rick and I was thinking maybe you can take her away from here."

Jason studied his sister for a moment maybe she was right, who it could really hurt if he took Cam and Liz away for a few day or a week.

"I guess I could stop by and ask her tomorrow but for now what are your plans for the day?"

"Nothing I was going to meet Nikolas but , I can spend some time with my favorite brother…" she chuckled, things were going the way she had planned .

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