There are friends and then there are "friends."

I know there have been hundreds of these stories written but this is my take on it. I wrote this so long ago to so forgive anything you don't like…

What if Anakin never married Padme? There was a human girl he was friends with on Tatoonie and she surfaced…. Well she will, she is going to be Bail's assistant.

This takes place during the Clone wars.

I hope some one likes this….

Obi-Wan stared in disbelief, as Anakin challenged his authority once more that day. It seemed he was doing that more and more these days " What?" was his reply a hint of anger in it. He did listen though as Anakin rattle off his ideas and then he noticed how he was staring at the Senator. Anakin had a lovesick puppy look o his face, and once more Obi had to play the bad guy and interfere.

Senator Amidala stared at Anakin and listened to him as he talked about catching the bounty hunter instead of just protecting her. She let her mind wander and recalled when she first had met Anakin, as a young boy at the age of 9. Now here he sat discussing how he was going to protect her. He was that same little boy on Tatoonie, but older. His azure eyes, they still had a hint of mischieviousness in them and that smile that won her over so long ago.

The meeting room door opened bring everyone back to the task at hand and Roxanna, Bail Organa's personal aide walked in quietly and glided over to him. Roxanna was about 20 or 22 years old, she was a very attractive girl, her red hair placed neatly in a bun, her brown hazel eyes sparkling and her freckles placed perfectly on her face.

She stopped next to Bail and silently handed him some kind of report "Thank you Roxi." Anakin looked up at the woman next to Bail; she looked vaguely familiar to him. As she was dismissed she looked over at Anakin and smiled. He felt his heart leap, he thought he knew who she was, but he didn't dare say anything, for he wanted to stay on his Master's good side.

Roxanna closed the door quietly as she left and almost had a stroke. She looked at her friend and bodyguard, Anita " Oh my god Anita, Remember how I told you about when I was a little girl on Tatoonie. I had a friend who was adopted by the Jedi" Anita nodded. She had heard this story many times " I remember, what about him" Anita sat across from Roxi "I think he is in the room next to Master Kenobi and he is looking gooood." Anita smiled at her friend Roxi had always thought Obi-Wan was hot, she always asked Bail if she could go with him, when he went to talk with the Jedi.

Anita watched her friend zone out and could tell she was thinking about Obi-Wan. Anita heard the door opening and stood at attention next to Roxanna. Bail and Jar-Jar Binks came out. Bail looked at Roxanna "You can go in and talk to Master Kenobi, now I'm sure that he'd love to chat with you." roxanna started to blush " Mr. Organa are you sure you don't need me for anything else?" "No I'm quite sure I can survive for an hour without you. I have Anita." Anita had to bite her lip to keep from laughing as her friend bounced into the conference room. She saw Obi-Wan still talking to Padme; she looked at the younger man and cocked her head to one side.

Obi-Wan blushed as he heard her thoughts for him, this was an on going thing ever since he could remember Roxanna was always loud as possible with her thoughts. Padme noticed Obi blushing " Is something wrong Master Kenobi, your face is bright red?" " No I'm fine, I'm fine. You should go pack and I will go over a few things with Anakin" Padme turned to go to her room, but stopped " You should talk to Roxanna too" she smiled before going back to her room.

Anakin noticed the young woman looking at him "hi I don't think we have met I'm…" " Anakin Skywalker" she said as she threw herself at him and squealed in delight "I knew it was you Ani" she squeezed him closer to her, making Obi a little bit jealous. Anakin got a vision of her as she jumped on him, with brownish red hair and a plain dirt brown dress, her eyes sparkling as he told his friends on Tatoonie he was going to be in the pod race. She was Roxanna, his best friend from Tatoonie, for course he was only 5 when he met her. They had become fast friends over the years then he left one day with Qui-Gon to become a Jedi and never had the chance to say goodbye. Now ten years later she was jumping on him. He put his arms around her and held her close "Roxanna" he whispered into her ear.

She let him go and turned around to. Obi-Wan " How come you never told me Ani was your Padawan?" "Obi smiled " you never asked me, plus we have been gone for awhile." He heard Padme walk up behind them "Roxanna, how do you know Anakin" she was curious herself as how Bail's personal aide would know Anakin before her. Obi-Wan saw the jealousy leaking out of Padme and was a little surprised "Yes Roxi, how do you know Ani" she was blushing "Well I grew up with Anakin, is pretty much it, our mothers were best friends which in turn made us into best friends. When I turned 7 Ani was eight he asked me to marry him. So our moms stage this cute little wedding. And one day he left. Now here we are all in the same room." Roxanna let go of his hand " Master Kenobi I still have an hour lunch if you want to go eat" Obi couldn't resist " Sure why not?" Anakin watched as his Master and childhood friend left him with his own crush.

Okay a little cheesy but this was created a few years go give me a break….