Only friends…. 2

Padme stood looking at Anakin wondering who the young woman was to Anakin, she certainly made him smile. She knew it was Bail's new assistant but how did she recognize Ani so quickly? She went in her room and continued to pack her cloths. Anakin followed her into her room and started to talk to her, he was trying his best to sweet-talk her. She looked up into those bright blue eyes "Don't look at me like that" the stare intensified " Why?" " It makes me uncomfortable." He only stepped closer to her, so close that he could feel her warmth coming off of her.

Padme backed away from him "So, who is that woman" the question was like a slap in the face and Padme knew it "I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to come out like that. I knew Roxanna was Bail's aide but I had no idea you knew who she was." Anakin could tell Padme was not so thrilled at his friend ship with Roxi. He sat on the bed next to her and recalled how he had become a friend with the woman "We grew up together on Tatoonie, our mothers were friends and her father was a shoe maker. Her mother saw at the Mos Easely cantina, so Rox would come to Watto's and help me do my work."

He looked up at Padme " Then I won the pod race and Qui-Gon brought me to the temple. I never did get to say goodbye to her." Anakin stood up "Well I guess I should let you get some rest. Good night Senator" Padme watched as Anakin left the room, she wondered if there was more to the story that he was not telling her. She went over to her vanity and began brushing her hair.

Anakin sat in the conference room, wondering why Padme would be so jealous of a girl Anakin was friends with back in the day. He loved Padme from the first time he lay eyes on her and that was not going to change any time soon. Anakin took a deep breath and started to meditate until his Master returned room what ever with Roxi.


Roxanna put down her tea cup and looked at Obi-Wan, he looked distant "Hey there Sunshine what is going on behind those sexy blue eyes?" Obi-Wan blinked " Nothing, I was thinking about Anakin, he is getting more out of control all of the time. There are times wen I watch him struggle to stay in control of his rage. Roxanna, sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice by taking him as my padawan."

Roxi watched Obi vent "He does seem more hostile than when he was a young kid. He was so happy as a child. You know, I could talk to him. He may open up to me if you want.". Obi-Wan looked like he was zoning out on her again "you know that might not be a bad idea. I can go with Padme to Naboo and you can go with Anakin. I'm sure Bail won't mind you taking some time off." Roxi chuckled out loud " You are kidding right Bail will be thrilled that I want to take time off. Come on drink up so I can go interrogate Anakin." She watched as a small grin crept across his face. They finished up the meal and headed back to the Senate hall to let Anakin know about the change in plans.

Anakin lifted his head up as Obi-Wan walked into the conference room "Hello, Master. How was your lunch with Roxanna?" "It was pleasant Anakin thank you. Where is Padme? I have something to speak to her about which includes you. " " She is in her room resting and what is this about Master?" Obi looked at the young man trying to get a read on him "There has been a slight change of plans." Anakin began to frown so Obi-Wan decided to tell Anakin first, he sat down on the soft couch "Well the counsel thought it better if I go with Padme and send you to investigate, which you are much better at that than I am. Anakin was just about to argue with obi-Wan until he said Anakin was better than him "Are you sure Master. I don't mind babysitting Padme" " this made Obi-Wan chuckle " No Anakin, I think this is a better plan. You should look for Bobo Fett and find out what is going on. In fact Roxi offered to help you." Anakin only nodded and continue to sit quietly while his Master stared out the window.


Roxanna was fidgeting at her desk, she had gone back to Bail's office building. She couldn't stay at the Senate hall, knowing that Anakin was only on the other side of the wall with obi-Wan. She sat staring off into space, wondering why finding Anakin was bothering her so much. She just adored obi-wan and she knew he wasn't available nor was Anakin. But there was something about him that pulled her to him. Maybe it was because she had been close to him on Tatoonie.

She shook her head and gathered up the files she had on her desk. Roxanna was just about to leave for the night when Bail Organa entered the room " Roxanna, I'm surprised to see you still here. I thought by now you would have left to go tame that Jedi of yours." She smirked at the thought he suggested "No I had lunch with Obi-Wan though and he suggested, he go with Padme while I talk to Ani. From what he has told me Anakin is getting to mouthy for his own good. So Mr. Organa here is the deal I will need to find out what is bothering Anakin. Obi-wan thinks since we grew up together he will open up to me." Bail sat on the corner of her desk " You know Master Kenobi is a very wise man and I'm sure he is right. So enjoy your vacation and I'll have Anita pick up the slack." Roxanna placed the files in the desk holder and yawned " I guess I'll go home and get some rest before my vacation. Something tells me I'm going to need it." They both chuckled as they went their own separate ways. Bail hoped Obi-Wan knew what he was doing. Roxanna only had a 1/2 a block to get home. Once home she went into the bathroom to take a shower. An hour later she had crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep.

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