I think its time to have a little fun.

I tried this before, but I got it a bit wrong.

I'd like to welcome back the Yu-Gi-Oh Generations stories.

But this time, the adventures are different, the decks are kind of the same, and the duelists, well, the duelists will just kick more butt.

Time to duel.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, but hey, a girl can dream.


If you like to play Duel Monsters, you probably have heard of Yugi Motou.

He is considered by many to be one of the greatest duelists of all time, I should know...

He's my father.

My name is Katie Motou.

And its time to take the Battle Ox by the horns.









At Domino High in Dommino City Japan, 4 friends are gathered around a table, and two of them are playing a game of Duel Monsters.

"I'll admit, Darren, your monsters are pretty good," a girl says, looking over her hand. She has a Dark Magician Girl and a face down monster on the field.

"Thanks Katie," Darren says, looking smug, he has a Gravekeeper's Chief and a Don Zaloog on the field, with Necrovalley in play.

The score stands with Katie at 2200 and Darren at 2500.

"But its my move," Katie says, and draws. "I activate Pot of Greed," she says, and draws two cards. "Now, I activate Sage's Stone, and I can summon Dark Magician (2500/2100) from my deck," she says, and puts the card down.

Off at another table, a girl with long red hair picks up some of the duel.

So, she's the daughter of my father's old rival and my uncle's old friend, maybe she's the one who can help me, she thinks. But I must test her first, I will challenge her after school.

Katie ends the duel by having Dark Magician attack Darren directly.

"Aww man, your just too good," Darren says, slaming his fist on the table.

"Hey watch it, I'm trying to eat here!" A girl with short blonde hair says as she steadies her food before it falls on her.

"Oh sorry Renee," Darren says sheepishly, and then goes back to ranting. "Why can't I ever win? Why, someone please tell me!"

"Well, you rely a lot on cards with your Gravekeepers, but not so much of ones that help your Dark Scorpions," The fourth member of the group, a girl with blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail named Wendy Wheeler. "You might want to add a few warrior helping cards."

"Hey, my dad can help," Katie says. "I can take you to our game shop after school, and you can get some help with your deck."

"That sounds good," Darren says.


Later after school, Katie and her friends enter the Kame Game Shop. Yugi Motou, the reigning King of Games looks up at their entrance.

"Oh hi Katie, I see you brought your friends," he says.

"Yep, Darren here needs some help with his warriors," Katie says.

Darren takes out his deck, and hands it to Yugi.

"Hmm, pretty good dark warriors," Yugi says, and puts the cards down. "I have just the thing for you, Darren."

He looks through some of his binders.

"Negative Energy, doubles the attack of all Dark Monsters on the field, and these cards just got released recently."

He takes out 5 monsters, and Darren looks at them.

"More Dark Scorpions?" He wonders out loud.

"Yes, and since your a friend of Katie's, your free to have..." Yugi starts but is interrupted by the door being opened again.

The red-haired girl from before is standing in the doorway, instead of the usual school uniform, she has a long white trench coat over a blue shirt and skirt. Her face is soft, but you can see in her eyes that she's not one to mess with.

"Isn't that the new girl at school?" Darren asks.

"Yeah, Ariel, I never caught her las..." Katie starts, and then notices something on the collar of Ariel's trench coat, the letters KC in gold, the logo of the Kaiba Corperation. "Ariel Kaiba?"

"Thats my name, don't wear it out," Ariel says in a soft tone. "I thought I'd make a stop by, and get some cards."

She buys a few card packs from Yugi, and makes some adjustments to her deck.

She seems friendly enough, but I fear she holds some dark secret inside her, Yugi thinks, and thinks to the Millenium Puzzle Katie was attempting to complete.

The puzzle's pieces had been scattered to different parts of the world years ago, but they had managed to gather together the pieces.

That is, all but one.

"Oh Katie, I think you'll want this," Ariel says, and takes something golden out of her pocket, its the final piece of the Millenium Puzzle!

"Where'd you get that?" Katie asks.

"I have my ways," Ariel says. "And if you want it, you'll have to duel me for it."

"Fine, get your deck out," Katie says.

"Not here, come with me," Ariel says, and leads them out to her limo.


10 minutes later, the group is in one of the Kaiba Corp. Dueling Arenas. Wendy, Renee, Darren, and Yugi are sitting in the stands as Katie and Ariel are in the spots at the Dueling Station.

"Alright Katie, are you ready to duel?" Ariel asks, shuffling her deck.

"Ready when you are, Ariel," Katie says.

"What do you think we can expect from these two?" Renee asks.

"Well, we already know that Katie uses a lot of spellcasters, but we can only guess what Ariel will use," Wendy says. "Her father used a lot of Dragons, maybe she will too. And even my Yamoto can't hold a feather to a Blue-Eyes White Dragon."

"I'll go first," Ariel says, and draws. "I activate, the Sanctuary in the Sky!"

The change is dramatic, clouds appear all over the arena, and a huge castle appears behind Ariel.

"That, thats a fairy field!" Renee says.

"Yes, which dosen't make sense," Darren says.

"Oh yes it does," Wendy says with a sigh.

"Wendy, do you know something we don't?" Yugi asks.

"Do you remember hearing about a duelist on the Pro League about a year ago, deemed unbeatable, she never lost a single match and took the league by storm?" Wendy asks.

"Yeah, some girl named Ria Ekilba, used a combination of Dragons, fairies, and warriors," Darren says. "I keep track of the Pro League."

"Yes, yes, she beat several of the best duelists in the league, including Zane Truesdale, Jaden Yuki, and Ed Pheonix," Wendy says. "No one could make a single strategy that could beat her, her deck was too complex."

"I may sound stupid by asking this, but whats that got to do with Ariel?" Darren asks.

"Ria Ekilba is an anagram for, Ariel Kaiba," Wendy says plainly.

Now back to the duel.

"Now I set one monster in defense mode, and end my turn," Ariel says.

Katie draws. "I summon Skilled White Magician (1700/1900), in attack mode!" She says, and a monster wearing a white skullcap and carrying a staff appears. "Now attack her face down monster!"

Ariel smirks, and when the spellcaster blasts the face down monster, its blasted back by another magical blast, and Katie's life points fall to 3900.

"What is that?" Katie demands.

"One of my favorite monsters, and one of my only spellcasters, now she will show herself," Ariel says, and a beautiful woman appears, she looks a lot like an older version of Ariel, wearing a skin-tight leather outfit, and brandishing a staff, and then Katie notices something.

"That, thats a Dark Scorpion!" She says in realization, recognizing the black tatoo on the monster's shoulder.

"Very good, this is one of the latest members, and only non-warrior Ari the Magical (1300/1800)," Ariel says. "Ari was once an egyptian priestess before corruption drove her to become a member of the Dark Scorpions, where her magic has come in handy time and time again. Speaking of which, you allowed me to use her special ability."

Ariel picks up her deck, and takes out a card, then puts it in her hand and reshuffles.

"But we'll get to that later, is that all?" She asks.

"I can't believe it, there's a Dark Scorpion member I've never heard of," Darren says.

"Its one of the cards I'm going to give to you once this is over," Yugi says.

"One card face down, and I'm done for now," Katie says.

Ariel draws, and thinks for a minute. "This will do, I summon Spear Dragon (1900/0), in attack mode!" She says, and a dragon with a long nose appears. "And I switch Ari to attack mode, now attack her monster my dragon!"

"Negate Attack!" Katie counters.

"Fine, your move," Ariel says.

Katie draws. "I activate Spell Economics and Dark Magical Curtain, to summon from my deck, the Dark Magician (2500/2100)!" She says, and the magician clothed in purple robes appears with a spin of his staff. "Now, attack Ari, Dark Magic attack!"

The magician sends a blast of dark magic, and destroys the young thief, Ariel's life points fall to 2800.

"Activate trap card, Scorpion's Revenge, by destroying one of the Dark Scorpions, I can summon another one from my deck," Ariel says, and takes a card out of her deck, and a beautiful woman with long blonde hair, wearing a skimpy tight fitting outfit that shows a lot of clevage, and carrying a sword encrested with a rose appears. "Meet another new member of the Dark Scorpions, the lovely Rose the Seductive (500/2000) in defense mode!"

Rose giggles, and winks at Yugi and Darren, who sweatdrop.

"I think they made these holograms too realistic," Yugi says.

"I agree," Darren says.

"Who is she, some sort of harlot?" Katie asks.

"Don't call Rose that, she's much more than a harlot, she was at one time the wife of a great king, until he was assasinated, she escaped to assist the Dark Scorpions," Ariel says. "Is that your move?"

"Yeah," Katie says.

Ariel draws. "Rose, activate your ability!" She says.

Rose smiles seductively, and floats over to the Dark Magician, whispering something in his ear, after a minute, the dark spellcaster floats over to Ariel's side.

"What on earth?" Katie says in suprise.

"Once per turn, Rose can seduce a male monster on the opponent's side of the field, and that includes your Dark Magician, but in exchange I cannot have a battle phase this turn," Ariel explains. "I'll just end with one card face down."

Katie draws. Okay, now I have to be carefull about what monsters I summon, she thinks, looking her hand over. "I activate Cost Down, and discard this card, so I can summon Dark Magician Girl (2000/1700), in attack mode!" She says, and the cute female apprentice of the Dark Magician appears with a twirl of her wand, and a wink. "And she's angry for you taking controll of her master with such cheep tricks, now I activate the magic card, Mana's Rage!"

Mana, she was the apprentace of Mahado in Ancient Egypt, and the embodyment of the Dark Magician Girl, Ariel thinks. I sense Mana's spirit in Katie.

"Uhh, Ariel, are you alright, you kinda spaced out," Katie says.

"Oh, sorry," Ariel says.

"Okay, Mana's Rage can only be activated when the opponent has taken controll of the Dark Magician, this returns the Dark Magician to my side, and if the card that took controll of him is still in play, the card is destroyed," Katie says, and the seductress dissapears. "Now, Dark Magician Girl, attack her Spear Dragon!"

The female magician blasts away the dragon, Ariel's life points drop to 2700.

"Now, Dark Magician, direct attack, Dark Magic Attack!"

"Counter, A Hero Emerges!" Ariel counters. "Now pick a card in my hand, and if its a monster, it is summoned to the field in attack or defense mode."

She shows her remaining three cards.

"Fine, I pick the one in the middle," Katie says, and Ariel grins.

"Thanks, you just let me summon my favorite monster without a tribute, go Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500), in attack mode!" Ariel says, and the beautiful white dragon appears with her trademark roar.

"Wow, thats a Blue-Eyes White Dragon?" Renee says.

"Thats one of the original Blue-Eyes White Dragons, one of the first copies ever made," Ariel says. "Only one person has been known to have them, Ariel's father, and... my uncle, Seto Kaiba," Wendy says.

"Your uncle is Seto Kaiba?" Darren says in suprise.

"Yeah, he married my Aunt Serenity, much to my father's objection," Wendy replies.

"Blue-Eyes, counter attack, White Lightning!" Ariel commands, and the dragon blasts away the magician, dropping Katie's life points to 3500.

"Fine, I end by switching my Skilled White Magician to defense," Katie says, realizing that she had walked right into that move.

Ariel draws. "Hmm, I activate Full House," she says, and draws 6 cards. "Now, I activate White Dragon Ritual, and I'll discard this card from my hand..." she says, discarding a card. "To summon Paladin of White Dragon (1900/1200)!" She says, and the dragon-riding knight appears. "Now, I sacrifice my Paladin to bring out another Blue-Eyes!" She continues, and the white dragon appears again. "Now, my first Blue-Eyes destroys your Dark Magician Girl!"

The Dragon blasts away the female magician, and Katie's life points drop to 2800.

"Your turn."

Okay, I'm in trouble now, all I have is my Skilled White Magician, I can use his effect, but I was hoping to get Polymerization first, Katie thinks and draws. "I activate Fusion Sage," she says, and takes a Polymerization card out of her deck. "Now, I use my magician's special ability, to bring out the mighty Buster Blader (2600/2300 + 1500)!"

The magician vanishes, and the strong dragon-slaying warrior appears.

"Now, I activate Monster Reborn, welcome back Dark Magician," she continues, and the magician appears. "Now, I activate, Polymerization!"

"Oh no!" Ariel says, knowing what was happening.

"I summon, Dark Paladin (2900/2400 + 1500)!" She says, and the monsters form together to create a spellcaster in armor, wielding a large sword. "Now, Paladin, attack her Blue-Eyes!"

The warrior slashes at the Blue-Eyes, lowering Ariel's life points to 1300.

"This game isn't over yet," Ariel says.

"Oh but it is, activate De-Fusion!" Katie says, and Dark Paladin sepperates into Dark Magician and Buster Blader. "Now Buster Blader, attack her last dragon with Blade Buster Attack!"

The dragon-slayer charges, and slashes through the remaining Blue-Eyes, and Ariel's life points fall to 200.

"Now Dark Magician, direct attack!" Katie says, and the magician blasts away Ariel's remaining life points, and the holograms fade away.


A few minutes later, they all meet down by the station.

"I guess this is yours," Ariel says, handing Katie the piece of the Millenium Puzzle.

"Thank you," Katie says, taking the piece of the puzzle.

"My driver will give you a ride home, oh, and give my regards to the Pharoh," Ariel says walking off, leaving Katie to wonder what that meant.


Somewhere far away, a woman wearing a black cloak has watched the duel.

And smiles.


Dark Scorpion - Ari the Magical



Level 4


This young thief was once an egyptian priestess until corruption in the government drove her to join the Dark Scorpions. When this monster does damage to the opponent's life points, add a magic or trap card that has an effect involving the Dark Scorpions to your hand.

Scorpion's Revenge

Counter Trap

Image of Gorg the Strong striking down an unseen foe. This card can only be activated when your opponent destroys a monster with "Dark Scorpion" in its name, or is named "Don Zaloog" or "Cliff the Trap Remover". Summon another monster that fits the requirements from your hand or deck.

Dark Scorpion - Rose the Seductive



Level 3


Rose was at one time the wife of a great King, until her husband was killed, she escaped, and later joined the Dark Scorpions seeking revenge. Once per turn, you can take controll of a male monster on your opponent's field, you have to skip your battle phase if you do so, the monster is returned to the opponent's side if this monster is destroyed.

Mana's Rage

Quick-play Spell Card

Image of a young sorceress, surrounded by magical energy. This card can only be activated when you have a "Dark Magician Girl" on your side of the field, and your opponent has taken controll of a "Dark Magician" from your side of the field. The Dark Magician is returned to your side, and the card that was used to controll it is negated and destroyed.

Full House

Spell Card

Image of a hand of playing cards. When this card is activated, draw until you have 6 cards in your hand.

(This card is courtasy of Cyber Commander, all credit goes to him.)


Well, chapter 1 has been finished.

Who is this mysterious woman? What is her intentions? How does Katie fit into them?

All will be revealed when I see fit.

Next chapter: Our heroes get an invitation to Industrial Illusion's latest tournament, a virtual tournament known as the Dueling Dimension. Don't miss, "Different Dimension Gate."