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Part One:

I NEVER lose.

Hot pink with bold black letters. Printed for excitement and school spirit and energy. It was clearly an event for people who were into the whole High school thing.

And sure enough, because, with such bold colors it was hard to miss, several students were already crowding around the flyer. Teenage girls chattered anxiously and peeked longingly at teenage boys who didn't seem to care as much and there were already a lot of conversations about wardrobe and flowers and transportation echoing along the hallways of the Highschool.

Mandy was at the edge of the crowd…not trying to get a look at the flyer…but simply trying to get to her locker…and becoming more and more impatient the longer it took. As she passed one girl talking in an annoyingly loud and peppy voice, and shoved another smaller child out of her way, she happened to get a glance at the elaborate flyer. She scowled.

Damn, She thought Prom time again.

She elbowed someone, possibly in the face in order to get in front of her locker and began to fiddle with the lock. Someone behind her was talking in a loud and boasting voice about cherry heels and roses and apparently an outrageously expensive dress imported from France. Other girls gasped on cue. Mandy collected her books and slammed her locker door shut, making the people nearby flinch slightly.

After elbowing a few jocks, who took the hint and quickly got out of her way. She squeezed through the load of High school students clogging the hall until she pushed into an opening and saw Billy and Irwin, who were apparently engrossed in the pink flyer. (Although, Billy always looked that glazed over and stupid…so she couldn't be sure.) She neared them, picking up on their conversation.

"My dad said I coulduse histransportation this year if I got a date." Irwin said. He spotted Mandy and gave her a flirtatious look. Mandy gagged inwardly.

"What do you say baby? Wanna go to prom with a real man?" Mandy shoved him out of the way, ignoring him and turned a gloomy look towards the flyer.

Find your lover
Under the Stars.

The Prom.

May 15th.

Tickets: $15.00 to get in.

"Prom time," Mandy said, in a cynical voice. "I time for bouquets and dancing with that special someone under significantly placed Christmas lights and loud deafening music. What a waste of a Saturday evening."

"Well I am going. I think it'd be a terrific place to find…my…loovver." Billy said, spelling out the last word on the flyer carefully.

"Billy, you have a girlfriend…remember." Mandy said. Behind her, Irwin was picking himself up,and in a completely nonchalant way moved beside Mandy as though she hadn't just shoved him while he was asking her to got to prom.

"I have what now?" Billy asked stupidly.

"Her name is Karen…how many times to we have to go over this?" Mandy glared at Billy, who raised his hat and scratched his head in confusion.

"Who's that?" Billy asked after a long moment. Mandy rolled her eyes and gave up.

"No one Billy. Forget I said anything." Billy seemed to think about something (A thing which looked quite painful.) before looking down the hallway and spotting a girl sitting at a table in the cafeteria.

"Oh look, it's Karen. Ima go ask her to the prom." He said as he ran off. Mandy sighed.

"Idiot." She said under her breath. She turned in the direction of her class, only to find Irwin standing in her way, grinning stupidly.

"Hey Mandy, planning to go to prom this year?"

"No." Mandy said coldly as she started to walk away.

"Oh…because if you were I was going to ask you to be my date." He said, trying to keep up with her as she stomped down the hall. "I already have a suit…well, it's my dads…and I had to cut out the sleeves a little to fit my…manly muscles…so you know…if…" He started to falter as Mandy began to break away from him. Instead of shutting up he just yelled after her.

"Well if you change your mind…CALL ME!" He hollered.

Mandy shook her head. Irwin never seemed to get the hint. Over the years he had grown significantly, trading his slight pudginess in for stone hard abs and bulging biceps. He had given up his glasses for contacts and dressed mostly in cutoff shirts and jeans that fit loose enough so that at various times they fell to his ankles (Which wasn't all that attractive.)…and for some reason…he thought all this would change her opinion of him. Under all of that he was still the same dork…and besides,as Mandy had stated years ago…love was for the weak minded.

Her classroom was in sight now, room 304. As Mandy approached it she came upon a huddled group of students. In the center, a tall beautiful girl stood with long red locks falling down her back. Around her boys and girls alike were fussing over her. Mandy, who was trying to avoid the group, was extremely aggravated when the girl spotted her.

"Oh, hey Mandy." The sweet and yet goading voice drifted over the crowd, silencing it as several students turned and watched Mandy who was glaring back at the pretty girl.

"Mindy." Mandy said through gritted teeth. Mindy motioned for a boy to get out of her way and stepped in front of Mandy with an air that said that she knew just how beautiful she was, and just how ordinary everyone else was in comparison. Several students watched as both girls stared each other down

One girl, tall and beautiful, with long red wavy hair, a stylish wardrobe and perhaps too much makeup which included glistening lip gloss over a cruelly grinning mouth and perfect white teeth. The other, who could have made any summery color look evil, and wore only eyeliner on her ever scowling eyes.

"So…going to prom this year?" Mindy asked innocently. Mandy glared back. "No…I imagine not. I wouldn't think any boy would ask you…and as we both know…your fashion sense doesn't extend into that realm."

"No…I am not going to prom this year." Mandy replied evenly. "Prom is for idiot conformists and weak brainless saps like you who enjoy trying to get into tight dresses and uncomfortable high heels and receiving flowers from people who, in the long run, don't really matter anyways. I'll be doing something useful with my Saturday night."

Mindy looked slightly annoyed for a moment, but this passed quickly. She smiled. The effect was both cruel and appealing. (Blech.)

"Sounds like loser talk to me."

Mandy crossed her arms.

"Something as menial as Prom takes no mental activity or effort whatsoever. It's a brainless event that I could easily attend…but choose not to. Now get out of my way."

Mindy let out a short and mocking laugh as she stepped aside. Mandy walked past her, aware that the bell was about to ring.

"Sounds to me like your scared." Mindy said at her back, sniggering as she did. Mandy stopped and turned slowly. The look in her eyes would have easily sent any sensible person running at full speed in the opposite direction.

"Scared? I'm never scared." Mandy said, glaring. Her fists were bunched up, and short blond hairs fell over her forhead and eyes. This effect was...well...terrifying.

"Well then prove it." Mindy replied, while resting her hand on her hip.

Mandy seemed to think to herself for a moment. Mostly wondering if the satisfaction of taking Mindy down a peg would be worth going to the school prom. Finally she came to a conclusion, which was this; She NEVER lost…anything…ever.

"What did you have in mind?" Mandy said bitterly.

"This Saturday, we'll see who comes to Promwith the best dress, hair and...date…although…I don't know why you'd even try…then…our peers will decide who deserves to be queen, deal?"

"Fine…but I have no interest in the title of Prom Queen…how bout you just shut up for a month or so…and we'll call it an even bet." Mindy made a hmph sound and turned on her heel as the bell rang. With a growl Mandy went to class. She was in an even fouler mood then usual.


Grim was reading on the couch when the door opened and then slammed shut. A picture fell from the wall and shattered. He didn't flinch.

"Did you have a good day Mandy?" He asked sarcastically, not looking up from his book.

"Shove it, bonehead. I want you to get a hold of that slug lady that fixed me up for the pageant when I was a kid." She put her book bag on the coffee table and gave Grim an impatient look as he carefully placed a bookmark between the pages he was reading.

When he looked up at her, he noted her set expression and trademark glare. This, coupled with the fact that she was asking for the services of a beauty specialist didn't seem to come together logically.

"What do you need Crabina for?" Grim asked glumly.

"I need her to fix me up for Prom." Mandy said, through partially gritted teeth. Grim raised his brow.

"Why? I thought you hated fun social events."

It was at this moment when Billy decided to barge in unannounced. Both Grim and Mandy turned towards the door bitterly, looking equally annoyed as the dimwitted boy jumped onto the couch and rested his mud caked boots on the coffee table.

"Hey Mandy, hey Grim!" He said loudly. Behind him Irwin strutted in,and gave Mandy a smug look.

"Hey Mandy, heard you were going to Prom from Mindy. You know…"

"Go away Irwin." Mandy said. She turned back towards Grim, who was still giving Billy a dangerously hateful look."I have a bet going with Mindy, and I CANT lose. So hurry up and call your friend."

Grim sighed.

"You know, once in a while a please couldn't hurt." He said grudgingly as he stood up. "Fine. This might take a while, though…long distance call, you know." He said, while walking out of the room.

"Eyy…I thought you said you weren't going to prom, Mandy." Billy said as he picked at something in his ear.

"I wasn't…but I can't let Mindy win…that would only encourage her. Are you going to help, or just stand there like an idiot?" Billy seemed to think about this for a moment, and then shrugged. Irwin, who was becoming upset because no one appeared to be noticing him, stood in front of Mandy, who glared at him.

"How can I help, my love." He said, making his eyebrows dance.

"By leaving." Mandy replied. Irwin frowned.

"But won't you need a date?" He said, looking hopeful.

"Hmm…yes…I suppose I will. I have to get on that. Come Billy." Mandy said, as she grabbed Billy by the shirt and dragged him out of the room, pointedly ignoring the slightly crestfallen look on Irwins face as she did.


Sort of short. I divided it into parts because there won't be enough submissions to do it in chapters. Future submissions will be a lot longer though. For now, I'm just submitting to see what people think. I've never even considered doing a fic for this show…and it will probably be slow moving, because I have other stories going right now. Still, if people do like it, I'll try to update as soon as possible.