Part Six:

Prom; Hell With Bad Music.

The limo ride was mostly quiet, aside from Billy's occasional remarks as he tried in vain to start a game of I Spy. For the most part the other three ignored him.

Grim, who was aggravatingly messing with his hair, which would not stay in place and his collar, which was much too tight, froze when he caught Karen's eye. She smiled at him and to be polite, he returned her smile somewhat before turning away in annoyance. Mandy wasn't paying them any mind and was staring out the window in a bored manner.

"Mandy, are you going to introduce your date?" Karen asked, still smiling. Mandy pulled her apathetic gaze away from the window to look at Billy's gauche prom date. She was giving Grim a look of wide-eyed curiosity and had developed that flirtatious manner ofsome girls who suddenly find themselves in the presence of someone who is both more interesting and more attractive then their own boyfriend.

Grim started to open his mouth when Mandy interrupted.

"That's of no interest to you." Mandy responded with a slight edge to her voice, which stated bluntly that he was off limits. Grim closed him mouth, avoiding Mandy's typical glare. He wondered vaguely why he was doing this again.

Finally, after a half an hour of uncomfortable silence, where Grim tried to ignore Karen, whom he saw looking at him constantly out of the corner of his eye and Mandy, who kept glaring back at her, they finally neared the school. Billy, who had quieted earlier, after Grim had struck him on the side of the head when he began to sing a traveling song, spoke up gleefully.

"Hey it's the school! Ooh hey it's Mindy…she's looking pretty good, mhmm."

The limo came to a screeching halt and the driver, who stepped outside the door and moaned loudly in the direction of several kids who were gawking at it (Needless to say, they stopped) walked over to the side door and opened it.

Mandy stepped out first, with Grim at her heels. Karen took a few more minutes to try to convince Billy to take his boutonniere out of his hair, before giving up and following the other two. The limo driver, who was standing slack jawed, impatiently growled at Billy, who hurried out of the limo in response.

Grim reached into his coat and pulled out a wad of cash, which he handed to the impatient looking Zombie.

"Tanks for coming on such short notice, your tip, of course will be sent to The Brothers Gloom and will be in more of the…brain persuasion." The zombie took the money, looking considerably more cheerful at the thought of brains to come.

"Be back here in about four hours." Grim said as he turned back to the kids and tucked his wallet back into his vintage coat. "Well, come on. Let's get this over with." He said drearily as he offered Mandy his arm.


It was characteristically decorated inside the school. In cardboard, the words UNDER THE STARS hung above a darkly lit hall filled with the glitter of outfits. The rest of the room was filled with the obviously student crafted decorations and left over Christmas lights. On the far side of the large Dance room a long table with a white cloth over it was adorned with various foods. Other then this there were the headache inducing disco lights and the mind numbing music, which promised to be mostly the sort where it was IMPOSSIBLE for a child to get too dangerously close to their date.

Grim cringed when they entered the room. It was amazing how tacky the human race was becoming. The music was dreadful and the dancing was completely without rhythm. Beside him, Mandy was looking at the broadened hall as though it were some sort of private hell she had sent herself too.

Billy stared stupidly at the decorations, clearly overwhelmed by their shininess. Finally, after he got over his initial wonder, he grabbed Karen by the wrist and started to drag her towards the center of the room. Karen sighed and allowed herself to be pulled along.

"Well," Grim said with a sigh. "What now?" Mandy's scowl was replace by a look of cynical boredom. (Which wasn't a vast change.)

"This." She said dully. She continued to stand miserably. After a few moments Grim's eyebrows furled.

"Fun." He said sarcastically. He noticed that their position was almost directly in front of the entrance when a Teenager ran into him and then, politely, gave him the finger.

"Maybe we should at least sit." He said. Mandy shrugged and followed him over to a row of chairs in which mainly rejects dwelled, most of whom were looking hopefully in the direction of all of the activity.

Grim sat and, with a sigh, rested his chin in his palm. He glanced at the clock on the far side of the room. Only three hours and forty minutes left to go. Beside him Mandy was doing what she did best, which was glaring and making people around her nervous and in some cases downright frightened. She didn't look much like a prom queen.

A couple girls passed in front of them. One of them, the nearest, was wearing a black evening dress and WAY too much eyeliner. She looked at Grim and smiled shyly, then whispered excitedly to her friends, who looked in his direction and giggled. He blushed and turned in a different direction. Mortals.

After fifteen minutes Grim began to get bored of drumming his fingers on his knees and stood up.

"I'm going to go get some punch." He said. "Do you want some?"

"Whatever." She said in a near monotone voice. He growled something to himself and headed towards the punch bowl.


Mindy flipped one of her curls out of her face and placed a perfectly manicured hand on her waist. Next to her was the Quarterback of the football team. (Spurg had been the quarterback earlier in the season, but against the coaches wishes was forced to retire the position to the heavyset blonde man who was currently standing beside Mindy. The reason for this was that the High school principal had caught sight of the severity of his grade point average Namely that he didn't have one, and was forced to take him off the team.) Obediently he was keeping quiet as she chattered aimlessly about a hot pink convertible her father had bought her for her birthday.

The girl on the other side of the conversation was smiling in a jealous way, but was keeping quiet. Her date was picking at his lapel and was wearing a slack jawed look as he impatiently waited for Mindy to shut up.

She did, but only when she looked towards the refreshment table.

"Who is that hottie standing by the punch bowl?" This turned the heads of those around her as they looked in the direction of the snack table.

"I don't know…" A blonde on Mindy's left replied. "He looks like he's at least in his twenties though!"

"Maybe he's a teacher." One of the boys offered.

"No…if he was I'd be in his class." Mindy smiled.

"He looks kinda weird…like a stalker or something…or like he has bats in his belfry." Another boy said, a little jealously, as his date was looking in the stranger's direction with interest.

"Yeah," Mindy said, "But his clothes looks expensive and anyone who think they can pull off hair like that must be suave."

Mindy's date scoffed.

"Or think they are." He said in a thick voice. Mindy ignored this.

"Who do you think he's with?" A dark haired girl asked. (Who had also been the one suffering through Mindy's arrogant babble a minute before.)

"Who cares." Mindy said, with an egotistical smile. "He won't be theirs for much longer." She shoved her handbag towards her affronted date.

"Hold this, Dennis." She said distractedly.

"My name isn't..." He startedbut she had already started towards the punch bowl. After a moment of stunned silence he hung the purse on his shoulder (Needless to say, pink was not his color) and crossed his arms, glaring in the direction of the punch table.

"Nice purse buddy!" Some random jerk shouted. Mindy's date sighed heavily.


Grim grabbed the ladle and lifted it out of the punch bowl, pouring the red liquid into a suspiciously happy looking paper cup. The way the light hit it; it almost looked like it could be blood. Of course it wasn't…but one could always hope.

He nearly spilled when he felt someone slap him jauntily on the back. He stood up straight and frowned.

"Hello Billy." He said through his teeth.

"Hey Grim, whatcha doing?" Grim set the ladle back into the punch and gave the boy a bleak look.

"Trying to enjoy myself…but apparently it's not going to happen." Billy, as always, missed the edge in his voice. Grim scanned the area around the boy, before giving him a puzzled look.

"Where's your girlfriend?" Billy looked at him blankly.

"Who?" Grim sighed heavily.

"Your girlfriend, Billy! You know…you came with her!" He said irritably.

"Oh…I don't know." Billy responded…looking idiotically blank for a moment. "Maybe she had to use the bathroom."

He seemed as though he were about to say something else when he was shoved brutally out of the way by a lovely young woman with long red hair. Grim jerked away instinctively before she settled herself and gave him a syrupy grin.

"Hi, I noticed you from across the room and was wondering how someone as interesting looking as you doesn't know me, so I decided to come over here and remedy that. After all, if you've never met me, it's impossible for you to stare at me longingly from across the room" She held out her hand palm down. Grim stared at it for a moment in stunned silence.

"Uh…hello." He said bewilderedly as he took her hand and gave it an elegant shake. She flipped her hair back theatrically and gave him what teenage girls must assume was an erotic look.

"Where'd you get your suit?..." She asked.

"Well I..."

"It looks expensive. I like your hair. Did you do it yourself?"

"Well it..."

"Do you wanna dance? You look like you know your way around the dance floor." Grim frowned.


"You do know how to dance don't you?" She said, this time with the piercing look of someone who was not easily satisfied.

"Well…actually, I'm quite good at…" He said, his voice slightly smug, before the words caught in his throat. Even from across the room he could feel the severe iciness of Mandy's gaze. He swallowed.

"Um…would you excuse me for a moment." He said in a feeble voice before he grabbed the other cup of punch that he had poured and headed back towards where Mandy was sitting. Mindy watched him angrily.

"Hey! I decide when the conversations over!" She screamed after him. Her anger fell when she caught sight of Mandy from across the room, who was watching as Grim approached her with a horrifying look on her face.

She stared disbelievingly at thesurly blonde. He was Mandy's date. How did a loser like her get someone like him to go to Prom with her…and where did she get that dress!

"It looks ugly on her!" She said to a random nerd standing nearby who looked at her blankly.

But expensive…MORE expensive then mine…how dare she!

"Well, I wont stand for this." She said in a spoiled voice and stomped…as best as she could in heels, towards Mandy and Grim, stepping on Billy, who groaned as her extremely pointy shoes stabbed him repeatedly.

"Ow…my spleen."


"What were you talking to Mindy for?" Mandy asked crossly as Grim approached with her punch.

"Mindy?" Grim asked…then his mind caught up as he handed her the paper cup, which she took from him and tossed aside without a second thought. (On a chair nearby a boy stood up in devastation as it spilled over his crotch.)

"That was Mindy?" He asked, general awe ebbing into his voice. "Wow she looks…" He felt the room's temperature lower a bit and made an intelligent decision. "…The same as she did the last time I saw her." He feigned a cough and sat down nervously.

Mandy crushed something in her fist, as it turned out it was a part of her corsage. As the rose petals fell on her skirt she caught sight of Mindy coming towards them out of the corner of her eye.

"Perfect." She said with both disdain and consent. She had an evil look in her eye. She was GOOD with confrontation. Grim recognized the look and became more anxious.

"Now Mandy…don't do anything foolish." He said quietly.

"Well, well, well." Mindy said as she approached. "I'm surprised you showed up." Mandy glared back.

"Well, I hope you know that I plan to win the title of Prom Queen." She said, after Mandy didn't say anything.

Mandy crossed her arms.

"Not if I have anything to do with it." She responded monotonously. Mindy smiled wickedly.

" Please, as if a loser like you could beat me." Mindy said, putting extra emphasis on the word loser.

"We'll see." Mandy said, not shaken. Just as Grim was about to take a drink of his punch Mandy took it from him and gulped it down. He sighed.

"Now run along." She said as she tossed the paper cup aside. "Your ruining my prom experience."

Mindy scowled. Her disdainful appearance however vanished as she glanced at Grim, who was looking dejected. She smiled in malevolence.

"Aren't you going to introduce me to your date Mandy?" She asked. She caught Grim's eye and gave him the self-assured smile of someone who was used to stealing other people's dates.

"Nope." Mandy said,and castGrim a look of caution.

"Fine then. I'll ask him myself." She said and turned towards the reaper with a smirk. "I'm Mindy," She said as she moved a stray curl out of her left eye. "I'm pretty and popular and was wondering if you wanted to ditch this loser and come hang out with me and the cool people."

Grim started to open his mouth to say something when Mandy cut in.

"He isn't interested!" She said as she grabbed Grim's arm and pulled him off of his seat. Mandy dragged him across the dance floor; ignoring both Mindy's departing comments and Grim's furious protests. Finally Grim yanked his arm away from Mandy and stood in front of her indignantly.

"Stop it Mandy! What the hell was that about?" He questioned angrily. She grabbed him by the collar and yanked him within an inch of her threatening gaze.

"You better not forget why you're here Grim. Mindy is the enemy remember that. If I catch you hanging out with her I'll make your life a living hell." For a moment Grim looked reluctant, then, his brow furled and he removed her hand from his lapel.

"You already make my life a living hell! Besides I wasn't going to!" He seemed to think for a moment. "But maybe I will, now! It'd certainly be better then sitting around and being yelled at!" He said and turned to stomp away.

"You'll regret it if you do, Grim." She said in a low and dangerous voice.

"Oh, I'm terrified!" He shouted over his shoulder in sarcasm. He pushed a teenage boy who was trying to impress a teenage girl out of his way (Who then spilled punch all over her and lost any chance he had of ever getting near her again.) as he trudged across the dance hall.

Mandy stood in place, glaring at his withdrawing form. Finally she crossed her arms and headed off in the opposite direction.

The end…

Just kidding.


Grim headed angrily towards the exit doors. Who did she think she was? He didn't even have to be here tonight! If it weren't for him she would have had to put up with Irwin all night…or at least for thirty seconds before she killed him.

I knew it would end up like this! He thought, furious with himself for giving in to his own guilt.

"Where do you think your going?" Grim stopped and turned. As he did, Mindy closed in on him, taking a step forward so that she was uncomfortably close.

"Oh…" Grim said, while subconsciously taking a step back. "It's only you."

Mindy's extremely narrow mind chose to ignore this statement as she closed what little space Grim had tried to make for himself and ran her finger down his outdated coat.

"Want to hit the dance floor…whatever your name is?" She said, her engaging voice washed-out slightly by the fact she didn't know what to call him.

Grim removed her hand politely.

"No tanks, I'm leaving." He said, for he had no real intention of spending any time with Mindy. He had known her long enough to become quite annoyed with her. She was selfish and she talked too much…and besides…she always called him a loser and that got hurtful after a while.

Mindy looked as though she had been slapped in the face.

"What?" She asked, in surprise. He turned and walked the rest way to the door, ignoring her as she started to shout after him.

"You can't say no to me! I'm popular! Hey, Don't you walk away from me! You get back here right now! Fine! I don't need you! That makes you a LOSER!"

Grim rolled his eyes as he shut the door behind him.


His name was Drake (There's a point to this…trust me…) although, she had never actually asked him…and she kept getting it wrong, so it didn't matter much. Since she had left he had been subject to quite a lot of scorn regarding the pink handbag he had over his shoulder. Particularly from Spurg…who kept walking by him on purpose to torture him further.

"Hey Drakey, maybe you should try out for the cheerleading squad instead!"

Damn, there he was again!

When Mindy returned to her group of friends, Drake included, she looked furious…but she wasn't as furious as Drake was. In fifteen minutes he had gone from big man on campus to that idiot holding the purse.

"Come on Daniel." Mindy said and she must've been talking to him because she was LOOKing at him. "Turns out that guy was a loser, so I guess you're my date again." She looked annoyed, but said it so that it appeared to be some sort of privilege to be in her company. He could have gone with ANYONE! Just because she was the most popular girl in school didn't mean that there weren't others who were equally attractive. Well not anymore, most of the pretty girls had laughed at him along with Spurg…because…of…her. He went red in the face.

"Danny, I said COME ON." He grabbed her purse and threw it on the floor, then, in front of her shocked expression he stomped on it repeatedly.

"MY…NAME…IS…DRAKE!" He said as he stomped. Finally, when he was done he picked up the wrecked thing that no longer resembled a handbag and thrust it towards her. "And you can find another date."

Mindy's face reddened. She didn't take rejection well.

"What...I'm...dateless." She said,as sheput the crushed purse around her shoulder. "I CAN'T BE DATELESS!" She said, on borderline insanity.


In the meantime, Mandy was standing by the punch bowl with her arms crossed and a sour look on her face. A boy approached.

"Um…are you gonna get some punch…or just stand there cause I kind of want some and…" Mandy gave him an icy look.

"Er…never mind." He said and backed away nervously.

"Hey Mandy." Billy came up beside her. He had a piece of toilet paper stuffed in his nose, which was bleeding.

"Billy, were you picking your nose again?" Mandy asked dully.

"Yes…but this is from being pushed on the floor by Mindy." He said as he picked at something in his ear.

Mandy growled something to herself, involving Mindy and sharp objects.

"Where's Grim?" Billy asked as he pulled someone out of his ear...which Mandy tried to ignore as best as she could.

"Probably somewhere kissing up to Mindy."

"Nah…Mindy's in the girl's bathroom having a nervous breakdown." Mandy glared.

"How do you know that?" For a moment, Billy looked ashamed.

"I was curious." This was one of Billy's many comments that automatically thrust the mind into cruel imagination.

"I don't want to know." She sighed. She looked at Billy and raised her brow. "Where's Karen?"

"I think she left." Billy said sadly. "She didn't like the way I danced…she said it gave her a headache."

Mandy nodded. She had seen the way Billy danced.

"That's too bad Billy." She said, showing very little interest.

"Yeah." Billy said…fortunately his short attention span came to action and his troubles were pushed aside as he examined a piece of pre chewed gum on the bottom of a snack tray. Mandy rolled her eyes.

"I'm going to go wait outside." Mandy said drearily.

"Don't you want to see who won Prom Queen? They're announcing it soon." Billy said, taking his eyes off of the gum for a moment. Mandy didn't answer.


When Mandy stepped out into the fresh spring air she scowled. She hated the fresh Spring air. It reminded her of blossoms and flowers and gentle rain showers. She kicked her heels off, which were beginning to really annoy her and threw them randomly at a tree. One of them hit a very unfortunate bird. The other went over and landed on the other side.

"Ow!" Said the tree…or a particularly well spoken (And Jamaican) squirrel.

Mandy raised her brow and headed towards the tree.

"Grim?" She said as she walked around it and saw him rubbing his head in irritation and giving her an accusing look. "What are you doing out here, bone head?" (And he was again.) Grim must've decided that he had grown tired of mortality and had returned back into his typical physique. Mandyliked him better that way anyhow.When he was the Grim Reaper he was just another loser to Mindy.

"Waiting for the damn limo!" He snapped back. "Why don't you go back into your wretched Prom and leave me alone!"

Mandy leaned against the tree and crossed her arms.

"I'm staying right here." She said, mainly to show him that she didn't take orders from him…and that it should most certainly be the other way around.

"Fine!" He shouted back.

"Fine." She responded coolly.

There was a long and heated silence between them. Grim was scowling and avoiding Mandy's presence as best as he could while Mandy stood unfazed and comfortable within the stillness.

"So what happened with miss popular?" Mandy asked, mainly trying to annoy him further. "Did you scare her off?"

"No! I did not scare her off!" He said bitterly.

"Shame." Mandy said. For a moment it was quiet enough to here the cricket's in the trees and the light spring wind through the outsretched branches. If either Grim or Mandy cared about such things they might have appreciated the moment.

"So...why aren't you in there with Miss Popular...not being yelled at?" Mandy asked after a moment.

"Because I don't want to be."Grim respondedthrough his teeth. Mandy found this extremely hard to believe. Even Billy and Irwin, who actually LIKED her (Although she wished they didn't) would have blown her off if Mindy asked them to hang out with her.

"Uh huh." Mandy said disbelievingly. "She probably tossed you aside like a paper cup…like she always…" Finally Grim got fed up.

"No! She didn't! I'm out here because I don't like her! She talks to much, sheannoys me…she didn't even ask me my name!" He paused and shook his finger at Mandy, whose expression had not changed. "-and I don't like you either…because you don't appreciate me! The only reason I even came to this damn Prom was for you anyways! But do I get any gratitude? Of course not!" He detached himself from the tree, still yelling. "I don't even know what I was thinking, man!"

He pulled his scythe out of the air and seemingly aimed it at Mandy, who was wide eyed, but not exactly panicking. Instead of blasting her, he blasted the tree, which went up in flames.

Her face resumed to its normal scowl as she took a step back from the flaming tree. She crossed her arms.

"Well, who asked you to come..." She said after a moment. Grim scowled. "Mindy's after all 'prom queen material.' Why does it matter who I got stuck with tonight?"

"Well..." Grim said. "It doesn't if you just sit dere like you been doing all night. Maybe if you would actualy try."

Mandy shrugged.

"Who would you vote for, Grim?" She said, scorn lacing her words.

Grim thought about it for a moment. You...because you have more brains then she does, you have more talent then she does and if you would only smile...

"You, because if I didn't I know you'd make my life a living hell." He said. Mandy's expression didn't change, but she seemed to scan his skull for authenticity.

"And now to introduce tonight's Prom Queen and King."A voice reverberated from the dance hall coming out only barely perceptible as it echoed into the night. Mandy seemed to make a decision. She took a few steps towards Grim.

"Come on, Grim." She said, her expression unchanging as she grabbed his empty hand (For he was still holding his scythe) and led him back towards the dance hall. Stricken, he followed her without protest.


When they entered most of the girls and boys were turned towards the stage in expectation. The girls, mainly, looked hopeful, while squeezing their boyfriend's hands hard enough to bring tears to their eyes.

Mandy and Grim halted amongst the crowd. Grim cleared his throat a little uncomfortably, even after they had come to a halt, Mandy hadn't let go of his hand.

The boy on stage shouted over the crowd once more.

"According to the voters, this years Under the Star's Prom king and queen are...Rita and Puddin!"

Mandy blinked.

"Puddin?" Grim asked, to no one in particular.

"WHAT?" Mindy stomped into the spotlight from the back of the crowed. Her hair was a mess and she had mascara running down her face. "But…I'M SUPPOSE TO BE PROM QUEEN! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!" She shouted as the fightened looking Queen and the even more frightened looking King, who had started to cry when the crowd wouldn't stop slapping him jovially on the back.

Mandy glanced at Mindy in satisfaction.

"Looks like your not the queen anymore, Mindy…too bad." She said sardonically. "Come on Grim, let's dance." She said. Grim looked slightly perplexed, but didn't raise any objections as she pulled him onto the dance floor.

"Aren't you upset?" Grim asked her as she started to get into the typical waltz position.

"Nah..." Mandy responded. Just as she said this Mindy came up behind her and Grim, shouting.

"It doesn't matter if I'm Prom Queen! Do you know why? Because you STILL lost!" Mandy frowned and turned towards Mindy. She crossed her arms.

"Hey, I'm not the one who got rejected twice tonight and has mascara running down her face…and besides..." Mandy held her hand out expectantly. Grim smiled and handed her his scythe in an expecting manner. She raised it, and before Mindy could react, blasted her in the face. When she lowered the scythe Mindy reached towards where her mouth was before it was sealed shut with a large piece of steel. Mindy turned red in the face and started shouting muffled things through the obstruction, but to no avail.

"…I never lose." Mandy finished as she handed Grim's scythe back to him.

Mandy took Grim's hand again. Grim, who had tucked his scythe away again to wherever he kept it when it was not with him and started to lead her into a dance. And oddly enough, he found that he enjoyed it.

Outside, the limo was parked and the Zombie driver was tapping his foot to the music. Beside him, Billy was playing air guitar to a piano solo. Around them, the crickets hummed, the wind blew through the trees, and the season of Twitterpation began.


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