"…Hey Stupid, wake up.." my annoying elder brother murmured in my ear, with his morning breath.

She pretended to be asleep, turning her head to the otherside of the pillow, changing her perfect sleeping position. She heard him move around in her room, going into in cabinets, then going to the bottom, oh hell no! underwear cabinet!

"I'm up, get the hell, out of my room!" Kyo jumped out of her bed and went chasing Chaz out the door.

"Sorry, I forgot to return your bra." He was walking toward her room, holding a blue-sports bra out to her., with a smug smile.

She grabbed from him and gave him a look of disgust," You are an asshole." With that she slammed the door on his face and this time, locked it.

She sighed and looked at her messy bed, and the clock. Oh well, she couldn't sleep now, she's wide awake.

"It's the first day of school today, Kyo, get your monkey-ass downstairs and eat your breakfast!" Chaz's voice echoed from downstairs to her room.

"Big mouth." She mumbled and put her bra back, and made her bed.

First day of school at Seisyu High, and she didn't want to get out of bed. There was no one besides her junior-brother-to-be to hang out with, and she didn't like that idea. He was known as the "popular" one and she was the "unique" one. She had no doubt that this school year, he'll have tons of friends, as for her, we'll see what happens today.

She headed for the bathroom first and took a shower, and felt all clean all over. She stared at her reflection and looked at her characteristics. She had her father's nose, her mother's hair, but a mixture of both in her eyes. Her long hair reached to her waist, it was annoying to have it down, because it always got in her way, so she always had it tied up. Next came her daily "first-day-of-school-outfit" , pair of blue jeans, a yellow blouse (her mom gave it to her for her 13th birthday) and her brown sneakers.

There was pounding on the door," Hey, Kyo, hurry up in there, I need to take a piss." Chaz's voice popped up again.

"Yeah, yeah, give me a sec." Kyo grabbed her belongings and opened the door.

There stood Chaz without his shirt on, and his six pack glaring at her no-pack. He glanced at her direction," Uh, privacy?"

Without a word, she went straight downstairs. The bathroom door slammed closed and the shower water was turned on, so was Chaz's horrid singing.

She drew her clothes in the laundry basket in the garage, her father's car was already gone, as usual, he had a new job and was up and early for it.

"Baby, I'll never leave you!"

She closed her eyes and went into the kitchen, grabbed some cereal from the brown cabinets underneath the stove. Oh yeah, coco puffs for me.

Delighted, she grabbed some milk and poured in into her bowl, and sat down to eat. In the middle of chewing, she saw her mother's portrait. She was smiling.

She passed away last, it was hard on her father, than it was for Chaz and her. He had this ghost-like appearance when she saw him, even Chaz, who needed to borrow the car sometimes, glanced at his direction, but made no action to ask him.

After a few minutes, she was done and washed her dish, cleaned the sink a little, from the remaining coco puffs from Chaz.

She grabbed her backpack and stuffed a book, "Blood and Chocolate" in her backpack. She grabbed her lunch bag, and stuffed it in there too. She went downstairs and sat on the couch, waiting for Chaz.

Hearing the bathroom door opened and closed, she got up, with her hands in her pockets, glancing at the time. 7:15. At least he was early. Usually he'd take his time.

"Ready to go, Kyo?" he came downstairs, with his backpack on his shoulder and an apple on his mouth. His hair was spiked up, last year he dyed it green, this year, he let his natural grow out. Which made him look civilized, than the years before that.

"Yeah, hurry up, you said we'll go early, I'm tried of waiting for you, let's go." She said, turning, opening the door knob.

"Wait, a quick-goodbye kiss to, Mom". He grabbed her portrait and whispered something and kissed her. He held out the portrait to her, she immediately took it, and felt a lump of tears form in her throat.

"Bye, Mom, I love you." She also whispered and kissed her portrait, placing back on the table. Chaz pat her head, and with a last glance at their mom's smiling face, they both went out the door.

After a few walks, they finally reached the school.

It was blue and white. Pretty huge, with flowers on the front. A flag pole in the middle of the crowded flowers and a wide black gate, with a sign on the top that said "SEISYU HIGHSCHOOL ACADEMY"

"Whoa, huge-ass school, huh, Kyo?" He said outloud, somehow reading her mind.

"Yeah, it's huge, I have to go find my classes, you coming?" Kyo was staring at Chaz, who was staring at a group of girls, giggling and pointing at Chaz. Chaz winked at them, before responding to her.

"Yeah, let's go, maybe I might find Imai here." He turned to her direction and they were walking around the school.

She caught the looks of some of the girls staring at Chaz and giving her an "evil" look, great, now they probably think I'm his girlfriend. Chaz, who didn't noticed, was talking about the basketball team, "..So far, this school is holding the chance to win the Championship and add it to their trophy case, and soon, I'll be playing for this school, hey look there's Imai!"

He was waving to the tall, good-looking guy that was surrounded with a group of boys and girls secretly trailing behind them. Imai waved back and was close enough that Imai's white, shiny teeth flashed and he was the almost the same height as Chaz, but only inches taller.

"Yo, Chaz." Imai and him gave this weird guy handshake greeting. Imai noticed her and gave another one of his flashy smiles and introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Imai, and you must be Chaz'z little sister…" He stopped, trying to remember her name.

"Kyo, it's Kyo, nice to meet you." There was no way she was going to shake his hand, not knowing how to do that weird handshake he did with Chaz.

He smiled, "Yeah, that's right, Kyo, you joining the girl's basketball team this year?"

Some of the guys laughed, but some were serious.

"Ah, Imai, shut up, there's no way I'm getting my little sister get hurt." He said giving her this "heroic" smile.

One of the guys spoke up, a guy with black, wavy hair and deep black eyes. He had a pierced ear, his earring shiny, in the light.

"She's not that bad, she's cute, she could probably play ball, if you or someone taught her."

Kyo blushed of embarrassment, "I'm not into those games nor am I interested, I have to find my classes, will you excuse me?"

Chaz and Imai laughed, so did the other guys. But this guy had a surprised look and gave her a smile and smirked.

"All right, you might have the same classes as me, I might as well, as a gentleman, escort you, right?" He said gesturing her.

"Leave me alone." She said coldly at him, now she was annoyed.

She hurriedly turned and turned to the other side of the building. Without knowing that he was following her, he jumped right in front of her. Startling her that she almost fell over.

He gently grabbed her arm, steadying her, and she quickly tore her arm from his hand.

"Hey, wait" he said as she was walking faster, trying to lose him. Finally from exhaustion, she stopped.

"What do you want?" She averted her eyes and him, narrowing them.

"I wasn't kidding, I'm a freshman too, maybe, I thought we might have the same classes together." He said, putting his hands in his pockets.

"Who are you?" She asked rudely. He never told me his name in the first place, all i know is he's a jerk.

"The name is Kensuke Yura." He said, flashing his white smile at her.

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