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"Come on Bones, it's a good cause." Special Agent Seeley Booth was once again trailing his lab coat-clad partner around the Jeffersonian trying to persuade her to do something that she didn't want to do.

They had already done a circuit of the autopsy table and been up two flights of stairs and then back down again.

"I'm sorry Booth, I'm busy." Temperance told him, not turning around or slowing down as she headed towards her office. Booth's long coat was flapping against his leg as he followed her.

As she walked into her office, she realised that she had probably made a mistake. Sure enough, Booth stood in the doorway leaning against the door on one side, with his hand braced against the frame on the other.

She was trapped.

She started sorting through the papers on her desk, still avoiding his eyes.

Booth surpressed a smile, Bones was pretty cute when she was flustered. He moved away from the doorway and sat on the edge of her desk. Her face was obscured by the curtain of rich brown hair, but she was still studiously ignoring him. Suddenly, he leant forward and put his hands on top of the two stacks of paper she was sorting through.

She looked up with a glare, surprised to find Booth's face only inches from hers. He didn't move and she looked at him unblinkingly

"Busy doing what?" He asked, a puzzled smile crinkling his brow, "Working in here?"

She didn't say anything, just sat back in the chair with her arms folded. Trying to ignore the waft of aftershave she'd caught as he'd leant over and the strange sensations it caused. And trying to ignore the way his brown eyes were sparkling as he regarded her challengingly.

"I have a job you know." She announced.

"I'm aware of that Bones, but you know what, you don't actually have to work on Saturdays." He sat back leaving the piles of paper unguarded now he had her attention.

"Really?" She said in mock astonishment, "I'll remember that next time one of your hot little lawyers in a mini-skirt needs a favour." She grinned to herself when his almost imperceptible flinch conceded the point to her.

"That's low Bones." He said sadly, then brightened immediately handing her a flyer, "It'll be fun."

She cocked her head on one side, "Booth - do I look like the sort of person who spends time at sports games?"

Booth ignored the question, "There's a fun fair too." He paused as she scanned the flyer, "You wouldn't leave me all alone would you? With no-one to cheer me on?"

She looked at him curiously, and cursed inwardly, how was she supposed to resist when he looked at her like that?

"Come on, please?" He said, knowing that she was weakening, "Hey, if you're really lucky I'll probably get flattened in a game."

She put the flyer down and looked up at him, "Fine, I'll come! But don't forget to ask Ange, Zach and Hogkins."

She found herself breaking into a smile in response to his triumphant grin. He's like a big kid half the time!

"Great. Pick you up at 9:30?" He asked.

Temperance looked at him in surprise.

"Your place is on my way to the park," he explained, "Parking will be a nightmare, one car is easier."

She thought for a moment, then nodded with a sigh, "Fine, whatever. Pick me up at 9:30 on Saturday."

Booth flashed his charming grin and then pushed off her desk, back onto his feet, "See you later Bones."

She watched him stroll out of the room, surprised to find herself wishing that he wasn't wearing his bulky coat. She decided that line of thought was not one she wanted to pursue and tried to make a start on some work, but her attention was drawn to his flyer - 'Scrum V - Charity Rugby Tournament.'

She rubbed her forehead with one hand. She hated spectator sports, and she didn't even know the rules for this one, yet somehow Booth had got her to agree to go. She placed the flyer face down on the table, telling herself firmly that the prospect of seeing Booth in a pair of shorts like the ones the grinning players on the flyer were wearing had nothing to do with her decision.


(Hope this isn't too obscure a story line... It should be a fun one...)