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The refreshing wind of California was sweeping through her hair, as she was being driven to school by her older sister.

Sunlight was shining down on the two girls, as they cruised through the streets in their flashy, red convertible.

Yep, things were perfect in her life. But if that was what you were thinking at this moment, you're completely wrong.

Life could never be as terribly wrong as it was going for poor Mary Brianna Gomez at the moment, no matter how sparkly and fake it all seemed to be on the outside.

Truth be told, she wasn't pretty. Not at all.

She had no love life, not even one to begin with. Sure, she DID get her first kiss, but it was all a total mistake.

She had no friends.

She wasn't smart.

Yeah, by now you MUST be getting the picture now, on how the whole world seems to hate 16 year old Brianna. There are pretty much more misfortunes to label and say about her, but say anymore and she'll literally break out into tears.

"Hey sis, mom said this is the way to Playa Linda High School, right?" her older sister, Talia, asked her.

Brianna nodded her head quietly, still deep in her own thoughts.

She stared over at Talia, sighing.

How much she wished to be her older sister, how much she wished.

Talia was the total opposite of herself, much to her fortune. Talia was pretty, and had her mother's dark brown, silky curls. She also had her father's sky blue eyes, to add to her luck.

She had guys chasing her every minute, and had chosen a handsome young man named James as her lover, after being able to choose from a wide variety of men who were willing to be the Queen's winning 'bachelor'.

"This place seems rather nice now, doesn't it?" Talia's sweet, musical voice asked her.

Brianna nodded, gazing at the swaying palm trees that they were swiftly passing by.

"Yes, it is rather nice," she whispered.

She couldn't help but continue on her drift to Cloud 9, where her comparisons to her role model older sister would ramble on.

It made her even sadder that her very own parents would prefer Talia than her, and weren't even a single ounce proud.

Okay, maybe a little, since she held a bit of passion and talent for her playing of the violin, but that was pretty much it.

They were proud of Talia for many reasons, such as singing, dancing, cooking, blah blah blah……….it all made her sick.

Compared to her sister, it was like comparing a gem to a stick.

Completely stupid, if you ask me.


Brianna snapped out of her reverie, and stared at Talia.

"What is it?"

"We're here."

Brianna looked at the scene in front of her, and it nearly made her sick to the bone.

A huge school, with very huge steps, with OTHER TEENAGERS. To make it even worse, some were making out against trees.

Damn, how much I wish I was like Talia right now!

"Um, do I REALLY have to go? You're not serious, are you?" Brianna asked, her voice shaking.

Talia smiled warmly, placing a sympathetic-but-kind hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, you'll do fine."

And with a push to her younger sister and a last, quick goodbye, she left.

Brianna watched as the shiny car drove away, her sister's long curls flying out as if waving.

She could feel the intense stare of others penetrating her back as she wished she was in another place.

She sighed, running her fingers nervously through her shoulder-length, dull hair.

I have to do this sometime, anyway!

Trying her best to summon as much courage as she could, she turned around and slowly made her way towards the big steps of the high school.

Each step felt like it took an hour each to finish, and she could feel some whispers flying about her and around.

Just don't meet their eyes. They'll know how hurt you are already.

She finally reached the huge, glass door of the school, and reluctantly reached out a sweaty hand to open it.

Her eyes scanned the inside of the school as she stepped inside, fully curious.

It looked like just like any other school she's been to. Long never-ending hallways, metal yellow lockers, the smell of burnt pizza drafting around.

Nervousness increased as she slowly walked towards the office, which was thankfully nearby the entrance.

After a long while of waiting, an old lady with a wart on her nose finally gave her a paper that was her schedule.

"Locker number 219, locker number 219……..wonder where are you……." she muttered to herself, staring confusedly at the yellow lockers, looking for her number.

After a worthy 10 minutes of waste, she leaned against a locker, burying her face into her hands in frustration.

Why do I have to be such a terrible navigator? Why? Why? The bell I bet is going to ring soon, and I never even found my first damn period class!

"Excuse me? You're leaning against my locker."

Brianna looked up from her hands, staring at a sorta-short girl waiting in front of her.

She was pretty and petite, with a pair of exotic hazel eyes and silky raven-black hair curled around her shoulders.

Her clothes fitted her like a model's, since she was wearing an army-patterned mini skirt and a one-shoulder sleeved white tank top and black heels.

Behind her were at least 8 girls wearing somewhat similar outfits like her own.

The girl stared at Brianna with her arms crossed, her left heel tapping on the tile floor impatiently.

Brianna finally realized she was just staring speechlessly at the group, and hopped immediately off the locker.

The girl rolled her eyes, going to her locker and opening it skillfully with speed.

Her 'posse' were settling into their lockers as well, which were coincidently right next to hers.

Brianna soon noticed all of their lockers were painted a pale pink, with the exception of gold stars sticked onto the Queen Bee's locker.

When the group was finally done, the girl looked once more over at Brianna.

"Welcome to Playa Linda High, bitch."

She waved a perfectly-manicured hand at her, as her group laughed.

All of them left, walking in a line and stepping in-synch with each other, flipping their hair and chattering away.

People jumped back into the sides as the group walked down the hall.

Brianna sighed, watching them walk away.

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