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"I'll see ya later over at you're house? Eight-o-clock sharp?" Violet asked, tracing a finger down Bradin's chest.

He grinned, nodding. "As always."

"Tell your aunt I'm coming over to 'study' again," she added, giving a wink over to him. He blushed a deep red as she said that, and she soon gave him a kiss on the lips.

She waved as she left the classroom, glaring at Brianna a last time before finally turning her back towards the hall.

Bradin watched his girlfriend's retreating figure disappear, and then he turned towards Brianna.

"Our country's 'Chile', right?" Bradin asked.

Brianna nodded, even though her head was still numb with disgust at what Bradin and Violet's so-called 'study time' was going to totally be about.

"Let's go over to my house?" he asked her, picking up his heavy backpack while walking towards the door.

Brianna's jaw hung open, aghast at what Bradin was suggesting to her.

Thing was, she has NEVER been to a guy's house before, particularly a hot blonde popular guy who had a hot bitchy girlfriend as well. She felt herself squirm at the thought, as she desperately tried to concoct an excuse not to go over.

"Uh………..I don't think that's going to be a good idea………" she trailed off. Bradin turned around, his eyebrows raised.

"Why not? You're just coming over to my house for a project, nothing more!" he replied calmly.

Brianna wringed her wrists together. She knew that she wasn't a good liar, and that fact wasn't going to help her in this particular situation.

"I'm new here, remember? I just don't think my parents are going to be too excited that I'll be already going to a guy's house on my first day!"

She knew that this was even a lie, since her parents trusted her enough for her to go anywhere.

Bradin rolled his eyes, sighing. "Come on, let's just go! You can call your parents when we come over to my place!"

Before she could argue, he was already strolling smoothly out the door, with her struggling to catch up along the way.


"Why are you so nervous?"

Brianna looked up, shaking her head. "I'm not nervous! Who said I was? Why would I be nervous? There's no reason to be ner-"

Bradin laughed, sticking his key to the door of the beach house. "See? Like that!"

He looked over at the quiet girl standing beside him, who was taking a rather big interest on her sneakers.

"Aw Brianna, they're just my family! It's not as if they're going to eat you alive! Well, maybe when there's steak for dinner………."

Brianna's face turned pale. He laughed, placing his hand on the already-unlocked door knob. He turned it.

"Just kidding."

They both slowly stepped inside the house, Brianna's hands were visibly shaking, which she stuffed quickly into her pockets. Silence was all over the house, except for the noise of a tea kettle whistling loudly somewhere in the kitchen.

Bradin dropped his backpack to the sofa nearby, and he gestured to Brianna to do the same.

A thin woman with brown hair came walking down from a flight of stairs, a length of measuring tape sticking out of her mouth and a beautiful mint green silk dress draped across her arms.

"Brae, did you bring the pair of scissors I asked for? Violet, sweetie, I just made this new dress, and I'm sure it'll look stunning on you! Don't worry though, it's not as long as the other one, and you don't have to worry about tripping down the catwalk!" the woman said absently, placing the tape down on the sofa.

She held up the dress in admiration, but then stared at Brianna in confusion when finding out that she wasn't the person she was 'talking to'. Brianna looked down, feeling her cheeks heat up in embarrassment.

Great, she expected me to be Bradin's 'perfect girlfriend'! Compare me to her, and it's like comparing a sumo wrestler to Tyra Banks! Just like my sister………

Bradin soon broke the silence by saying, "Aunt Ava, this is Brianna. Brianna, this is my Aunt Ava. She came over to work on a project with me."

His aunt nodded, laying the dress carefully down on the sofa.

"Sorry about what I said. I just assumed you were Violet, since she comes here nearly every day with Bradin!" Ava apologized, her eyes sincere. Brianna nodded.

"It's alright."


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