Title: Happy Birthday Obi-Wan
Author: Vee017
Genre: Romance/General/Humour
Setting: AU. RotS-ish
Rating: PG-16
Warnings: Kinda fluffy, maybe OOCness
Summary: With his birthday approaching, all Obi-Wan wants to do is get drunk and be miserable while Anakin wants to have a party.

Anakin threw a glare at the door.

He didn't care.

He really didn't. And all he wanted was for Obi-Wan to stop caring too. It didn't matter how much older the Jedi Master was or how many years he had on Anakin. The fact of the matter was that the former Padawan could really care less about their age difference. And yet every year around this time, Obi-Wan became obsessed with it.

"You should be with someone younger Anakin."

"You'll find someone else Anakin."

"I don't want anyone else, Obi-Wan you idiot." Anakin muttered as he kicked the small table in front of him. The Knight didn't know who to blame first for his Master's insecurities; the Crèche Masters, the younglings he grew up with, the Jedi in general, Qui-Gon. He didn't know. It could have been everything combined or maybe the age difference itself coupled with the fact that Anakin really was the only person to love Obi-Wan like this. His emotions had always been so closed off from everything, the perfect Jedi, dedicated follower of the Code, paragon of Jedi Virtue, well, at least until Anakin came of age that is.

He chuckled. The great Obi-Wan Kenobi wasn't so immune to feeling after all. And that had sent Anakin's heart fluttering when he had first thought he saw a glimpse of something else in his Master's eyes one day. He had hoped and prayed to every deity he knew that the look had meant something, that Obi-Wan wanted Anakin like the young man wanted him. He had been eighteen when they had shared their first kiss and it was in that moment he knew that he never wanted to be in anyone else's arms but his Master's. He belonged there. It was coming home, milk and cookies, fireworks exploding, floodgates crashing, and then when they made love...Anakin shivered. It was beautiful. All he wanted was Obi-Wan, and Obi-Wan wanted him too.

So it had hurt exponentially when Obi-Wan had thought that he had something going on with Padme.

Anakin shook his head. He really didn't want to remember that disaster. It had nearly ended the best thing he ever had.

And speaking of the best thing he ever had...Obi-Wan was now probably wandering aimlessly around the Temple in search of a place to hide and sulk. For someone who was supposed to be turning forty, he could definitely act just like the child he accused Anakin of being.

The Knight sighed and looked over at the chrono on the wall silently mulling over the party that wasn't going to happen. He had wanted to plan it that day and go until midnight when it would officially become Obi-Wan's birthday, everyone would say their happy birthday's and drink some more into the night. Then in the morning, Anakin could have Obi-Wan all to himself.

But Obi-Wan didn't like parties. Even on their away missions he tended to negotiate his way out of them if he could; and if he couldn't then he ended up going solely because it was required and his duty as an Ambassador of the Jedi.

Anakin moaned. What could he do for Obi-Wan's birthday then? He wasn't about to let his lover go on a drinking binge over the stupidest thing he'd ever heard of. And if Obi-Wan was in a bar right now, he was seriously going to go down there, kick his ass, then tie him to their bed for a few days.

Softly probing at their bond, Anakin's sudden thought was calmed by Obi-Wan's presence still safely within the confines of the Temple and nowhere near Master Windu's brandy stock.

Anakin sighed.

He had to come up with something.

And then it hit him. A million watt smile lit up his face as he laughed. It was perfect. And thoughtful. Obi-Wan liked it when he was thoughtful.

He glanced at the time again before heading to the com-unit to enlist some help as it was going to take a while.


This is ridiculous, thought Obi-Wan. And so uncivilized.

He groaned and buried his head in his hands, thankful that this section of the Temple Gardens was completely empty. It wouldn't do for any younglings to see the legendary Master Kenobi fighting off a mid-life crisis. His actions, barely an hour ago, were truly pathetic, and then to continue in Anakin's presence was unforgivable. He would never live it down.

And it didn't help that the more he thought about what happened, the more embarrassed he became and if he ever tried to call Anakin a child again, his little scene on the couch would undoubtedly be brought up.

A small inkling in the Force was the only warning he got when a voice started up behind him.


"Don't. Even say it, Bant."

The Mon Calamari rolled her luminous eyes and chuckled behind Obi-Wan, crossing over to sit beside him on the garden bench.

"I'm not sure if I should pity you or be angry with you."

"A Jedi does not know anger, so therefore it's pity."

Bant fought the urge to roll her eyes again and settled instead for shaking her head. She could see what Anakin had been blathering on about when he had commed her, pleading with her to take a break in the Healer's Wing and keep Obi-Wan occupied for as long as she could.

"And don't let him come home till later!"

"What are you doing exactly?"

"Nothing that concerns anyone, just keep him busy. Very busy. Like late busy."

Bant smiled.

So today was really the day. The day that Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi came undone. And the surprise party Anakin had planned for his 38th had more than likely added to the aging angst.

Obi-Wan had always been the serious one of their little rag tag group of Padawans and to see him frowning over grey hairs in the reflecting pool at thirty-three and now muttering into his hands about best friends who ignored you when you talked were moments to be treasured.

"If you're not even listening to me then why are you here?"

"Not to hear you whine that's for sure."

"...but I'm old."

"Master Yoda is old. You my friend, are not. Are you going to call me old when I turn forty?"

"It's different and you know it."

"Oh cheer up."


Anakin Skywalker was going to cook.

He didn't know how and he didn't know why, but he was going to. Well, he did know why but he wasn't sure if he was going about it the correct way.

One thing he was sure of though was that Obi-Wan liked home cooked meals and it was usually the older man who cooked everything as Anakin somehow managed to burn water. But today would be different! It was Obi-Wan's birthday and after the scene in the living room he felt that he could do no more wrong. At least that's what he thought in the beginning.

The kitchen wasn't looking too bad and the recipe book he found wasn't too difficult to follow, it gave him the ingredients and what to do, but it could have been a bit clearer in its notation. What the hell was a tsp? Oh well, he supposed he could always improvise.

So he set forth and after spilling the bag of flour, knocking over the milk with his elbow and then accidentally used the Force in anger thereby exploding the eggs, he had successfully finished adding the ingredients in the bowl in how he interpreted the book to mean. Now all he had to do was mix them thoroughly.

Mix with blender.

Not too hard, he had seen Obi-Wan do it a few times so why couldn't he?

Turning on the blender to its highest setting, Anakin placed it in the batter before realizing his mistake as the quickly turning whisks splattered the concoction everywhere. Turning it off, Anakin slowly wiped the batter off his face and walked out of the kitchen before he had a fit and started throwing things.


"Why are you here anyway? I thought you were working." Obi-Wan turned to Bant and regarded her uncertainly.

"I can't take time off to wish my bestest friend in the whole wide world a happy birthday?"


Bant scoffed at his deadpan. "Lighten up and let's go spar."

"Bant I'm not..."

"Yes you are. It'll be good for you."

"I don't feel like it."

"It'll take you mind off things. Besides you were the one who said we should try and spend more time together and what better time than your birthday?"

"Stop saying that word."

"Spar with me and you won't hear it from me again."


"I'll hang a giant 'Happy Birthday Obi-Wan' banner at the front entrance of the Temple complete with your comm number so people can send you well wishes all throughout the day."

"You wouldn't."

"On the HoloNet too, do you know how many people would love to wish The Negotiator a happy - where are you going?"

"You said you wanted to spar."

Bant grinned and fell into step beside Obi-Wan as they left the Gardens and traced a familiar route through the halls to the training salles. They were nearly there when a group of younglings came running by with smiles stretched across their faces, which made Bant a little suspicious.

"Happy Birthday Master Kenobi!"

"Is it really your birthday?"

"Master Vos said-"

Bant had to try hard to stop laughing. Obi-Wan's patience was absolutely limitless due to training one Anakin Skywalker and his frustration and horror was never shown to the young Jedis-in-training. Smiling with a heartfelt thanks she wouldn't have thought possible, Bant had to bite her fist to keep quiet when Obi-Wan's face changed the second the last youngling was out of sight to complete mortification and disbelief.

She could hear Obi-Wan's jaw clench and his teeth grate together as he started muttering under his breath about what sounded like 'Quinlan' and doing something with broken glass.

Mace Windu stood outside the Kenobi-Skywalker residence listening to the occasional bang and constant swearing coming from within.

Assuming that the metal clanging and lack of Obi-Wan's force signature indicated no "activities" were taking place, Mace felt that his eyesight was safe enough to ring the bell.

It was a little disappointing however, that Obi-Wan was nowhere to be found, Mace had been anticipating heckling the younger Master. The man was far too sensitive about his age, especially if his last surprise party was any indication.

The smell of smoke coming from the apartment worried him a bit as he waited, but as the door slid open the thought was abandoned as Mace retracted his earlier notion about his eyesight being safe. One of the second last things he ever wanted to see in life was a sweaty Anakin Skywalker, covered in varying substances and wearing nothing but boots, pants, and an apron that read "Sex the Cook".

"I'll pass thanks."

"What?" Anakin's eyes narrowed in confusion before he noticed Mace staring at the apron with a raised brow. Anakin scowled. "What do you want?"

"Where the hell did you get that?" said Mace still eyeing the apron.

"It's Obi-Wan's."

"Obi-Wan's?" Mace looked at him disbelievingly.

Anakin huffed. "It was a gift okay?"

"I'm sure he appreciated it."

"I said 'what do you want'."



Mace held up the bottle of alcohol that he had been carrying. A blue ribbon was tied around the neck of the bottle.

"Obi-Wan's birthday present. I'm sure you'll make sure he gets it. And don't pour it down the sink again; I'm going to ask him tomorrow for confirmation that he got it."

Anakin rolled his eyes. Like Obi-Wan needed more alcohol, the liqueur cabinet was already stacked with bottles varying in their degree of fullness.

"Yeah, yeah, fine." Anakin grabbed the bottle, gave Windu a half-assed nod and shut the door.

"Insolent little-," Mace's eyebrow raised again when the door reopened with a thoughtful, if slightly pained, looking Skywalker.

"Are you busy now?"

"That depends on what you're about to ask."

Anakin opened his mouth a few times, trying how best to say what he had to Master Windu.

"Look, it...it's Obi-Wan's birthday and I'm...making him something..."

Mace chose not to comment on the increasingly strong smell of smoke or the black tint of the air behind Anakin.

"I've already asked Master Eerin to keep him busy but she can't do it all day and I...might...need more time so if she can't keep him away any longer...could you keep him busy for a few more hours? He's been gone all morning and half the afternoon already so..."

"What time do you want him home?"

"After sunset."

"I guess it would get me out of tamikball with Yoda. I mean the way he jumps around really isn't fair..."

"So you'll do it? Good. Go and...do that. Go."

Mace turned to go, with one last look behind Anakin's shoulder, and left to find Obi-Wan. He'd keep him out of Anakin's way and prayed to the Force that the boy left a home still standing for Obi-Wan to return to. By the way things looked and smelled, Skywalker was about to burn their apartment down. Mace shrugged, he wasn't the one Obi-Wan was going to kill for that.

Though he might for the heckling he was about to receive. Windu laughed when as if on cue, Skywalker shouted after him.

"And don't put him in a worse mood that he already is!"

Anakin growled and shut the door. Maybe he should have found Master Mundi and had him engage Obi-Wan in a sabacc match or something equally as boring. Obi-Wan probably would have liked that more than what Master Windu undoubtedly had in mind.

Shaking his head, Anakin turned back to the kitchen and groaned loudly. He was pretty sure that the fireball coming out of the stove wasn't normal.


Obi-Wan held his head in his hands as he sat on the floor of the training salles silently thanking the Force for Aayla Secura as the annoyed Twi'lek dragged both Kit and Quinlan away from him.

That was the exact reason why he liked the Gardens. The Masters who graced it with their presence didn't care what day it was and did nothing but nod at him or possibly engage him in light conversation before going back to their meditations. It was peace, it was quiet, and he had a feeling Bant was laughing at him.

"It's not like I expected them to walk in Obi-Wan."

Sure you didn't. "Mhhmmm."

"I don't understand you, you know that? Quinlan's older than you."

"He's not the one who looks older."

"Then shave off that damn beard."

"...but I like my beard."

"It ages you. You grew it to look older remember?"

"You try being a Jedi Master at twenty-five..."

"You'd look younger."

"My temples are grey."

"You take yourself entirely too seriously you know that. There were times when I thought you'd have grey hair by the time you were twenty. All the complaining you did about Qui-Gon's 'pathetic lifeforms' taking over your quarters."

Obi-Wan smiled lightly. He remembered that. Qui-Gon had brought in any stray animal he found into their home and even the occasional plant. It seemed that he could never just drop them off at a shelter but had an innate urge to bring them home, nurse them, ignore Obi-Wan, and annoy the Council with clogging the Temple with "pests". Obi-Wan had agreed with them.

But the biggest stray of them all came in the form of a young boy named Anakin Skywalker. An annoying child, an endearing Padawan, and now a full Jedi Knight who was both annoying and endearing...somehow...

Obi-Wan's thoughts were cut off when Bant slapped him on the back causing him to look up and groan. By the look on Master Windu's face he had just got the story from Fisto and Vos. Damn them all. Was it too late to change his mind? All Obi-Wan wanted to do now was get back to his quarters, grab Anakin, and never leave their bed.


Anakin Skywalker sat on the floor of a now thoroughly destroyed kitchen clutching the sole survivor of his culinary disaster. It was surprisingly beautiful, if not a bit lop-sided, and all it needed was some decoration to look its best for Obi-Wan. It had taken him all day and half the evening but he had done it.

Getting up from his position on the ground, he set his creation lovingly down on a plate in the centre of the slightly blackened kitchen table and went to get ready.

He was a compete mess and a shower would be more than welcome. Reaching the 'fresher Anakin kicked off his boots and undid the apron straps, letting it flutter to the ground before peeling off his pants; how Obi-Wan stayed clean when cooking Anakin would never know.

He nudged the apron before turning on the water and stepping into the warm spray. It was actually a good thing Obi-Wan hated that apron. He laughed. The look on Obi-Wan's face when Anakin had presented it to him on the Solstice was all he needed it for. Though he did like it when Obi-Wan wore it for him, it gave him a good excuse to bend the older man over the kitchen cupboards.

Anakin grinned as he trailed a hand down his wet stomach, plotting how his surprise for Obi-Wan would go tonight and the naughty images it elicited.


Twelve minutes. Twelve minutes and thirty-seven seconds. That's how much time was left until Obi-Wan officially turned forty. Having supposedly been born at 12:02 in the morning, and here he was walking back to his shared quarters completely sober. Mace hadn't even brought him any alcohol while he was paraded into the Council Chambers, the Healer's Ward, and then they were all caught by Master Yoda, who was a bit miffed at a certain bald Jedi for forgetting a certain game, made them play a tamikball tournament (in Obi-Wan's honour of course).

It hadn't been that bad actually. Except maybe Yoda's "Hmm, over 800 I am, move faster think you could Master Kenobi."

Obi-Wan shook his head. All he wanted was to go inside, lay down, and - he froze.

Peering inside his quarters through the now open doors, dread crawled up his spine at the complete lack of light. He had left Anakin to his own devices for an entire day. The day before his birthday to be exact. Obi-Wan groaned remembering that morning. All his love wanted to do was show him how much he cared and he hadn't even come back home after their lover's tiff. Obi-Wan's face nearly fell until he looked back into the room with suspicion. If Anakin had planned a surprise party after what he had went through today he'd kill him.

Steeling himself for whatever awaited, Obi-Wan crossed the door's threshold and jumped as the door shut leaving him in pure darkness.

Obi-Wan scanned the room searching for any signs of life, though nothing had happened thus far...

"Don't worry, we're alone."

The older Jedi let out a sigh. "Anakin?" His hand went to the light switch.

"No." His hand froze at his lover's voice. "Leave them off."

"What do you have planned exactly?"

"You'll see."

Obi-Wan felt the warmth of Anakin's left hand as it slid into his own and tugged him into following him. The Master resisted a laugh as they travelled the well- worn path to their bedroom.

Anakin ran his thumb over the skin of Obi-Wan's hand and cast a wary side-long glance at the kitchen, thankful for the lack of light to hide the damage.

Once in their room, he guided Obi-Wan towards the bed and pushed him onto it.

"Wait here and take off your clothes."

Obi-Wan sorted. "Subtle."

"I meant get comfortable and you know it."

"Sure you did Padawan."

Though he couldn't see him, Obi-Wan was sure Anakin was rolling his eyes as he left the room. Relatively sure that no one was going to jump out from beneath the bed, Obi-Wan took off his boots and layers, leaving his pants on just in case.

He sat on the edge of the bed and waited until he could hear Anakin's footsteps coming back down the hall and watched as a small glow started and entered the room, moving forward.

Obi-Wan couldn't help the smile that spread across his face as an almost naked Anakin stood in front of him with the glow from a lone candle perched atop a single cupcake as their only light.

"I made it."

Obi-Wan chose to ignore the rising sense of panic as his eyes flickered to where the kitchen would be through the wall. Pushing the feeling down he concentrated on the being in front of him who had probably tried so hard to make this tiny creation for him. It was only a little cupcake as well, exactly how bad could the kitchen really be?

Anakin held out the cupcake for Obi-Wan to take almost shyly. The corners of his mouth twitched into a little smile, blue eyes watching his Master through long, dark lashes. What was it about Obi-Wan that could turn him back into a blushing Padawan? He still got the same feeling he had as a ten-year-old boy whenever he made something to give to Obi-Wan. Even now his approval meant everything.

"And the icing?"

Anakin reddened as the pastry found its way into his Master's hands. "That's um, pudding from the cafeteria."

Obi-Wan chuckled as he dipped his finger into it causing Anakin to swallow hard when he liked the chocolate off his finger.

"I gift wrapped myself for you," Anakin blurted. "I thought of using paper but it was too loud and uncomfortable."

Obi-Wan smiled as he noticed the slight alteration Anakin had made to his sleep pants. The usually black tie was gone and had been replaced by a red ribbon tied into a perfect bow at the front.
"How thoughtful of you."

Anakin grinned and climbed onto the bed beside his Master who pushed himself up against the pillows.

"Do I get to make a wish?" asked Obi-Wan motioning the candle.

Anakin brushed his lips against Obi-Wan's shoulder. He loved the way the soft light danced over his skin and bent again to kiss the freckles that dusted Obi-Wan's shoulders.


He watched Obi-Wan grin and then waited a moment before a rush of air plunged them both into darkness.

"I know what you wished for."

"And what's that?"

"You can choose the position if you want to."

Obi-Wan snorted as he felt Anakin shift onto his back. Gone was the boy who was shy about giving Obi-Wan anything and back was the Knight who could do or say whatever he wanted. "You can be on top, or I can mount you from the bottom."

"How generous of you."

"I'm a giving guy."

Obi-Wan trailed a hand down Anakin's chest until he reached the tie in his pants and released the bow, lowering himself next to Anakin their lips met in a slow kiss, silently parting, tongues entwining. The feel of Anakin's heated skin against his own sent shivers racing down his back. Maybe later they could play a game with that cupcake and its icing...

Anakin smiled against his Master's lips, he would make this night as memorable as he could for Obi-Wan and hopefully keep him up all night and day to show him just how old he's not. This night would be wonderful and perfect, he would see to it.

Because come morning, after seeing his precious kitchen, Obi-Wan was going to kill him.


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