Disclaimer: those two gorges T's don't belong to me so alas I bid you a-do

Character ages:

Robin: 17

Cyborg: 18

Raven: 16

Beast Boy: 16

Starfire: 17

Chapter 1- Sister

"You're sure your friends are okay with me?"

"Ya no doubt!"

"Well I'll see you in the morning Gar."

Beast Boy closed his cell phone. After years of not seeing her he could finally relax. He continued cleaning his room.

"Um… Beast Boy you're uh cleaning your room…" Robin stood there not knowing what to do.

"Ya so?"

"You never clean your room. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine just expecting someone." With that he closed his door.

The Next Day

"Yes I'll have a large meat lover's supreme and a large tofu pizza. Thank you. Uh huh ya goodbye." Cyborg hung up. Knock, Knock.

Beast Boy jumped up. "I'll get it!"

"Ha, ha you're too slow" Cyborg said as he rushed to the door. He opened it to reveal a green girl in a black skirt and tank top. He looked at her with wide eyes "Beast Boy's a girl?" shock was clearly presnt. Just the Beast Boy was there.

"Hello Morph." Beast Boy said in a cold voice.

"Beast Boy." They stood there with out speaking for a couple minuets. By then the others had popped in with confused faces. The corners of Morph's mouth twitched upward. Beast Boy looked as if he would explode. He burst out laughing and she did the same.

"I won!" declared the green girl.

"No you didn't! I saw you smile!" he said smiling.

"What kind of a name is 'Beast Boy'? Aren't you a little old for that?"

"Well what kind of a name is 'Morph'?" he shot back with a grin. The others stood there with their mouths open as the two reached out and hugged each other. Raven glared at the green girl.

"Gar I've missed you a bunched!"

"Ya I missed you too Glor."

"Uh who are you?" robin asked with a confused look.

"I'm Morph. Didn't you recognize me? Surly Beast Boy said what I looked like."

"Um… no actually. In all honesty he didn't mention anything."

She turned to BB.

"You told them I was coming? ... Right!"

He looked down.

"GARFIELD LOGAN OF ALL THE THINGS!" she yelled at him slapping him up side the head.

"Oww… sorry, I kept putting it off…"

"Grrr... Garfield I can not believe you." With that she stormed off. As she reached the waters edge she sprouted wings and took off.

"Gloria wait!"

Cyborg was the first to speak. "Who in gods name is was that!"

"It was my… um… sister."

They all started at him. Raven let out a quick sigh of relief.

"You have a sister?" Robin asked cautiously.

"Ya… my big sister"

"How big?"

"Two years older."

"Why is she green?"

"She got the same disease in Africa like me… only a year earlier. She doesn't like to think about it, so if you bring it up she will be moody for a while."

"Why didn't you tell us?"

"I don't know. She's always been there, looking out for me. I invited her over cause I missed her so much. Is it okay? I mean she'll fit in great! She's smart, likes books, she loves all foods, she rocks at video games, she's an awesome mechanic and she's really into martial arts. She is really funny, yet calm, she's a good person! Can she stay! Please?" he turned into a kitten and gave them the most pitiful look he could muster up.

Robin looked down at the small cat and sighed. "Sure."

He jumped up. "Off to the mall!"

Cyborg looked at him with shock in his eyes. "Why are you going shopping man? Aren't you going after her?"

"She likes to shop when she's pissed." He walked out and changed in to a hawk and flew off.

"Well that wasn't awkward." muttered Raven sarcastically.

Just then the pizza boy walked up. Cyborg paid him and walked to the kitchen. They then sat on the couch watching TV. Raven opened her book and began to read. God I thought she was his girlfriend or somthing. Why hadn't he mentioned her before? You can't forget to mention your big sister. He obviously cares for her a bunch. I wonder…

Jump City Mall

Beast Boy ran through the mall and stopped when he saw his sister angrily picking out clothes.

"Hey. Didn't think I would find you here." he said with a grin.

"Garfield why didn't you tell them?"

"I… I don't know but they agreed to let you stay!"

She sighed. "thanks Gar."

She bought the clothes and went outside.

"Want me to take you home?"

"Sure! It could be fun!" She grabbed his hand, grew wings and took off towards their small tower.

Titans Tower

The front door opened and closed. Beast Boy and Morph walked into the common room.

"You guys this is my sister, Morph."

The titans stood up and walked towards the siblings. Before they could do anything she walked up to Starfire.

"Hello Starfire. What is your favorite color and do you wish to my friend?" she smiled.

"Oh yes new friend Morph I would like to be your friend and my favorite color is the pink! I shall now go make the Pudding of New Friends!" she beamed.

"Sounds great!" they looked at her shocked. Next Morph walked over to Robin.

"So then, Robin sense it was you who let me stay here, of course I'm just guessing, would you care to join me in practicing martial arts in the morning? BB said you were really good."

"Umm sure what time?"

"How about six?"

"Great." she then walked over to Cyborg.

"Hey." he said.

She smiled. "Hey yourself. Do you think you might be able to show me the T-car later today?"


She flashed him a smile and moved on to Raven.

"Ahh… the famous Raven Beast Boy talks so much about." Cyborg giggled.

"I do believe we'll get along nicely… we have a lot to talk about." she continued. She faced BB and gave him an evil smile.

"As for you little brother…" she walked over to him raising one eyebrow. "One word, videogames! You gloat about beating Cyborg so much. But can you beat me? Oh and can I get some food?" she smiled innocently.

"Ya, follow me." He walked leading Morph, Raven, Cyborg and Robin to the kitchen. He got her a plate and went over to get pizza. Starfire was busy preparing pudding.

"Vegan or Meat?"

"Meat thanks." They stared at her as she sat on the couch eating her pizza. She looked over at them.

"What? Can't eat on the couch?"

"No," said Robin. "You can eat there but why are you eating meat? BB hates it."

"Tofu is so overrated." She continued to eat her pizza.

A few minutes later the Gamestation was on while Morph kicked BB, Robin, and Cyborg at it.

"The Pudding is ready!" announced Starfire.

Morph got a spoon and started to eat it. The others looked at her in disbelief and horror. Soon it was all gone. She smiled largely. From a far Raven was watching Morph. Well she is a lot taller than Beast Boy and she'll eat anything, even meat. The team seems to like her but should I trust her? What did she mean 'We have a lot to talk about'? Morph looked up to Raven watching her.

"Hey uh were can I sleep?"

Beast Boy led her to a spare room and said good night.

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