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"You know, I think she has your hair." Kate walked over to Emma, and smiled. "Maybe your ears, too. And most definitely your patience. Claire and I haven't gone over the full list yet, though."

Jack's head shot up, and his eyes penetrated Kate, "What do you mean?"

"She's yours, Jack. She's yours…"

And Jack could tell that this time, Kate wasn't lying.

Auf Achse
The Last and Final Part – Part Six

In a bullet proof vest,
With the windows all closed,
I'll be doing my best,
I'll see you soon,
In a telescope lens,
And when all you want is friends,
I'll see you soon.
-Coldplay's 'See You Soon'-

"Mine?" Jack looked at the small child in his arms. "…Are you serious? Because if this is some kind of joke, it really isn't fu-" He was cut off by Kate moving closer to him, and giving him the most serious stare he had ever seen. Her eyes were filled with hundreds of emotions, and it was hard to see which one was the most predominant one.

"You wanted me to start telling the truth, right? Well, there's the truth, sitting right in your arms." Kate pointed at the little bundle of joy she had given birth to just a year before.

"Bu-But you told me it was Sawyer's. It's Sawyer's. Kate, I'm not ready to be a dad. I'm not that type, and I don't think I'll ever be." A thousand excuses poured into his mind like water into a cup. Words couldn't come quickly enough, and sentences were forming on his tongue and erasing faster then he could get them out.

"It was a lie. My whole life has been a lie, up to this point, Jack. Claire is the only one who knows Emma is yours. Her and I. No one else, except you now." Kate said calmly, taking the sleeping child from his arms, and setting her back into the baby carrier. "You have somewhere quieter we could talk this out?" The maternal instinct was taking over.

"No." Jack replied before he could stop himself. "You mean to tell me that you lied to me? Kate, I could've helped out! I could have sent money, or visited her! How do you think I feel, knowing that I'll never hear my daughter's first words? Or see her first walk? I'll never hear that first cry, or that first noise that you thought was a word, but ended up being a burp!" He screamed at her, and slammed his fist into the counter. "Dammit, Kate!"

"I… I thought you weren't ready to be a dad. I thought it'd be better that you'd never know. I thought you and I were over."

"You thought, did you? You thought wrong!" He yelled again, clenching and unclenching his fist.

"I hadn't heard from you for a year, Jack! No phone call until today! What the hell was I supposed to have thought!" Kate started screaming back. She was sick and tired, and had gotten herself into a mess she hadn't wanted to go ever near in the first place. She should had just stayed at the gas station, gotten over the feeling, and went back to Claire's.

And as Kate voiced this, Jack's face grew solemn, realizing what he just said before. "Kate…"

"What now? Want to sock it at me some more, tough guy? Slam your fist into the wall, make a decent sized dent to remember me by? Go ahead, take a shot. Because you'll know in the end that you had your chance to become a dad. To become a husband, and to have a normal family. And now, all you're stuck with is a dead father, and an overly-controlling mother, because you gave up that chance when you didn't call." Kate glared at the doctor, feeling nothing but hatred and another thing.


Fear for her life, fear for her daughter. Fear about her financial situation, fear about her home. Fear for many things that she had been shutting out before.

"You're right." Jack hung his head low in defeat. "I gave it all up. It was silly and stupid for me not to make that phone call so many months ago, and I'm starting to regret that now. You're right about me not ready to become a dad, and you're right that I'm stuck with a crappy family situation. You were right when you said that I gave up the right to being a husband, and to having a semi-normal family with you. You're right about it all." He fought to keep back tears, because doctors weren't supposed to cry. He wasn't supposed to cry.

"Damn straight I'm right!" Kate rubbed her temple, and stared down at the floor. She felt bad for Jack, and suddenly, a realization came to her mind. For the first time in years, someone was admitting she was right. It was a good feeling to feel. But she wanted to share it with someone. Someone that meant a lot to her.

So she did.

"You know, the funniest thing happened to me today." She looked up at Jack, her eyes smiling.

"Yeah? What?" Jack raised his eyebrows at the sudden change in mood.

"Some doctor told me I was right today. Imagine, some high authority man telling a prior criminal she was right. It was a very life-altering moment." Kate started laughing.

Jack felt like laughing along with her, and thus he did. "Must have been."

"And you know what else was weird today?" She went on, looking him straight in the eye.

"What?" He wasn't sure what was to come next.

"The same man told me he loved me. And I felt the same way for him." Kate's eyes were shining, and Jack was sure this was as cliché as it could get.

"Really?" He grinned, walking up to her.

"Really." She managed to get out before Jack took her in his arms, and gave the most passionate kiss he had ever shared with anyone before.


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