Mario Competes In a Game...Show

Note: I don't anything related to the Mario series.
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Chapter 1 – What Would You Do?

Mario woke up and looked around. It was only seven but he couldn't fall back asleep. He finally got out of bed and glanced at his brother who was sleeping like a baby in the bed across from him. Mario decided to go for a morning walk and put on his signature red shirt and overalls, complete with his hat and super boots. He left his house and walked down Toady Road. The toads that woke up early for work waved to him as he passed on by and he waved back and smiled. Mario eventually found himself thinking about his life… 'I'm 29 years old and Peach and I haven't made it official yet, I still live with my brother, I can barely make end's meet, and on top of everything else I have to deal with Bowser all the time. What a life I have, a poor wifeless hero.' He was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't even see the town bulletin board before he ran right into it. Mario rubbed his nose as he got up off the ground, "Ouch! That hurt." He stared at the bulletin board like it had jumped in front of him just so he could run into it. He was fixing to walk away before one of the papers caught his eye.

Attention All Residents of Mushroom Kingdom

Would you like some extra coins? How about the chance to win 100,000,000 of them?
What would you do to win that much… anything?

Well, here's your chance! Auditions for the new game show…

What Would You Do?

Are happening June 14th at 10:30AM at the Royal Palace.

King Toadstool and Princess Peach have graciously agreed
to allow the auditions at the palace.

Show up and good luck!

Mario grinned at the thought of winning a hundred million coins, 'I'd finally have the money to have the perfect wedding, Peach and I could get our own castle and we could do anything! Her father couldn't object then, I can still hear him. "Mario you're a great guy and our hero but… you're a bum, get some money and then I'll think about handing my daughter over to you." I just have to win this contest, but I know its not going to be easy.' Just then he heard a familiar voice calling his name.

"Hey there, Mario." He turned to see his buddy Yoshi.

"Hey, Yoshi, how's it going?"

"Pretty good… I see you have your eye on that game show auditions. They're tomorrow, you know. Are you going to tryout?"

Mario smiled at his long time friend. "I could really use the extra coins."

Yoshi laughed, "So can I. I'll be there."

"I might as well apologize now…" Mario said in the most serious tone he could muster.

"For what?" Yoshi asked.

"For kicking your butt and winning." Mario said with a hefty chuckle.

Yoshi rolled his eyes as he cocked his head, "You may be the hero of Mushroom Kingdom but that doesn't mean I can't get past you."

"Oh really? I guess we'll see, won't we?"

Yoshi smiled. "I guess we will. Well, now that I know you're going to be competing I gotta go train a lot more… you know, just in case."

"Okay buddy, you do that. I'm probably gonna go workout some too. See you tomorrow."

Yoshi waved goodbye as he walked off. "See ya."

Mario began to walk to his favorite food stop, Zess T.'s, full of excitement and anxiety. 'I know I'm the best athlete around but… I don't know what they're going to make us do.' He thought as he passed by Wiggler's house. The bi-polar caterpillar was outside sunbathing as he watched Mario walk by.

"Aren't you going to say 'hi'?" Wiggler asked.

"Oh sorry, Wiggler, I was just thinking, I didn't mean to be rude."

Wiggler smiled, "Its fine, a penny for your thoughts?"

"I was pondering over the game show auditions tomorrow."

"I think everyone I know is going to be there, can I add you to the list as well?" Wiggler said as he took a sip from a glass of lemonade.

"You can, I don't mean to cut our conversation short but I really got to get back home."

"Alright, see you tomorrow then." Wiggler waved his many arms as Mario left.

Mario quickly found himself at the restaurant. Its not that he didn't like Wiggler… it's just that he can be a little crazy sometimes and Mario didn't want to be around when he lost it. He entered Zess T.'s and took a seat in a booth and a waitress came up.

"The usual, Mario?" Toadette asked.

"Yes, that's fine. I'm just hungry as a Raven."

"It'll be out in a few minutes, what do you drink?"

"A Tasty Tonic sounds good."

Toadette nodded her head and went to fix the drink. The restaurant was empty except for a few toads and goombas that were quietly eating. 'I guess not a lot of people get up at 7:30 on a Friday to get breakfast. I don't know why not, Zess T. is the best cook in town.' Mario thought.

"Here's your tasty tonic." Toadette said as she placed the drink on the table.


She nodded once again as she walked off and an unlikely person entered the diner. The person slowly walked forward toward Mario and stood behind him. Mario saw the shadow of horns on the wall; he knew who it was just from that.

"Bowser." Mario simply said. Bowser let out a roar-like laugh and sat down in the booth across from his nemesis.

"How'd ya guess it was me?" Bowser said with a devilish smile.

"It'd probably be those big things called horns protruding out of the top of your head. Causing trouble as usual, Bowz?" Mario knew that little nickname really got Bowser heated, why pretend to be friends with the person who constantly causes havoc and steals your girlfriend?

Bowser gave a dirty look before he replied. "Yep, just the usual, I don't know why people label me such a bad guy. I actually like Toadofsky and ballet. Your favorite things I'm sure, Marz." He then gave another growling snigger. A hesitant Toadette came forward and shakily asked Bowser what he wanted to drink and if he was staying to eat. "Of course I'm staying; this is my good friend right here. Hm, I think I'll have you for breakfast." Bowser suggestively licked his lips as he glared at Toadette. Mario was surprised she didn't faint right then. She looked to Mario for help.

"Just bring him some water."

Toadette walked away and Mario looked to Bowser. "Do you have to intimidate every person you come in contact with?"

Bowser paused a moment to make it seem he was in thought. "Why, are you intimidated?" He then started laughing pretty hard as if he had made the funniest joke in the world.

Mario gave him a look that spoke volumes. "You're such a joker, Bowz. I don't know why we're not best friends?"

"But I thought we were, Marz?"

"Bowser, I think I'm more close to piranha plant than you."

Toadette returned with Bowser's water and carefully placed it by the King of Evil and she gave Mario his plate of food. She then quickly went back to the kitchen.

"Thank you." Mario called to her as she left. "Bowser, why are you really here?"

Bowser smiled. "I wanted to see if you were entering the contest."

'Oh great, I have to compete against this big dumb dinosaur… or turtle… or whatever he is.' Mario thought. "I am and unfortunately I assume you are as well?"

"You guess correctly, Mario. You aren't as dumb as you look. I would wish you good luck but… I hope you fail to be quite frank."

Mario took a bite out of his food before he replied. "Best wishes to you as well."

Bowser stood as he talked. "I'd love to stay and chat but I gotta go and think of new ways to make your life miserable." And with that Bowser was gone.

After about twenty minutes, Mario finished up his breakfast and paid and left the café as his thoughts tumbled in his mind, 'Looks like everyone in Mushroom Kingdom and beyond is going to be at this competition. I'm going to need all the luck and training I can get. And yet I only have one day.'