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Chapter 1

Hyde walked through the basement door, not expecting to bump into Donna. Poor Hyde didn't even know what was headed his way.

"Hyde you jackass, watch where you're walking" Donna yelled.

"Jeez sorrrry" he replied with sarcasm clearly in his voice.

"Well you should be!"

"And why is that my dear Donna"

"After what you did to Jackie, you should be grateful that I'm talking to you!"

"Yes talking to you is such great pleasure. I should be grateful that I have you to snap at me 24/7!"

With a big humph, Donna walked out the door slamming it shut. Hyde rolled his eyes, got a beer, and sat down in his chair. As he popped open the beer and drank it his thoughts began to wonder and he thought about what Sam had done two days before.



"HYDE!" Sam yelled.

Hyde had ignored her question that she so brilliantly thought of in their little fight.

"Hyde! Pay attention when I am talking to you!" yelled a clearly pissed off woman.

"What do you want now Sam?" Hyde said with a sigh.

"I asked you a question! Do you still have feelings for that woman, what's her name? Jackie?"

Hyde was quiet for a moment to consider how he should answer. He wondered whether or not to tell her the truth. He hadn't told anyone, not even Foreman!

"No" he said with a look in his eyes that clearly told Sam exactly how he felt.

"Fine then. I have my answer and I think I'll pack and head out. My brother wants me to live with him and work around him; not to many strip clubs around him so business should be good."

Hyde rolled his eyes and in his head was so grateful that he could have done 100 back flips, but his Zen mask had to stay on till she was gone.

He had wanted her out a long time ago, but didn't know where to send her or what to tell her. He never really loved her and thought it was time for her to leave.


He sighed a sigh that would make Jackie's sighs seem like a mere one second sigh.

He now had to think about something that he could and would do about the "Jackie" situation. He no longer has Sam to blame for his "space" between Jackie and needed to do something about this. He thought about something he could do and with a cocky grin reached for the phone.


Jackie had just about had it with Hyde. He had not talked to her in weeks and it bugged her so much that she thought about walking over to Eric's and finding Hyde and slapping him.

Suddenly the front door to her apartment opened and she looked up to see a concerned looking red head.

"Jackie tell me what have you done today?"

"Loads Donna!" she was a terrible liar.

"Yeah sure, no I mean I would believe you and all except for the fact that you were laying in that same position this mourning and that those Doritos are very close to you like it was this mourning!" Donna replied with such pride for know all that.

"Shove it Donna! So was he there?"

"Not when I got there, but he was there right before I left! We bumped into each other and I gave him some choice words."

"Thanks Donna"

A/N: Eric and Donna don't separate in this story!

"Your welcome. Hey since Eric sent me a letter yesterday I think I will go and write him."


As Donna walked out side and left Jackie alone with her book and her phone, Jackie began to think about something she heard two days ago.



Jackie sat straight up in her bed and looked out her window.

"What?" she looked around for the cause of her interruption of sleep.

She found it. Sam was yelling at Hyde again and was making sure the whole neighborhood knew about it.

She tried to go back asleep and forget all about it.

Thirty minutes later she heard a door slam and a car start up.

Figuring that is was Hyde running from a defeated fight again she tried to find sleep again. When she heard a woman yell she looked out the window and to her amassment found Sam rearing up her car looking very mad and heading towards the highway.

Jackie was curious but didn't want to bother Hyde, so she simply went back to her sleeping.

End Flashback

Jackie was tired of waiting for Hyde and suddenly deciding that she needed to move on in her life and was going to take that job that Point Place's TV Station had offered her three days ago.

Suddenly the phone rang. She was so excited about the TV job that she grabbed the phone and answered the call with a simple "Hello!"

"Jacks?" said a voice that sent shivers down her back.

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