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It had happened some ten years earlier. A young woman had approached him. Her long and curly black hair along with her intense grey eyes had immediately grabbed his attention. She had taken a seat beside him by the roaring fire and, together, they had watched the flames dance for some time, silently. Sinbad was in no mood to talk. His thoughts were miles away from the crackling fire, in a world where his life had begun to make sense.

"I feel sadness in your heart," she had said after minutes of silence.

Her voice was melodious, almost out of this world. Nevertheless, Sinbad didn't want to talk about the sadness which filled his heart. Instead, he looked into her eyes and felt himself drown in the grey pools. Slowly, he leaned forward until their lips met. Passion immediately overtook them and they soon found themselves in Arianna's bedroom, away from prying eyes.

Soon, the sun was up and Sinbad was following his crew out of the village, towards the coast. Arianna followed them quietly, masking her presence so the crew wouldn't notice her. She watched as they loaded the Nomad, lifted the anchor and began to sail away. Sitting down on a large rock, she watched until the ship had disappeared in the horizon. Closing her eyes, her body returned to its original state.

Immediately, she heard a man's voice inside her head.

Now that you got what you wanted, it's time for you to come back, my Dear.

Taking a deep breath, Maeve tore her gaze from the ocean and nodded.

I know, Master Dim-Dim. Bring me back.

Instantly, she was back by her mentor's side, alone and heartbroken.

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