Okay...it took alot of thought for this one..but I finally got it!..Here's Part 2 of Frozen lips!


It was all fixed.All fixed and done by none other than the clever Hatake Kakashi.Still confused?I'll put it together for you:

Why Sakura Was Late:

I hope you people weren't betting on this...but Sakura wasn't to blame for sleeping in.Actually...in truth,she never slept in at all.Kakashi had snuck into her room and put her alarm clock ahead two hours to make her worried and panick stricken.

The Dog:

The big vicious dog was actually one of Kakashis ninken.Yup,it was the big bull dog that seemed sooo friendly with Zabuza...

So all of that kaos led to Sakura and Kakashi getting close and personal.Although...it would be rather unpleasent for Sakura to know that HE was the one who had caused her to almost die freezing to death,though it was a set-up.


Next Chapter:The truth is revealed!